Americus, Georgia, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

We bring a blend of classic hip hop mixed with a southern flair and pop. Our R&B artists bring a mixture of pop and hip hop to make a unique sound that is all Waist Deep.


From the wudz of southwest Georgia Waist Deep Entertainment brings the industry a flavor not heard from in the south in more than a decade. Having been inspired by the trendsetters and pioneers of the East and West and the soulful sounds of singers who truly poured their soul into the microphone, these artists do music the way it should be done, from the pleasure and pain of real living. Our sound is not what comes to the mind when one hears dirty south but still has the deep rooted southern swagger that can only be put down by the realist of emcee's choir raised soloists. Talented, motivated, and starved for opportunity, the artists of Waist Deep are just that deep into the game and are left with only two options. Sink or Swim


Waist Deep Entertainment formerly Native Southerner Records from southwest GA now based in Atlanta, GA having 3 previous releases 1 being a compilation of NSR artists. Have had radio aired singles on each of those releases all by group LumBerJacks. Currently Thr33 has a single Kangaroo feat. Lady K being played on clear channel radio WJIZ in Albany, GA and non releases can be heard on myspace.

Set List

Kangaroo-Thr33 feat. Lady K
Green Giant- Thr33
Fantasy Gurl-Thr33 feat. Lila