Thozes is an energetic 5 piece band from Hengelo, mixing Beatle-esque pop with more modern influences like Nirvana, Soulwax, dEUS and Simian.


It’s been six years ago since the band Thozes started performing. First as a four piece band (Thomas Meeuwis: Vox+gtrs, Tim Beudel: drs+vox, Kobus Groen: Bass, vox, Wout Sluiter: Keys, Vox), and later on as a five piece (enter Ralf Böggering on gtrs/vox, and Erik Rademakers replacing Kobus on bass). New people always bring new sounds and ideas, and slowly the band started to abandon their "rootsy/poppy/Beatlesque" influences. They went for a sound that will remind you of bands like Big Star and Weezer, recent acts like Deathcab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Millionaire, Soulwax, dEUS,and songwriters like Elliot Smith. Nevertheless, the catchy tunes and painfully recognizable lyrics are still intact, and their stage performance has become even more vivid and intense.
They recently released their untitled debut ep!!!


Untitled Debut EP, "Muziekkwartier Enschede" sampler (3 songs (2005)), "3voor12 Eurosonic" sampler (2 songs (2006)).

Set List

Setlist may vary, we have enough songs to fill an evening of Thozesness!!!