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Thrash Jazz

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"Just a Waste" (2001)

1. Loss for Words
2. White
3. Pictures of the Past
4. Feeding the Thirst
5. Parasites
6. Bleeding Heart
7. Just a Waste
8. Evol
9. Why Life
10. F*cked up World

"Dragged Down" (2002)

1. Why Me
2. See Ya
3. Run & Hide
4. Only I Can Judge Me
5. Concrete Bed
6. Interlude
7. Go Away
8. Song 14
9. Twisting the Knife
10. Dreams or Reality
11. Pushing Me
12. All Eternity
13. Dragged Down
14. Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll

"More Than Meets The Eye" (2007)

1. On My Own - Full Preview - Lyrics
2. Pick Me Up - Preview - Lyrics
3. You Better Run - Preview - Lyrics
4. Letting You Drown - Preview - Lyrics
5. The Bright Side - Full Preview - Lyrics
6. The Breeze - Preview - Lyrics
7. A New Beginning - Preview - Lyrics
8. Nunya Damn Business - Preview - Lyrics
9. Lil Grifter - Preview - Lyrics
10. Relations End - Preview - Lyrics



Thrash Jazz has been a band for 7 years and have performed all over the Tampa Bay area. Their unique sounds compiles an Alternative Rock back-bone with touches of Funk, R&B, and Jazzy snaps that sneak in here and there. Thrash Jazz has raised the brow and tilted a lot of ears in the Tampa area live music scene with their pure, inescapable sound that washes over you, then hooks you in the guts and reels you on stage to experience the show, as well as overwhelms the senses with a tightly woven tunage. The band's leader, Carl Hart, strive's to balance music complexity that chanllenges the listener's hunger for quality yet keeps it 'clean' enough to retain the cd sound in a live enviroment.
Thrash Jazz has studio produced two cd's, their first 'Just a Waste' was created in 2001 with 10 selections that hooked a cult of Thrash Jazz fanatics and turned a lot of heads in the local entertainment venue. Their complimentary copies quickly liquidated into their growing fan base over the next few months. Thrash Jazz's second cd 'Dragged Down' was created in late 2002 and brought 14 new songs out of the Thrash Jazz vault. Again, fans absorbed the music, and the guys, more intent to write more music then to market what they had, continued writing and now have at least 25 new songs to bring out. They are presently working on a third cd which will feature yet another dimension of this multi-talented group of guys, as it incorporates impetuous, daring clips of different genres and styles.