Thousand Houses

Thousand Houses


Well crafted rock/pop music with strong melodies. Emotive music that is focused on the song and reaching people across all genres.


"Reset. Go back to the start. Let me begin again."

Thousand Houses chose the name of their new album Reset deliberately. The album represents not only a culmination of months in the studio and on stage but also of years of individual work by each member to get to where they are now - in a band with a singular vision and a chance to start from scratch.

Lead singer and songwriter Matt Banta says, "We've all been in numerous bands and have gone down various roads that led to dead ends. With this band, it's a clean slate."

Reset represents the varied elements that make up the band's music. Hook-filled pop songs like "Can't Let Go," "Shiloh" and "Will You Save Us" share space with layered compositions such as "Balloon," "10 to 1" and "Don't Forget About Love." The title track, a plea for a second chance in a life lived falsely, closes the album and suggests that the members of the band have learned from their experiences and are now taking nothing for granted. "This band is not about image," says keyboardist Mitch Towne. "It's about who we are right now and what we can say through the music."


Can't Let Go

Written By: Matt Banta

It’s a time bomb again
It’s a welcome worn thin
I said too much and gave myself away

When the story begins
I forget how it ends
It’s funny how
It comes down to it

I sing a song that nobody knows
But I can’t let go
The melody comes as fast as it goes
And I can’t let go
I sing a song that nobody knows
But I can’t let go – I can’t let go

The ballots are in
And the counting begins
I keep hoping
That I’ll sleep through it

When all this is gone
I just want to belong
Just to fade away
Into the sky

I sing a song that nobody knows
But I can’t let go
The melody comes as fast as it goes
And I can’t let go
I sing a song that nobody knows
But I can’t let go – I can’t let go-I can’t let go


Written By: Matt Banta

I've got a secret, I've got a secret
I've got a secret that no one knows
In the deep end, I'm asleep and
getting pull from the undertow

The water's washing me out
All my faces of doubt
With every second it picks up speed
First I'm standing still
Then I'm sinking in
It's more than just gravity

I am an actor trying to pass for
Any role in reality
My face is plastic, my motions drastic
A prat fall in a comedy

But there's nobody there
As I fall through the air
No applause coming back at me
I was laughing too loud
And I got stuck in the ground
It's more than just gravity

Go Back
To the start
Let me begin again

10 to 1

Written By: Matt Banta

Get it out of me, get it out of me
I feel like an alien
Everyone I see, everyone I meet
Seems like a stranger
Living in between the pages of a mystery, I stand alone

With an iron fist, I could get out of this
If I swing harder
Take a deep breath, step back a step and dive in head first
But every eye every ear every voice I hear is in my mind

I prayed for rain and got more sun
I tried to cry but still had fun
I'm counting down from 10 to 1

With every word I write, something isn't right, I point my finger
It points back at me, responsibility is on my shoulder
Shadow boxing always gets the best of me, I get knocked out


Never enough, it's never enough
Whatever I do it's never enough



LP - "Reset" - released November 28th, 2008.

Set List

"Can't Let Go"
"Jar on a Shelf"
"Ten to One"
"Caught in the Wires"
"Lightning Rod"
"A Spark"
"Don't Forget About Love"

Occasionally play the Sting tune "Fortress"

There are other originals not listed. Typically play one set of 50-60 minutes, can play 2 sets of 45 minutes each if necessary.