Thousands of One

Thousands of One

 Ithaca, New York, USA

"Thousands of One is a rare musical event... It has a vintage quality. A timeless mixture of melody, harmony and rhythm that transcends time, space and emotions. Music for everyone" - David Dancy, Utica Times 4/3/08


Thousands of One fuses 70�s-era soul/funk with a unique approach to Hiphop, gospel, electronica, afrobeat, add to this a few lessons from the school of roots reggae. Lead vocalist Jhakeem Haltom can turn a phrase whether singing falsetto a la Marvin Gaye or spitting verse like KRS-One. He has been easily compared to Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan�s Donald Fagen, Talib Kweli and none other than Bob Marley. Heavy drum and bass buoy socially conscious lyrics, while the saxophone performances of Mark Weinand evoke pristine soundscapes. This �heavy� rhythm section of Joel Blizzard on drums and Brent Eva on Bass provides for a work-it-�til-you-drop dance party every time. The newest member of the band is Safak Ozkan, born and raised in Turkey, spent his youth playing in a rebel rock band, as well as playing the Oud (a traditional middle eastern stringed instrument). Safak has brought an incredible vibe to the crew as they venture into new fields of sound.

Seeing Thousands of One live is a journey into higher musical planes. With spirited live improv, every Thousands of One performance takes on a life of its own. This winter they will perform in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore followed by their fourth US national tour. Still, as Thousands of One matures and branches out, their commitment to playing �for the people� at schools, prisons, and community centers will not waiver.

Press, fans and promoter comments:

�The local soul-funk-gospel favorites are always worth seeing.� Jim Catalano, Entertainment Editor, the Ithaca Journal, October 11, 2007.

�One of last year's most talked-about performances at Grassroots �was local band Thousands of One�With a vibe similar to Talib Kweli, not only is the group's music energetic and funky, it's also socially conscious. Their rhymes focus on anything from eradicating racism to peace and human rights.� Laura Lanz-Frolio, �Pick of the Litter,� Ithaca Times, July 18, 2007

"An incredible vibe and amazing music!!! Rage Against the Machine meets Steely Dan meets Bob Marley!" - Steve Todd (club owner)

�Musically and in terms of stage presence, Thousands of One is lit up, not with glam-funk showmanship or Hiphop panache, but with a gentle kind of charisma.� Steve Rotkika, Buzz Entertainment Guide.

"Thousands of One is doing what has not been done since Bob Marley." - Ainsley Gates (fan)

"If you have yet to experience the music of Thousands of One, dont wait any longer."-Seth McMahon

"This music is AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!! "- Lydia Davis

"absolutely incredible!" - Mary Sou

"Simply Incredible!" - Biggie Ronson

"Thousands of One is my favorite band to dance to" - Uniit Carruyo

"Speechless...I am truly speechless, Thousands of One has what no other group has!" - Jeff


No Separation

Written By: Thousands of One

No Separation

Child don’t believe everything
you’ve been told
Africa was a land of
kings and gold
mothers were loved
and the stories they told
so where is the village
to raise up my child
the village been sold,
you were forced from the Nile
sold into slavery
for thousands of miles
over an ocean
we traveled before
Columbus was not the first
you must rest assure

Who would have known?
who would have known ?
Who would have known
you could make fire of trees?
Who would have known
you speak through humility?

Now I see truth, hatred at its roots
slavery created in the
greed of some loot
everybody wants to get through,
the sadness that we go through
look what’s happening
minds been trapped in
weapons of this mass distraction
ready for action, it’s crackin’
oppression relapsing
we change even rearrange
but the same things keep happening
we pray the latter days will reveal
strange things keep happening
put ya mind on yall,
don’t fear no more
together we will stand strong
we should yall, just stand tall
see the dreams of a
king gonna stand tall

Who would have known
you make fire of trees
Who would you known
you speak through the raging seas
Who would have known
you bring me to my knees
I would give you my humility

I begin to raise up one
question to thousands
What were you meant
for, really even born for
Do you see the purpose of living?
or are you giving homage
to a system that is shining
bling bling
not able to see a damn thing
no unity, devotion to one
separate from them
and see these thousands of one
I’m seeing thousands of one,
no separation
Thousands of one, no separation
can’t be separated, no


I Believe

Written By: Thousands of One

I Believe

I step into infinity,
these feelings of serenity
moving through me endlessly,
there’s order in the tendencies
I know I was meant to be,
but I simply know I was meant to be
I digress, sit back
paying very close attention
to the barriers and
cracks that surround us
pay attention to
intentions of a system
always searching for some greed
eyes unable to see
it can’t hear the children plea
plenty in their hands
but no abrasions on their knees
a sure fire indication
that they lack humility
put your mind on
afraid that you’re not strong?
Put your mind on
the battle that’s been won
Strong like the mountain
Joshua said we will climb
and your mother and a midwife
as they deliver a shrine
Strong like the ocean and these
salts upon your mind
or Moses in the desert
as he moves through time
(looks like the battles begun,
but the battle will surely be won)
so put your mind on
afraid that you’re not strong
put your mind on
the battle has been won
Put your mind on
Put your mind on

I believe that we all
one day will be free
and I believe that the
divine’s planted a seed

Days of our lives
there moving on
many are called but
few are chosen
there is a place where
we’ll face our disgrace
but it won’t last long,
no it won’t last long
it has to end,
too many children
forced to believe
that they need
there is a place where
we’ll face our disgrace
but it won’t last long


One for the alpha
two for omega
three for the sugar cane
bringing the flavor
the lyrical removing
imperial insights
keep your mind focused
on the shimmer of the lights
times infinity
you hearing me
uplifting of your souls
bubtract the greed
and propagation of this coal
burning oil
or how they toil
them wont stop till the
plans been foiled
many of them see
but they still remain loyal
no more the mic upon
the depth of the unconscious
imperious nonsense
gibberish spoken through
the darkness
I mark this
moment to reflect
and effect the limitations
of the conscious
journey far beyond this
journey far beyond this
journey far beyond this
journey far beyond this
so put your mind on
put your mind on
put your mind on
put your mind on


One More Hand

Written By: Thousands of One

One More Hand

Cut the fruit open
and get the juice extract
I see my reflection in the metal
precise and exact
but first relax
letting God do the works
and then cut the tracks
and get back to the fact, yo
we’re here for your
locomotivational even inspirational
yes high relational sensational
we’re here for your
personal improvement
contribute yes, our love
and our light to the movement
to overturn the powers that be
even the powers unseen
overturn the powers that greed
they claiming national interest
Resist! When cooperation impossible
what with corporations
funding militerization
I said Resist! This is an order yall
it is the short and tall
we all must heed the call
so will they cease and desist
the loot and pillage
of the tribal village
the tribal village
I tribal village
We tribal village
please loosen the clenched fist
that strangles the third world
searching for you pearls
you are hearing the word
put your hands up in the air
and hold em high like my man
Bob Marley, Seaga and Manley
he saw soul starving
and gathered the family
Hold on one more hand
Til the other hand
drops to the well, well?
Hold on one more hand
for the rights of the
few we gonna yell, yeah!
Hold on one more hand
We wont stop til
we hear the bell, hell no
Hold on one more hand
I pray this is a story
that our children live to tell

Yo, its time we told a story
take it back
to the beginning like this:
This is a protest song
that has been done for so long
it cat be wrong
it just may take eight
thousand more years
til we reach a peaceful state
say yeah, I can wait
with my hand in the air
I’ll stand, hold me ground
like an ascetic monk in India
accept I’m kinda loud
like a cacophony of sound
representin the truth
with the words from the root
of the tree of existence
from my mouth out into
the atmospheric brew, yes
we mixin up a potion
settin things in motion
‘cause I had a notion
in a dream, yes, about the ocean
telling me how people they
get caught up in emotion
lose sight of devotion
they seek a vocation
that pays for the wealth
of the nation
they forgotten contemplation
Jah provide the bread
says the voice in my head
and I’ll never forget it
even when I’m dead
til then we gotta
Hold on one more hand

Yashua came down
from the mountain
and met with priests
from the east and they said:
“Walk along the
path of the warrior
we gotta look a little
deeper in the story or
discover that nobody is inferior
yeah, look a little
deeper in your core, for sure
there you’ll find
the keys to the door
my friend, its open can’t you see
no secret anymore
I can’t tell anymore
who is keeping the score
I can’t figure anymore
what all this fighting is for”
Hold on one more hand
Be strong! you know I’m sayin
in the face of
beaurocratic perpetrating
playin same game different name
no shame so lame
laying claim to lies
while the facts remain
the situation incredible
rhetoric unintelligible
common people ineligible
driven ‘em insane
Tower Babel playing scrabble
final hour battle
trained in the language of the power
linguistical combat, yeah


Thousands of One (self-titled) - I-Town Records

SoulForce - I-Town Records

About SoulForce:

Thousands of One has finally relearsed their long awaited second CD, SoulForce, on Ithaca, New York�s indie label I-Town Records. Recorded over the past year, SoulForce is now in stores and available on the internet.

Featuring a vocal collaboration with Speech of the Grammy-award winning group Arrested Development and production and performances by Elliot Martin of John Brown�s Body, SoulForce captures the spirit and energy of the band�s live performances while adding a subtle layer of space age sound and rhythm. The result is a work of art that explores a new musical identity�a defining statement from a group whose sole purpose in creating music is to reflect the process of making the world better by starting from within, hence the title SoulForce.

Collaboration with Speech from Arrested Development began at the 2007 Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, where the band met Speech and shared their love of promoting cultural unity, ending racism and imperialism, and working with youth through the creation of socially conscious, uplifting music. Speech says of working with Thousands of One, �I love supporting people who are doing good works. You�re doing good things � Let�s be family.�

Set List

Flexible sets. Thousands of One can play from 35 minutes to 4 hours.

Typically, a set lasts 60 - 90 min. and two sets of this duration are common.

Occasional forays into improvised dance grooves are also common, when appropriate.

Songlist (all original):

1. Mood Underlay
2. No Separation
3. I Believe
4. Easy Love
5. Find Your Own Way
6. Jezebel
7. Hidden Treasure
8. One More Hand
9. Heaven
10. Hello Darlin'
11. Judge Not
12. Among the Stars
13. When I was a Child
14. Its a Good Day
15. Played Out
16. Mind, Body, Soul
17. Visual Perspective
18. Slaveship Mentality
19. No ways Tired
20. Soulforce
21. Fly
22. King Amplified
23. Don't Worry
24. In Ten
25. The Fuser
26. Cane Underground
27. Revolution At Hand
28. My Mind
29. Love the Life you live
30. Race is Over