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Sutton, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Sutton, England, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2019
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"Thrasherwolf launch their new lyric video for ‘The Vortex’ – an explosion of riffs, venom and pure thrash intensity"

Formed in 2016, Thrasherwolf are a new force in UK thrash metal. They’ve been building their reputation and honing their skills with incendiary performances on the underground gig circuit and working feverishly on material for their debut album. That album is now complete and ready for launch, so prepare yourselves for We Are Revolution, nine tracks of prime, jaw-breaking, blood-spitting thrash, going for the throat on September 19th! To whet the appetite and heighten the anticipation the band today reveal a lyric video for album highlight ‘The Vortex‘. This wild carnival of riffs, hooks and pure adrenalin will have all true thrashers hungry for the revolution! - ExhiMetal

"Review: “We Are Revolution” by Thrasherwolf"

Review: “We Are Revolution” by Thrasherwolf
Raised on a raw meat diet of legends like Onslaught, Slayer and Kreator, Daniel Lucas (Vocals/Guitar), Billy Lucas (Drums), Jack Saunders (Guitar) and Alex Mitsis (Bass) formed Thrasherwolf in 2016. The London quartet then introduced themselves to an unsuspecting World with 2018’s “Blood Moon” EP while sharpening their blades in the finest of the capital cities Underground Metal venues; a run in the inaugural Metal 2 The Masses competition to win a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock securing many new fans. As Thrash once again reigns supreme with a wealth of new Canadian bands like the Megadeth embraced Hazzerd on the scene and embracing the genre, the Londoners are keen to wave their Skull and Crossbones in anger…

…Rather than a title track, “Words of Revolution” is an introduction piece, a political speech that stands on the values and themes of 80’s Thrash that sets the stage for “War” with a hail of bullets. An 11 and a half minute magnum opus takes hold with an a couple of minutes of instrumental before Lucas begins to spit lyrics that depict the decay of Mankind at the hands of corrupt leaders whom Thrasherwolf wish to tear limb from limb. The mix is bass heavy and Mitsis even gives us a bass solo mid track, which is a nice touch and there are a couple of neat tempo shifts which help with the balance on cuts of this length. First single “Vortex” offers more energy that its sinister and fierce predecessor, instead giving more aggression and more breakneck speed; the solo is a ripper and the cut is a whirlwind of mosh pit riffs and well placed drum fills that have a relentless quality to them. The call “Start the vortex” followed by a tornado of rapid fire riffs will no doubt be a call to a circle pit live, especially if the band get to festivals like Bloodstock, something which that moment is made for. A sub 3 minute burst of high octane fury comes in the form of “The Pack“, a cut that pays tribute to tracks like “Whiplash” by Metallica in its construction and doesn’t let up for a moment, charging head long to the mosh pit with slick leads and a biting rhythmic battery. Second single “Good Old Fashioned Violence” is an obvious choice with it’s distinctly Exodus esq riff attack, sounding like a track left from the “Bonded by Blood” sessions with not only it’s groove but also the vocal change up which sees the bite exchanged for some harshly sung vocal lines in places. “There is only one cure, a it’s got to be… Good Old Fashioned Violence!”

The second half of the record starts with “Verimillion Steel” a reference to a blood soaked blade that takes you to hell’s arena. A track that orientates around a classic Thrash gallop with lyrics inspired by Power Metal but delivered with the Thrash punch, it makes for a brilliant change up, especially for the final Speed Metal ending with the gang chant of “Flesh like Steel” that is going to go down so well live. The jackhammer footwork of “Vanity” makes for the best percussive performance of the record, the drum sound throughout is crisp and clean while also having a loose freedom; there is nothing mechanical at all, it’s not metronomic and that gives Thrasherwolf something extra in their arsenal. Next time around they need to get Adam “Nolly” Getgood in the studio with them to help them optimize the drum sound. “Master of Puppets” era Metallica melancholic riffs and vocal harmonies start the brooding and somber “Ruin” which threatens of burst into the flame of self immolation before it actually does and makes for a stand out moment on the album as a whole. Closing on arguably the finest track on the album in “Blood Moon” proves that there is no need for a filler track. A devastating set of adrenaline soaked riffs decimate the weak while the slight echo on the vocals gives it the killer instinct. A new wave of Thrash Metal is upon us and this is Thrasherwolf’s call to arms [7/10] - MetalNoise

"Thrasherwolf Review"

Thrasher Wolf is another formation that celebrates old school metal – don’t be fooled by the album’s title, the music is free from revolutionary, innovative elements – with a modern yet appropriate production. The song material sounds sometimes a tad fiercer than that of Xentrix, but almost melancholic and thoughtful pieces like “Ruin” show another facet of the group’s approach. Whenever the band accelerates speed, the most violent tracks of Onslaught deliver a good point of orientation. Highlights like “Vortex” have absolutely everything it needs to blow the daily shit out of my head. Thunderous, sharp and precise riffing, a lead vocalist who conveys a rebellious touch and powering drums – all these building blocks rely on the voluminous mix, while a manageable number of tempo changes leads to a neck-breaking mid-paced part in the midst of the song which reminds me of the intro of Onslaught’s “Let there Be Death”. Thrasher Wolf, I want more!

It’s amazing to see the ambitious way of proceeding of the band. Eight songs and an intro add up to an album which clocks in after 52 minutes. No doubt, it needs courage to present a number with a playtime of almost twelve minutes as the first regular song. But Thrasher Wolf know what they are doing and this means that no track is just a demonstration of technical skills or only a high sophisticated compositional pattern as an end in itself. To form a coherent song is always the aim of the wolves. This is not to say that they are totally immune against a few less strong parts. The integration of a pretty melodic part in the fifth track appears to me like a fairly failed experiment. By contrast, the four-piece achieves its top form whenever the guitars rasp, slice and injure in a ferocious way. The quality of “Vermillion Steel” underlines this statement.

All in all, there is definitely still room for optimization, for example in terms of intensity and velocity, but nobody’s perfect. Don’t forget that these wolves are still at the beginning of their career, if we want to use this pretty big word. They have the potential to make their way and so I hope they do not also become experts in exiting, but show their stamina and the further improvement of their already well-developed abilities. In a world where no day goes by without a new “sensational” black metal band jumping out of a Finnish lake or a South-American swamp, pure thrash is always welcome. - Metal Archives

"Album Review – We Are Revolution"

If you listen to the UK Thrashers podcast or follow the sites various social media streams, you may have heard the recent interview with London four-piece Thrasherwolf. A genuinely entertaining listen, the band appeared as humble and honest musicians striving to get a foothold on the ever more crowded ladder of UK thrash metal bands. Formed in 2016, the band consists of Daniel Lucas on Vocals/guitar, drummer Billy Lucas, Jack Saunders on guitar and bassist Alex Mitsis. 2018 saw the release of their EP ‘Blood Moon’ and now their debut long player ‘We Are Revolution’ is ready for release.

After a stirring oratory which serves as an introduction, the band do something audacious. They open the album with ‘War’, an eleven-and-a-half-minute opus. Now, for your debut release that takes some balls. ‘War’ also allows the listener to acquaint themselves with the various influences that permeate through the band because in this one song you can hear a thousand different thrash motors all humming away. There are elements of everything from Slayer to Kreator, Sodom to Xentrix, Onslaught to Exodus. And at the end, it is a rather good start to the album. A raging rallying cry against oppression, a defiant fist in the sky, the spirit of an independence that is being ground down in society today. Powerful subject matter delivered against a backdrop of multiple changes of tempo, from straight up thrashing riffage to the slower brooding and muscular style.

Album Review: Thrasherwolf - We Are Revolution

Once this behemoth of an opener is complete, Thrasherwolf head to a slightly more conventional approach with ‘Vortex’ an old school rager. Unafraid with changes of pace and direction, this is as straight up and in your face as anything on the album. Daniel Lucas has a snarling delivery which works well whilst the band are tight and on point. A short, sharp kick to the chops is next, with the two minute ‘The Pack’, before their recent release ‘Good Old Fashion Violence’ arrives. I really enjoyed this track when it first emerged, and nothing has changed the opinion. It’s gritty, ballsy and drenched in the sweat of the old school. A track destined to cause carnage in the pit, it’s got a great hook that lingers long in the memory and a simple delivery that works well.

Thrasherwolf aren’t afraid to mix things up as you’ll have guessed by now. The pacey power of ‘Vermillion Steel’ is followed by the stomp of ‘Vanity’. One of the weaker tracks on the album, there’s still plenty to enjoy with the heavy riffs taking on an almost Slayer style at times. The dark, atmospheric ‘Ruin’ leads us into Metallica territory, and the one track I struggled with slightly. The darkness of the song works well, as does the brooding build up but there is something missing. It’s ambitious, and with further plays I think my slight anxiety will dissipate. That leaves album closer ‘Blood Moon’, already a known song to fans of the band and another impressive, lengthy track that demonstrates the determination and ambition that burns within the band. ‘Blood Moon’ has an epic feel; a slow burning first section erupts into a raging, explosive maelstrom of thrashing riffs with the singalong chorus catching in the memory banks. With a wall of riffs leading the second half of the song, the explosive solos scream out of the darkness as things move to a conclusion.

This may come across as slightly patronising which is not the intention. ‘We Are Revolution’ is a solid and impressive debut album. It’s slightly raw in places, a little routine in other areas but overall is a throbbing, pulsing record that sits nicely in the pile of 2020 UK thrash releases. It’s well worth getting involved with.

The album is released on 18th September. - Razor'sEdge


Rising from the depths of the UK’s effervescent underground metal scene come a hungry new pack of contenders, ready for battle and armed to the teeth. Following in the footsteps of the standard bearers and stalwarts of British thrash like Onslaught, Xentrix, Acid Reign and Solitary, Thrasherwolf are ready to take their place in the trenches, with We Are Revolution - a debut album full of rapid fire riffing, screaming solos, neck-snapping songs and a never say die attitude. There’s a new generation of thrash metal fans looking for their own heroes and Thrasherwolf are stepping up to the plate.

We Are Revolution features nine tracks of prime, jaw breaking, blood-spitting thrash that have been honed and perfected in the savagery of the pit. Built from ironclad riffs, dangerously vicious hooks, roaring vocals and a furious drum battery, there is no questioning the integrity of muscle-bound tracks like ‘War’ or ‘The Vortex’. Thrasherwolf play from the heart and the gut, with a burning blend of adrenaline and molten metal in their veins. They have learned their lessons from the masters well, including the need to bring their own twist, their own passion to the rugged framework laid down by the likes of Slayer and Kreator. A Thrasherwolf song like ‘Blood Moon’ stands proud on its own merits, ready to carve its own bloody place in your thrasher’s heart.

We Are Revolution will be unleashed on 19th September and this is your chance to join the Thrasherwolf pack. Thrash metal will never die while there are bands like Thrasherwolf to pick up the banner and carry the fight to the enemy. Come the revolution, be ready to heed the call and fight at their side – it’s time for some good old fashioned violence!

Track Listing:
1 - The Vortex
2- The Pack
3- Vermillion Steel
4 - Good Old Fashioned Violence
5 - Blood Moon
6 - Vanity
7 - Ruins
8 - Words Of Revolution
9 - We Are Revolution - Thrasherwolf prepare to release We Are Revolution

"Thrasherwolf - We Are Revolution"

As modern society eats away at our individuality, gnawing at the bones of our freedom, more and more of us buckle beneath the endless pressures that threaten to break our backs along with our hearts and last shreds of resistance. But there are those who only truly come alive when the shadows are at their darkest, when the clouds block out the sun and the boot of oppression is planted firmly on the throats of the downtrodden. Indignant anger burns in their blood and their teeth can chew through steel. They are the spirit of independence incarnate, the lone wolves you can never control...born for rebellion and bred for war!

Thrash metal has always been the war cry of the underdog, the overdriven aggression and riff-fuelled fury of the outsider – determined and defiant in the face of all odds, no matter how insurmountable. Raised on a raw meat diet of Metallica, Slayer and Kreator, Thrasherwolf are the new breed of British thrash, following in the footsteps of their honoured forebears like Xentrix, Onslaught and Acid Reign. The London band have all the grit and integrity that characterised this island kingdom’s original ranks of aspiring thrashers and add to that their own passion, vision and unique song writing twists. Their full length debut, We Are Revolution, released on 19th September, is an album built on riff upon riff upon killer riff, delivering the essence of thrash with an adrenalized vigour that is irresistible. There’s an unquestionable honour and honesty that drives songs like the fierce ‘War’ and the ambitious ‘Ruin’; a rampant pride in their genre that makes the likes of ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘The Vortex’ so quickly addictive. Thrashers the world over will recognise this band as one of their own, this album as a powerful pledge of allegiance.

Formed in 2016 Thrasherwolf first introduced themselves with the Blood Moon EP in 2018 and since then they have been honing their skills in the white hot forges of London’s underground metal venues – securing victory in the pit rounds of the London Metal 2 The Masses competition along the way. Now it’s time to unleash the full fury of the unbreakable wolf pack, the result of all the hard work, determination and absolute self belief. It’s time for We Are Revolution, the sound of absolute defiance and pure thrash metal.

Genre: Thrash Metal
For fans of: Kreator | Xentrix | Toronaga | Sodom
Daniel Lucas – Vocals/Guitar
Billy Lucas - Drums
Jack Saunders - Guitar
Alex Mitsis – Bass - ImperativePR

"Thrasherwolf: The Vortex – single review"

Thrasherwolf: The Vortex

Digital Download/Streaming

Available now

Formed in 2016, London based Thrasherwolf have put out an incendiary single, The Vortex, from their forthcoming debut album We Are Revolution. Combining classic thrash metal with dynamic elements of technical death metal, this single is an impressive statement of intent for a musically ferocious addition to the world of metal.

The four piece Thrasherwolf, have been steadily building a reputation in the world of thrash metal, as a band to watch for the future. With their new single The Vortex, they have created a high energy hymn to the unique part of the metal experience that is the mosh pit. More about that later.

The song’s opening guitar riff charges at breakneck speed into the listeners consciousness, as an unearthly vocal scream pierces the maelstrom of heavy riffing. You already sense you are in for a roller coaster ride of metal at its heaviest. Clocking in at over six minutes, no space is left unturned by the band, in pressing home a stunning range of crushing metal musical motifs.

The rhythmic patterns switch from impossibly intense blast beats to gravity defying doom like death metal breakdowns. The galloping thrash metal riffs drive the song forward with plenty of underpinning grooves, that will be irresistible to metal heads in a live context. Pinch harmonic squeals permeate some fantastically melodic guitar soloing. The combination of the thrash and death metal genres works in a quite seamless way, and the growling vocals provide plenty of gothic tension overlay.

This is a song that is just made for jumping into the mosh pit, and the lyrics sum up the completely in the moment energy and sense of connection the mosh pit offers to those that take the plunge. Which as the song describes leads to a feeling of being “Lost within the eye of the vortex”:

“Hear/My growls and my screams /A sign that this is not a dream /Live long and savour it/Well within the waves off the mosh pit”

To accompany the single, the band have also released an atmospheric and inventive lyric video, which you can see below:

When metal live gigs start up again in earnest, this will be a band not to be missed. Meanwhile, the new album, on the strength of the musical pounding offered by this single, is certainly one to look forward too.

You can find Thrasherwolf on:


All words by Gareth Allen, you can find Gareth’s author profile here. - LouderThanWar


force in UK thrash metal. They’ve been building their reputation and honing their skills with incendiary performances on the underground gig circuit and working feverishly on material for their debut album. That album is now complete and ready for launch, so prepare yourselves for We Are Revolution, nine tracks of prime, jaw-breaking, blood-spitting thrash, going for the throat on September 19th! To whet the appetite and heighten the anticipation the band today reveal a lyric video for album highlight “The Vortex”. This wild carnival of riffs, hooks and pure adrenalin will have all true thrashers hungry for the revolution!


UK Thrashers have already had a sneak preview listen to We Are Revolution and their assessment was unequivocal:
“…give these UK thrash bruisers a listen; you won’t regret it!”

So without further ado, bare your teeth and dive into “The Vortex”! It’s time to join the pack…

“The Vortex” single is also available on all major digital music platforms, including Amazon Music , Google Play and Spotify - TheMoshvilleTimes


- Vortex
- Good Old Fashioned Violence

W.A.R (We Are Revolution)
- Words of Revolution
- War
- Vortex
- The Pack
- Good Old Fashioned Fashion
- Vermillion Steel
- Vanity
- Ruins
- Blood Moon



Thrasherwolf are a UK based 4 piece. Influenced by classic heavyweights like Kreator, Metallica and Slayer they are a perfect example of technical thrash metal. Having spent a lot of time gigging around London, honing their craft; they have become a band that gets the crowd moving! With over 2000 followers on Instagram alone, they pride themselves on entertaining the fans with guttural vocals, blistering solos and soul-shattering drums. 

Thrasherwolf recently released their first studio album, “We Are Revolution” containing 9 songs (including the 2 singles "Vortex" and "Good Old Fashioned Violence" which released to high praise, securing a UK tour set for next year.

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