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"You and Me and The Submarines"

From an entirely different corner of the stylistic rock bazaar, solid band ThreadSpinner is more mainstream in its way, albeit with distinctive twists. Sometimes, the band projects a certain U2-ishness, courtesy of guitarist Jon Ziebarth's Edge-like parts and the big, clear and yearning voice of lead singer Sarah Ziebarth.
- Santa Barbara News-Press


I was enthralled. Comprised of Sarah's vocals and piano-playing, Jonathan on guitar, Warren Crone on bass, and Jesse Cardin on drums, ThreadSpinner's sound is raw, haunting, unabashedly romantic, and tightly crafted. Their presence and genuine performance is really pleasing. I see a lot of success in their future, because I feel like their music attempts to build a personal connection with each and every listener. -

"Fresh Starts"

Within the walls of our delightfully insular music scene, it seems things have been growing, shifting, and changing quite a lot as of late. Take, for example, the recently released debut from Santa Barbara transplants ThreadSpinner. I admit I tend to shy away from bands that choose to arbitrarily screw around with English-grammar constructs, but a job is a job, so I swallowed my pride and took a listen. What I found upon further inspection was a simple but lush setup, courtesy Michiganites Sarah and Jon Ziebarth. Teetering between the constructs of contemporary country and indie folk rock, the duo (who man vocals, piano, guitar, and bass collectively), have chosen to team up with a bevy of backing musicians for their debut recording, The Firefly Lawnchair Parade. Whether ThreadSpinner’s sweet lyrics and twangy instrumentation will hold up outside the studio remains to be seen, but I’ve got high hopes - and plenty of chances to find out.
-Aly Comingore - Santa Barbara Independent


ThreadSpinner use multiple layers of guitar tones and textures to achieve a big, luxurious sound a la Radiohead or Coldplay. Add piano and singer Sarah Ziebarth's straight-ahead vocals (think a mellower version of Evanescence's Amy Lee) and you get a thoroughly enjoyable alt-rock experience. - Santa Barbara Independent

"The Kids are Alright"

On Thursday, December 11, the bright young music makers of Santa Barbara’s indie rock movement will be out in full force....
the adorable and talented twosome behind S.B.’s own ThreadSpinner ....a shining collection of young talent on the verge of breaking in big. - Santa Barbara Independent

"Night Chorus Review"

Santa Barbara's ThreadSpinner are a complex band. Their Night Chorus EP melds early U2 guitar with piano, atmosphere, bass, organ, mandolin and nuanced drumming. Not to mention the vocals, which come from the band's songwriter Sarah Ziebarth. Her voice changes tone like a chameleon changes color. Whether used delicately or as a soaring instrument, Sarah's voice is always confident and note perfect. - WLUR 91.5 FM

"ThreadSpinner Launches Album"

If you have yet to partake in the beautiful sounds coming out of Santa Barbara four-piece ThreadSpinner, well now’s your chance. Since forming back in 2007, the band has been making waves throughout the S.B. scene with their powerful piano pop balladry. Made up of husband and wife John and Sarah Ziebarth (guitars/mandolin and keys/vocals, respectively), Warren Crone (bass), and Jesse Cardin (drums), the quartet walks the fine sonic line between a fully fleshed out Tori Amos record and the decidedly more soft-spoken Joanna Newsom. In the live setting, frontlady Sarah undeniably steals the show with her loud-then-soft vocal cues and piano parts, whether backed up by lush instrumentals or left to belt it out alone onstage. And with the release of their new six-song EP, Night Chorus, the band proves they’re also capable of pulling it off in the studio.
Sprinkled with pounding piano breakdowns, spot-on drums, and some of the prettier guitar parts I’ve heard in months, Chorus delivers a near-perfect snippet of ThreadSpinner’s grander plan. On “30+1,” Sarah’s deeply personal lyrics and soulful vocals beg comparison to early Fiona Apple, while the disk-closing “Running Away” features guitar, bass, and keys that collectively wax, then wane, to create an instrumental onslaught of epic proportions. But perhaps most importantly, the EP succeeds in leaving you wanting more—the ultimate accomplishment for a band this young and this talented.
ThreadSpinner unveils Night Chorus this Friday, October 2, during an extra special CD release party at Center Stage Theater (751 Paseo Nuevo) at 8 p.m. For tickets and info, call 963-408 or visit - Santa Barbara Independent

"Concert Review: Threadspinner"

Despite being told repeatedly I’m a traitor to my gender, I’ve always gravitated toward all male bands. In recent years, my cold heart has been slightly melted by bands such as Rilo Kiley and Camera Obscura but still, overall, I like a dude lead singer. I simply can’t help it.

Sunday night, I accompanied friends to The Air Conditioned Supper Club in Venice. Imagine my surprise when, out of 4 bands, the one that blew me away had, you guessed it, a girl vocalist. Threadspinner is a band from Santa Barbara with a lot of spunk and a lead singer with a strong soulful voice. Seriously, this chic can wail. Plus, she’s super cute, which, let’s face it, helps when you’re fronting a band.

They have a hint of that 90’s sound that I love (Think Mazzy Star meets The Cure), with strong, evocative lyrics. The vibe was there too, the band is incredibly engaging on stage. The last song of their too short set was the so far unrecorded ballad, “High Notes.” It was compellingly romantic. I was sold.

The band is comprised of husband and wife, Jon and Sarah Ziebarth (lead guitar and vocals/keyboards respectively), Warren Crone (bass) and Jesse Cardin (drums). The first album is called, “The Firefly Lawnchair Parade.”

Check them out at or if you’re in the Bay Area, catch them at The Rockit Room on Friday, September 18th at 9:00 pm. - BeatCrave


Night Chorus - November 17, 2009
The Firefly Lawnchair Parade - April 26, 2008 - Available worldwide on iTunes,, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amie Street, and Napster.



‘Trouble is in the making,’ she sings.

Leaving everything and everyone you know is one of the hardest things a person can do. And when she resigned herself to the passenger's seat for a cross-country drive from a forgettable Midwestern town to metropolitan California, the unknown was all she had left. While her husband and future guitarist attended graduate school at Stanford University, her necessary unraveling began. The fear and restriction that held her life into such a small space had to be released. She was meant to spread out her words, her voice, and her music. To love people in ways they aren't used to being loved.

At this same time, her future drummer was starting a new life in San Francisco, after playing in numerous metal bands on the shores of Hawaii. And her bassist had given up Army life in favor of living in a tour bus in Los Angeles, stealing food from grocery stores and washing up in restaurant bathrooms between gigs with his Canadian bandmates.

Just a few years later, after Sarah Ziebarth and her research scientist husband Jon released the first collection of ThreadSpinner songs (The Firefly Lawnchair Parade), they met Warren Crone (bass) and Jesse Cardin (drums) in Santa Barbara. Despite the wide-ranging backgrounds, the ex-heavy metal drummer, the military man-turned rock star, and the former members of a mega-church worship band have quickly bonded – with the common purpose of creating music that truly connects with others.

ThreadSpinner’s Night Chorus EP is the first collection of songs from this ragtag family. Spanning four days in the studio, these recordings were captured with great skill and care by Jay Ferguson - a successful frontman (Spirit, Jo Jo Junne, Jay Ferguson), keyboard player (Joe Walsh, Crosby, Stills and Nash) and composer of television/film scores (The Office-US) and mastered by Brian Gardner (The Killers, Linkin Park, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple). The purpose of these sessions was to simply record attention and honesty. With just a few takes for each song, the motivation was to capture something real and raw, rather than something made perfect and lifeless through manipulation and studio trickery. The intimacy of the lyrics, and the piano-driven chord progressions call for attentive listening. Ambient guitars and a dynamic rhythm section plot together to create a large complex sound. Above it all Sarah’s big, yearning voice creates an experience that is deeply felt by the listener.

The EP is a snapshot though – ThreadSpinner is most alive when performing. Although they have been together for just a year, they have shared the stage with artists like Nico Vega, Eleni Mandell, and The Submarines, playing shows from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and have begun to taste that connection with the audience that they long for. describes the live sound as ‘raw, haunting, and unabashedly romantic.’

It's no small thing to find a girl who is willing and able to front a rock band, but Sarah is not interested in being a solo artist - instead allowing the entire band’s creative energy to weave together and breathe a more complex life into the songs she has conceived. It is all about honesty and an overwhelming love for the ones listening and taking part in the exchange.

‘Trouble is in the making – my love is for the taking’ she sings.

Go on. Take it.