Trendy modern pop/punk guaranteed to catch the attention of would-be fans, promotors, artists and producers....We are ready for anything with no compromises, excuses, or drama. Take a listen - we won't bite! Unless you want us to?


We joined forces back in late 2006 - with a goal to make an influence in todays modern pop/punk scene. Our influences range from modern bands like The Killers, Jimmy Eat World, Minutemen, to many previous bands in the past. We are just honest Joes trying to make music our life. We are also involved in other projects as well (ie: VEE).


Demo (A Taste of What's to Come)
1. Come Back
2. Breaking Point
3. And I Keep Waking Up
4. A Little Respect Cover
Currently in studio producing the songs better for radio airplay.

Set List

Typical set list consists of 8-12 songs depending upon what time limit we are given. We like to play sets ranging around 45 minutes. Covers we do are typically those set back in the 80's timeframe.