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THP Band - Blends rock,country and blues. Add biting lyrics with colorful harmonies,and they have created a fresh new sound in rock and contemporary music.


Are they the Eagles, Crosby Stills Nash &Young, Zeplin, Guess Who, or horn bands of the 70's, no- but traces of influences these bands had, have been brought forward to today’s sounds.

THP Band is a musical project of Singer/songwriters Doug Tilley, Kent Houghton and Russell Payne.

The place: Atlanta Ga- the project developed when the three writers found they had material with common themes of the ups and down’s of life’s experiences and the effect on us long term.

“Waves of Reason” is the CD they are playing in clubs now with six to eight harder rock songs and two new ballads from the up coming Cd.

“Waves”production took 6 months and 3 different recording studios, they wanted to make sure the subtle harmonies and the simple sounding - but intricate, percussion was just right.
A contrast in song styles is evident to show the strengths of each of the writers.

Here are the Players:

Doug Tilley is a north Georgia native, prolific songwriter and rhythm and lead guitarist. You may have seen him in many clubs in the Georgia/Carolina area. His clear, smooth lead voice and intricate rhythm guitar are his trademarks. Doug is on a lifelong quest to find the perfect chord progression and the twist of words to make you ponder your own existence!

Russell Payne was born near the ocean in the state of New York. He is a second
generation guitarist, and grew up listening to everything from his brother’s rock and roll, to his
Dad’s sea chanties. Later he moved to downtown Atlanta and experienced it’s thriving music scene. Russell is a modern troubadour and loves to paint pictures with his raspy voice, melodic finger-picked style acoustic guitar and colorful descriptive lyrics.

Kent Houghton grew up in Chicago, IL and in grade school and high school studied to play guitar, bass, keyboards and sax. Later he toured the Midwest with several rock bands (including Ash and Pauper), He was offered a scholarship to go to Quincy University, where he received his degree in music. Since then he spends a lot of time in the recording studios and loves to sing, write, arrange, and add colorful timbres to songs,

“Waves of Reason” needed a special drummer and they decided to bring in Atlanta area percussionist Brian Stevens. Brian has done too many projects to mention here, but his work with The Drifters,The Coasters, Blueground Undergrass, Jimmy Hall and Wet Willie needs to be mentioned.

Because of the diverse backgrounds, a very different sound of rock, folk, and blues blend was developed.
Listen and let them know how they sound!


I'm Always Right

Written By: Tilley,Houghton,Payne

I’m Always Right

Never thought I’d come to see the light
Now did you
Never thought I’d get up 2nd sight
Now did you
Don’t think I’ve got much more to say
Sorry that you want to take it that way
When did you
Ain’t no doubt about it
I can’t live without it
Never thought I’d turn to face this fight
But I’m always right

Maybe you’d like to dust your broom
Now would you
Clean a little house to make some room
Now would you
I keep talking to you till I’m blue in the face
Your life’s in orbit lost in space
Tell me all about it
How you can’t live without it
This dog may back this dog may bite
But I’m always right

This one was a scream
If life is a dream
Well I hope you find yours
It’s hard to conceed when you’re loosing the lead
Well maybe it’s your own fault

It’s such an easy game to play
Forget you
You tell me that you like it better this way
Forget you
Was I caught up in love
When I was looking for action
Dug to deep,kind of lost my traction
Now I’m pulling to the left
With all my might
But I’m always right
But I’m always right
But I’m always right

I'm Only Down

Written By: Tilley,Houghton,Payne

i’m only down
frozen up and i’ve broken my crown
when strength just can’t be found
wise up cause it’s coming around
seething you’re teething and tethered
still breathing bequeathing and weathened
you are set on this trail to never
get on with it whatever


and i would’ve stayed it out
would’ve played it out
just like the fool i am
i wouldn’t blame you now
cause i’ve figured out
you put it out on a limb
but i would’ve faded out
when you made it out
this prince is not your king
please don’t hate me now
i’d talk it out but words
don’t mean a thing


it was a long way back
from the downside
and you were there on the upside
was it your side
was it inside, outside
was i free as a bird
or just high as a kite
was i drunk as a skunk
did i lose my will
or lose the thrill
did i follow my heart
down for the kill
it isn’t easy as it should be
what was i thinking
it’s as easy as it should be
what was i thinking

life is so short and still we contort
to the long and winding road
thru the trickery, deception, and the fear
i want to look in your face
see you looking too
find the truth in the day that belongs with you
find the trust in you eyes, my breath in your sighs
find a safe place to get out of this race


Spanish Moss

Written By: Payne,Houghton,Tilley

Spanish Moss

Once I saw the girl of my dreams and I let her slip away
She was running down a sandy white beach splashing in the waves
The wind was warm and the sun was hot it was the right time of the day
But the ships bell rang and the boys jumped and I silently sailed away


I've lived my life for a stranger
on her seas I was turned and tossed
Held by her depths and her dangers
for a moment I was lost
and swayed there in the breeze
like Spanish moss

Today I watch the harbor as I sit on my front porch swing
I see the lights of the ships that come in and I hear their bells ring
I dream of Long John Silvers and young Jim Hawkins and four masters set to sail
And a beautiful girl at the beach at dawn facing the sea and waving farewell


Today I saw the girl of my dreams and I went over and I said hey
Winds kicking the sand up , do you want to walk on up to my place
She smiled at me so sweetly as if to make up her mind
She said I'll be your ocean love me tonight



Waves of Reason-2005

1. I'm Always Right
2. Thin Air
3. Spanish Moss
4. Rise Above It
5. I'm Only Down
6. Hard To Believe
7. No Love Lost
8. I Need You
9. The Pines
10. Young Child
11. Roll The Dice
12. Where Were You

Set List

Goes from night to night-

Several of the songs from the CD,

1. I'm Always Right
2. Thin Air
3. Spanish Moss
4. Rise Above It
5. I'm Only Down
6. Hard To Believe
7. No Love Lost
8. I Need You
9. The Pines
10. Young Child
11. Roll The Dice
12. Where Were You

Plus 6 to 8 songs from the new CD.

A few covers redone with THP arangements.

We are flexible-generally 1 to 3 sets (40 to 45 min each).