Three 60

Three 60


Were a pop punk band, its sounds like a mix between green day and mxpx with an alternative rock mix


We are three 60 from houston, tx. our music has diffrent sounds. we have slow songs as wells as fast songs with catchy hooks that keep fans entertained and singing along. we've been a band for 6 yrs and are still going strong with no signs of slowing down. Our music is what tends to make us stand out from other bands who fit into normal genres. our music covers alll bases which keep our sound fresh and original.


we have one E.P. that we released on our own. we currently have them streaming on our

Set List

our typical set list is about 10 to 11 songs.
1. as good as dead
2. failure
3.Not again
4.More i go
6.overnight arguement
7.torn apart
9. state of destruction
10. do or die

or sets usually run 30 min. but we could play for up to an hour with other songs we could add to our set list. we do covers from the toadies - tyler and mxpx - party at my house.