Thought Process: Neumatic Impact and Mobius The Shepherd

Thought Process: Neumatic Impact and Mobius The Shepherd

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I have been told my group makes people laugh and think. Those who are not even into my genre of music tend to like it because it blurs the lines of hip hop and make it a totally package of complete structure without limits.


Influenced from the birds in the morning to the Beastie Boys at night. Bringing together form and balance even if it is housed in a broken down ram shack of a soup kitchen grease. Thought Process stays still like the old School minds of the young. Never losing ground in a sand storm from being five years old in the sand box. We are like all other bands that way.


Periodic Turntables Of The Elements

Written By: Neumatic Impact

I sit, patiently awaiting the next adventure
Here alone in the void I wallow in the center
The loneliness I feel becomes my tomb,
Fighting off ghosts of memories in my empty room,
I wander through the chambers of my soul,
The labyrinth of which I can't escape alone
I stumble through the darkness, Oh my God
I got deep roots just like the sod,
Wearing a cape like cod I screw up again
Not fast enough even follow the trends
My only wish, to capture all those yesterdays,
Its a Necessity to find out my destiny
Trembling in this darkness, still I cry,
I may be living, but I feel I am not alive,
I'm as dead as all those dreams that won't come true.
I might as well forfeit my last breath for you

If tomorrow I wake to find that I must live
Sacrifice my own life to insure you forgive
I would wait not one moment in unleashing the art,
Let this spray can be my tagger, let the paint create my blot.
If tomorrow I find the Angels have not shown their wings
I will return with something for you to bring,
A new beginning filled with new hopes sought
You can use this module; don’t get your hands caught
use your mental as a vessel to secure your conquest
your spirit to hold tightly in a thermos hugged to your chest
Let me walk you un-frightened to the good life
let my words surface like a floatation device
When you are walking on thin ice don't look down or panic
You will sink like titanic Hover like a Hammock
Tie yourself to tree to be at piece with Nature
swing back and forth to see how far it with take you

I come from a distance which is far fetched
Writing on the walls from our minds we stretch
Sketch another rule book in which to misplace
the face we taste we strive to leave this place
In the case of outer space we will all get brittle with time
wine closer to the eyes that see us inside
and fly without light during night,
collecting might with no vassal in sight,
in slight clusters of fragmented brain waves,
Ying Yang Mobius plants during winter faze,
Strayed from the maze of printed bar-coded branding,
Sanding off the rest of what’s left of understanding,
Planning the next move? There are no plans intact,
Notes were written but you know me a forget all that,
I lose the Maps to the roads of destination,
Like a tread mill I run, but remain stationed.

Stop Motion

Written By: Neumatic Impact & NJ3

Stop Motion

1 My lyrics are like Bullets, Ill kids use them to bite on
2 Want to box off my style like I was driving a scion,
3 I left the light on for you like it was motel six,
4 Got more than one love because I showing a mix,
5 hot Tracks like the train just left the station,
6 Love so big I got no room for hating,
7 Kids think I'm off the hook, as I'm rocking Ring tones,
8 Grooving to the beat, not answering the phone


1 From the 3rd Floor to Mama Dropped me,
2 The prototype type, not a carbon copy,
3 Let me explain what I'm about to tell you,
4 I'm beaching your boys like Terry Melcher,
5 Don't know why you want to scrape like unwanted metals,
6 Lemon heads getting sweet but still remain edible,
7 Get my head on what I'm about to say
8 I can't be leaving letters off, I’m no apostrophe,


1 My style is slick and cool like Joan Petri,
2. Tried to leave the hook but they won't let me,
3. In the red zone, like a guidance,
4 Like Rudolf’s nose, there’s no reason to hide it,
5 Crazy fly like The Greatest American Hero
6. Go Up and down and never stay at zero,
7. Off the earlobe while your hanging on hooks,
8. I got the hotness, like I wrote it in cook books

Indian Clay

Written By: Neumatic Impact

1 Accusations from slanders, speculations of granger,
2) Smooth it out like a Black and Decker sander,
3) Try to profess this banter, logically
4) obviously McDonalds supports the game monopoly
5) Those Cohorts of Sophocles, bring the drama
6) Shoot the word like Kirk Cobain from Nirvana
7) I bring the light, much like the sunrays,
8) But sometimes I get lost on the way thru haze
9) It's not a faze, but a maze I get lost in,
10) Like a Neutral Nation, the idea that's focusing in,
11) myself to reach all sides
12) But the worlds is so off-balance like Biggie Smalls eyes,
13) super sized glutens, still looking for frontier
14) The reason for all this remains unclear
15) The people we fear, mix hypnotic spells
16) In reality, they are harsh reflections of ourselves

1) Walk the path of spite and anger that dwells within,
2) Rocking my brain like Salem witch trail, religions,
3 )Looking for positions, like David and Goliath,
4) Thought I could walk the brick road with the touch of Midas,
5) But they made me step behind the yellow line,
6) Broke my shrine which I carried in my spine,
7) The backbone, A plant with a strong vase
8) Carry heavy amps, like a roadie who can't find the stage,

(1, 2)We stand in line, We’re losing our minds, We’re trying to find, Just a ladder to climb,
(3,4) We carry Heavy amps, we never had a chance We always get the glance, Stuck living in romance,
(5,6) We search for breathing space, Barely touching base, You see it on my face, Because I leave a trace,
(7,8) And we follow pace, like a potato race, imaginary place, looking for life that isn’t fake,

1) I try not to get bitter about what people do,
2) But every now and then, I get caught up in that too,
3) Its nuts like a cashew, the word they talk,
4) I'll doing my best to walk the walk,
5) But it's like there's banana peels on the stages,
6) So I stay level-headed in the crowd's faces,
7) Pave a parallel, as a strength beyond,
8) The equal path of focus we strive to stay on
1) like crayons in lines, the potential that we got,
2) Like archeologist, digging up ancient pot,
3) We make parking lots out of Ziggurats
4) To support the corporate American K-Marts
5) Programmed like robots to believe the government,
6) But like McDonalds tells us, we're loving it,
7) Thugging it, with big macs and rims on the Cadillac's
8) What ever happened to "take the power back"?

1. During these destitute times, we need to have some fun,
2. At the same time, continue the search for wisdom,
3. I Look for flaws and think of possible improvements,
4. This is a standoff, stalemate, no longer a movement (You know how we do it,
5. We are so off the hook, like cut fish heads,
6. But we still sleep on this sickness like hospital beds,
7. Like Socrates, philosophies, looking to spread,
8. Lookin’ up what was said and I;m looking for meds,
1. Like the paint applied on Mr. Miagi's fence,
2. Waiting for the bus, like Gump sitting on a bench,
3. Staying tried and true like the turn of the wrench,
4. Making connections for once that make perfect sense,
5. As I sensed, you still want to (dis) me,
6. But I'm not conceded, like these other kids in the city,
7. Don’t care to be witty I’m in 'simplest form',
8. I can't be broken down anymore.


Neumatic Impact's Periodic Turntables of The Elements.

Thought Process' Stop Motion

Set List

Our set list is 10 songs. We try not to stay too long. We want the people to long for us not us too long for them.