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Washington, Washington DC, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Washington, Washington DC, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Hip Hop R&B




"SU Spotlight: DC’s Thraxxx Takes Over DMV With “The Movie” Mixtape"

Big things have been coming out of the DMV, (The area known as D.C., Maryland and Virginia) from styles like drum heavy Go-Go or MC’s like Wale. Now, a rap conglomerate that goes by the name Thraxxx is taking over the scene and can be heard in clubs, campuses and blasting through car stereos. Members include Big Flock, Lizzle, Mac Dre, Freakshow, Bankroll Marky and more. The group first emerged last summer when they dropped their single, Big Boy Bandz. Following, the group released their mix tape The Movie and the rest has been history. Other hit songs include, New and Too, both lead by Lizzle. - Sway's Universe: Nicky Geezy

"DMV Spotlight: Thraxxx"

Local super-group Thraxxx stopped by the WPGC studios last week to tell us about the one thing that separates them from 99% of up-and-coming indie acts in the DMV.
In this edition of WPGC’s DMV Spotlight, we hear the story of how “Too Much” became a regional and nearly-national hit with a remix featuring Que & Trey Songz. Plus, they let the DMV in on their mix tape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid.
Thraxxx can be reached on Twitter at @Thraxxxhouse. - WPGC 95.5

"Big Flock- Sonny "Thraxxx""

Since his debut tape , TRILLUMINATI, Flock (along with Thraxxx Gang) have steadily built their fan base. Going through several trials & tribulations, I think it’s all well deserved & they are great candidates to represent the area (PG County, MD & DC). If you want to catch up on what you’ve missed you can go to their profile and/or one of their youtube channels.

Now, a year & a half later, comes the highly anticipated & long awaited, SONNY. Big Flock, hailing from 187, has a diction & vocabulary that will catch one by surprise & leave them waiting more. Prior to this tape, it seems that was always the case (waiting more), but I think this one is good enough until next time around.

With features from the whole group, Sonny is one of the hottest tapes on the streets & one of the best. Be sure to check it out, it ranges from heartfelt to bouncy to hood. He didn’t miss a spectrum of the essentials, that are necessary for a well rounded project. - Hazie Thoughts

"Bout To Blow: 11 Dope Songs You Should Be Hearing Everywhere Soon"

It's tough to figure out exactly why this is a Que record, because it was literally by a completely different artist who has been reduced to feature status on his own song. Presumably, a big bag of money changed hands. Thraxxx is a five-member group based out of the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virgina) whose rapper Lizzle had a locally-successful hit called "Too," released on the group's Thraxxx: The Movie in late 2013. (Another thing about Thraxxx that makes no sense: they have a member named Mac Dre. Who releases solo music. Seriously.)

An interview earlier this year with Thraxxx member Big Flock implied the group had no interest in signing to a label. But by the time Lizzle's solo tape hosted by Whoo Kid dropped in April, "Too" had become "Too Much," and was under Que's name. Que, in a battle to knock out another hit after OG Bobby Johnson, apparently decided to buy one, and in exchange, Lizzle, an unknown, presumably benefits from articles like this one pointing out that the actual hit is his. While putting Trey Songz on the record amps up its hit potential, some of the quirky charm of the original "Too" is ironed out in the upstreaming. - Complex

"Speakers In The House: Can Washington, DC Be A New Capital For Rap?"

DC-based group Thraxxx landed a bit of a smash in 2013 with the infectious "Too," featuring member Lizzle (and remixed by fellow group standout Big Flock and Shy Glizzy). The record ultimately ended up in the hands of Atlanta rapper Que, but Lizzle remained on the new version alongside Trey Songz. The collective—which also includes Freakshow, Famous Pat, Bankroll Marky, Boogie Snow and Rim—offers a seemingly endless flow of output, consistently feeding fans looking for a street rap fix—available in syrupy, sinister and melodic varieties. - Noisey


Big Flock- Trilluminati (Mar 21, 2013):

Thraxxx- Thraxxx "The Movie" (Oct 1, 2013):

Big Flock- Live Hungry Die Fat EP (Mar 8, 2014):

Big Flock- Sonny (Jul 2, 2014):

Thraxxx- Thraxxx "The Lifestyle" (Jan 1, 2015):

Thraxxx- Thraxxx Breaking All Da Rules EP (May 31, 2015):

Bankroll Marky- You Hear Me (July 7, 2015):

Bankroll Marky- Janky (Oct 20, 2014):

Big Flock Ft Freakshow- Don't Believe It (Oct 1, 2014):

Bankroll Marky, Boogie Snow, Rim- James Bong (Sep 24, 2014):

Bankroll Marky- Rollie (Sep 20, 2014):

Bankroll Marky Ft Big Flock- Pharmacy (Aug 19, 2014):

Bankroll Marky- Jojo (Aug 19, 2014):

Boogie Snow- Block Nigga (Aug 6, 2014):

Bankroll Marky- Runway (Jun 22, 2014):

Boogie Snow Ft Freakshow- Pressure (Jun 20, 2014):

Big Flock- Good Gas (Jun 14, 2014):



Thraxxx is an entity. A lifestyle in the sense that we are righteous, humble, caring, radical, passionate, open minded people. We are masters of style whichever your style may be. Foremost we are THReal Artists, a creative collective from many different mediums, backgrounds, cultures that all comes together to reach one common goal. The members of the group are Lizzle, Bankroll Marky, Freakshow, Boogie Snow, Famous Pat, and Rim. Our official DJ is DJ Tab$. We first started in 2013 after the success of Big Flock debut mixtape title Trilluminati. Then we released our single titled Big Boy Bandz that is dedicate to our friend Lil Chris that passed away. So with the success of that we decided to do a group mixtape titled, "The Movie" with a hit single titled, "Too". In 2014 Big Flock released Live Hungry Die Fat EP and a mixtape titled, Sonny. Also, in 2014 Lizzle released his debut solo mixtape titled, Thraxxx Fifth Ave. On New Years of 2015, Thraxxx released their second group tape titled, Thraxxx The Lifestyle. Also, in 2015 Thraxxx drops a surprise EP titled, Breaking All Da Rules. After gaining a huge fan base from the group tapes Bankroll Marky decides to drop a solo mixtape in 2015 titled "You Hear Me". You can listen to all our music on Spinrilla or on our Soundcloud. We have opened up concerts for different mainstream artists such as Future, Yo Gotti, Wale, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Schoolboy Q, Que, Rae Sremmurd, and more. We have also been an official performer at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta. We have had write ups in different blogs like Complex, Sway In The Morning, and Bluntiq.