Sebastopol, California, USA

Pushing the envelope and as many boundaries as possible, THOUGHT VOMiT is continuously trying new styles and going new places, and have made a lasting impression on everyone they've met. It is a fresh twist on an old school feeling left to cause absolute chaos...pure dirty energy.


NorCal band THOUGHT VOMiT. We have been tearing up and down Cali since 2008 and this year are finally breaking through state borders to the Northwest on our first self booked tour this April. We've recorded and produced a raw self titled demo in 2009 and two of our own albums released "Couch Locked" in early 2011 and "Can't Understand Normal Thinking" in summer 2015, and "Punk's Brutal Retaliation/Sync the Skies" fall 2016. Since our last album dropped we have made multiple well produced music videos, as well as had some great live show footage.In addition to everything we have been working hard on, we are also in the middle of recording another album's length of material that is worth an ear to hear.We have the chops, we have a sound, we need a shot. Lasting this long on our own has not been easy but we are ready to keep going no matter what it takes... Hope you've enjoyed hearing our DiY story so far 


My Bad

Written By: Spencer Clark

Well you see Im a real cool guy
Dont want to listen but I might try
If it seems like it might be enteraining
Until I ask a stupid question and you criticize me


Locked in a room so my mind escapes
Your time is wasteing mine everyday
So I throw my two cents into the hat
When I ask a question you get stumped
Now how about that?


Frozen Solid

Written By: David Clark/ Spencer Clark

Sitting there in your ice cold chair wondering what to do
Feeling like youre really scarred scarred of being you
when they are all making fun of everything you are
You have got to fight for yourself
Or you wont make it very far

Dont Be Frozen Solid
Just Be Yourself

Arent you tired of t
What playing the games
That you dont want to play
Arent you tired of saying the things
That you dont want to say
All around you they're doing it
Whatever it maybe
You have to think for yourself
Or you will never be free

When youre sitting by yourself feeling all alone
Not relateing to anyone else
Noone to call your own
Just remember your other half is always in your head
Nobody can take that away
Not even when your dead


This is Your God

Written By: JordanHilley/ Spencer Clark

Are we working to live or we living to work
Living like slaves just to pay for the dirt
They fabricate illusions that make you feel safe
Gives you everything you want
But takes you life away

This is your god this is your god
Misunderstood and completely brainwashed
This is your god this is your god
The freedom youve earned to live your life in a box

Everyone knows everybody fucked up
The game has been fixed and it aint about luck
So do what you want to do it while you can
Nothings givin to you so listen to our plan GO

Take all your shit and throw it in the trash
Burn down your house and rip up your cash
Start your life over create something new
Stop living for money start living for you


-Thought Vomit (Self Titled) 2009 -11 track demo CD
Lurking, and K.O. were featured on 101.7 the Fox

-Couchlocked 2011 -10 track album CD
Leech, and Frozen Solid are hit singles