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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review of 'Exonerate'"

"I like the opening on bass, with only the bass, and then with the guitar coming in after that…Better than anything I've heard. I like the entire opening as it progresses, and adds more to the musical mix. With the whine I the guitar at 1:45. I love the vocals mixing with the guitar. Not many bands do that and sound good. I love the drums. Nice fills on the high tom…kind of reminds me of tool…Again with the harmonizing with the vocals, and guitar. I love the return of the melody at 5 minutes…continues to later rock out totally. Very musical. Nice drums at 6:20. Incredible song and would definitely buy your album. AMAZING SONG!" - GARAGEBAND.COM

"Review of 'Onomatopoeia'"

"Is there any question about it? You guys sound like Tool, and that's a good thing. The vocals remind me of Maynard so much that it chills me to the bone. The guitars are executed perfectly, and the drums are too. Though people may complain about the length...I think it deserved its eight minutes! You guys have great potential, and should be signed by…a record label. There is no reason you're not signed…Stay this way forever….it rocks!" - Eric Thatcher, Forked River, NJ


First album currently in production.


Feeling a bit camera shy


hough officially formed in late 2002, the conception of the metal quintet Thread dates back to the summer of 2002, where drummer Mark Snyder and bassist J. Kleman, friends and band mates from several other projects, met guitarist Pete Umlauf and vocalist Dustin Dillman, who had also been playing together for a number of years, at Ozzfest 2002 in Scranton, PA.

After playing together throughout the course of the summer, the foursome had not officially formed a band. As 2002 was drawing to a close, Snyder and Kleman had found guitarist Kimber Zimmerman, and had begun writing songs. Without a vocalist or lead guitarist, Snyder called upon his Ozzfest acquaintances to fill the vocal and guitar positions and thus, the stage was set for what would ultimately become known as Thread.

In early 2003, the band had begun meeting and practicing more frequently and developed their writing style. Constantly searching for a different sound, the band painstakingly crafted original songs that would be their foundation. In May 2003, the band, having officially adopted the moniker “Thread,” recorded their original songs at Saturation Acres Studio in Danville, PA.

In mid-summer 2003, Thread slowly began the arduous process of playing live with a show at Wilapalooza IX, on July 12, 2003. One of twenty bands in an all-day extravaganza in Perry County, PA, Thread's first show left a mark on all those who traveled into the woods of Perry County that weekend. Several shows throughout August and into the autumn of 2003 have helped Thread to lay the foundation for a cult-like following in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Thread's live show consists of a intense and powerful performance of dominantly original material. The music alone is captivating, but the live atmosphere and energy of the band makes the show worth seeing. Offering original music like no other band in the area, Thread evokes their creativity, passion, and intensity through their original songs played on stage. This spectacle is best not described, but is to be seen for yourself.