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"threat of life"

Threat of Life a quartet from Atlanta, boasted just one six-string guitarist playing lead and rhythm, but they created a thunderstorm of music. These four guys are, well, grown-ups. Adulthood has its advantages; the band has been together for three years and they've honed their chops by touring the country.
Lead crooner JD can hold a scream forever; he works his voice like an instrument. With only one guitarist, the band's sound was leaner than a twin-guitar band's, but more controlled too. And when they broke into some fairly complicated song structures, Threat of Life threw control out the window. On some of their more inventive songs, Threat of Life reminded me of the best '80s thrash or speed metal - Megadeth, Exodus or Anthrax.
- gopher

"fan reviews"

-hey you guys are the best metal band in atlanta, hands down. you should put canopener up on your profile, that song fucking rocks. you guys should have a record deal, you're definitely good enough. p.s. keep kickin ass.

-I really enjoyed your set! I have limited exposure to metal, but I try to go out and support the local music scene. I was really impressed with you guys! You were one of my faves!
Much Luck!

-yall are fucking amazing and should play down here more often. i wish i could re-live last night. sweet show. you are awesome lol awesome mosher. the cd fucking rules. threat of life kicks so much ass. im glad yall played. i was getting really sick of all the lame shows. its rare when every band kicked ass like last night. much props and credit to yall.-funky

-hey, you guys were the best show of the night at Sludgefest II! i bought the CD. my whole band is crazy about you.i tripped on some weird blotter that night and listened to it like four times in a row. you don't understand; i love it. you should be touring the world. you were so tight live, i recognized exactly which tracks you played after listening to the cd. awesome, different drumming, beautiful guitar tone, odd time signatures - it all is just so geometrically perfect and colorful! forgive me for drooling all over you, but you really have made fans of us all.

-Hey guys, this is Evan. You guys are fucking beyond insane. It's a real treat to see a band who is heavy as shit but also knows how to fucking shred their instruments. When you dudes come back, i shall await the breakdown of "Between Yesterday and Forever" so i may destroy the crowd again. That is the heaviest shit that has ever come out of Georgia. AND THANKS FOR HANGIN' AT DENNY'S!!! ^_^

- them

"review of 1st cd"

Aggressive Atlanta outfit blends black metal mayhem with hardcore conviction and a little bit of screamo for good measure. Quick blasts of brutality like "Can O Pener" and "Crime and Punishment" make this a glorious grindcore debut. And at just over four minutes, album closer "Cutting My Throat From The Inside Out" seems almost epic in comparison.

- Jonathan Williams (Music Editor)
- prick magazine


threat of life cd's

threat of life( self titled 2004)

four more coffins sealed, buried. (2006)


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we have been played on 105.3 the buzz ,project 96.1 ,darktech radio, 91.1 wrekage radio and asylum radio out of jersey!!



Matt Smith (drums) has been playing for sixteen years, fourteen of which in bands. His musical influences range from jazz-fusion to death metal. In 1997 while attending The Atlanta Institute of Music, he met another AIM student named Bill McCullough. Upon colliding at the 2002 Slayer show, the writing process began, and Threat of Life was conceived.

Bill McCullough (guitar) hails from a small town in Illinois, where he began his career at age thirteen. From the start, musical composition was no stranger. “I have no influences in music - just life itself.” When he and Matt started throwing ideas around they knew they wanted to do something heavy, yet had no planned direction. “You might say we, as a band, have no planned direction, as life itself refuses to be planned.”

JD (lungs) has, for over ten years, been playing and/or singing in bands. While looking for a band with the intention of finding a new musical direction (something deeper and positive), he stumbled into Matt and Bill, who were on the same track as he. The lyrics written by JD are honest, provoking and anyone can relate to them.

Ryan Ashhurst (Bass) has been involved in music and instruction since he was 12. From competition bagpipes at The Citadel Military College, tosax/tuba/double bass and speed metal, music runs thru this audiophilesveins. Son of a military family Ryan hails from many places around the world and plans to see them again this time with a bass in his hand. Between music and work he and Billy have kept in touch. Playing and writing together in a
band only seemed natural when the opportunity presented itself.

Although their influences are extensive, with styles ranging from bluegrass to hardcore, Threat of Life’s music can only be described as “GROUND BREAKING”. These four men write music they like, rather than backing themselves into any particular corner. They do this because they love music; it’s their passion and their lives. What they are doing now is technical, intricate, brutal and just plain fun. Like other bands that have left footsteps to follow, Threat of Life’s music best serves it’s purpose when witnessed live. This is when they pay their respects to all the bands and musicians who have inspired them throughout their lives. With the intensity and honesty that Threat of Life exhibits in their music, even people who hate it can’t help but like it.