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October 14, 2009 by PT Rothschild.


Temecula, CA – Tooling up to Hollywood is always different. It’s a different mind wondering landscape each trip up as this time we go 15 to 91 to 71 to 52 to 10 to 134 to 5 freeways. Sometimes it’s the scenery and sometimes it’s the destination, but it’s always different. This time it’s the possibility of meeting someone famous that I respect as a writer and as a movie actor, Billy Bob. I’ve always had the desire to meet a writer who broke into the biz on his brains rather than looking like a matinee idol. And of course, to network for connections. When I left Tinsel Town the next day, one of those desires had been fulfilled in spades before I went to the real ‘Crusty Crab’, the probable inspiration for the workplace of SpongeBob and Squidward, since show creator Steve Hillenburg went to Savanna High School and taught at the Orange County Ocean Institute.

It’s a different posse I’m rolling with this trip up. In a way, they remind me of the DGAF crew by having that refined roughness of real people which appeals to this old pirate. When a query about a girl produced the knowledge that she was a vegan, the comment was made, ‘awwww, they don’t shave’. That’s when I knew I was in for an interesting Friday night in the big city. And since there is still an ongoing civil action pending, I’ll leave the names of my wingmen out. I was about to meet the second part of the title banner, ‘the brotherhood’. I anticipated meeting a family clan in a way and that’s just the way it rolled out. A walled compound in ‘Hollyhood’ (North Hollywood) nestled next to its neighbors, folks chilling out on the front stoop drinking ice cold Coors or Bud Light with a six pack of some micro-brew that no one will touch without first asking permission or risk some ‘family drama’ in the butt hurt category, and a big Pit named ‘Knuckles’. Most, if not all, of the band was gathered there along with the redhead, the wife of the bass player, who had her ass slapped by the off-duty cop that fateful night. But also gathered here was a real slice of America that you could find in the ‘hood, the barrio, the ‘burbs, the south, the islands, or out west; at any family gathering where they still live close to one another, and are still close to one another. That is an odd scenario for ‘a family where no one sends out birthday cards except’ the 90 year old patriarch Grandfather who amassed the good life by retirement and ‘still drives a Caddy.’ But the feeling of ‘family’ or maybe community is there strong and you sense an ‘all for one and one for all’ feeling as the group travels in a convoy to the venue which we’ll told is only about ‘ten minutes’ away. Indeed, a female member of the group says to me that ‘all the people here are here because of Shawn’, the half-white, half-Pilipino, 5’8 ½ “ 160lbs father who was shot to death by a 6’1”, 210lbs. off-duty cop. To really do this story justice, there will be a supplement to this part titled, ‘3808, In Pictures, the Band, the Brotherhood, the Back Story’. To make up for this late decision to space the piece, ‘The Girls’ will be kept here. Now, on to the night.

The Viper Room is a club now owned by (or in part by) Johnny Depp (no, he wasn’t there). The Room is larger than The Whiskey first floor but smaller than The Knitting Factory and was filling up quick when we pulled up and parked under an apartment building designated lot stall. ‘The Starfuckers’ is up on the marquee and I’m stoked, however, there is no backstage to the Viper Room like at The Old T-Town Theater. Bands and equipment come up through a door off the side street that we parked off of. But the first band starts, a band named My-T-Mo, and I’m a professional, so it’s ‘Ciao’ to the ‘family’. As I said earlier in this series, a Friday night in Hollywood is always special, and the first band I see is indicative of that aspect. Unlike an off night in Hollywood where a band plays to a scant audience even if presold, on the hopes that an industry person will drop in and see them, Friday nights the joints are jumping with folks out to see a band. Although still presale, only certain bands get to play that coveted night in Hollywood. My-T-Mo tore up the night with catchy danceable tunes, a high energy ‘real’ woman lead singer, and ably seasoned band mates. Their fun musical romp lit up the crowd in a different fashion than all the traffic stops we saw dropping along Sunset Blvd. like the leaves of Fall back east. The band Out of Grey took the stage next and they had a stronger alternative edge than MTM through the material and the all maleness. The more traditional rock lineup produced a mature grunge WARPED tour sound in terms of songs played, but musicianship was done in WARPED tour intensity, prompting one member to have to get refueled during a set number, a sight you rarely see but one wished for in a not so rare occurrence. (Ed. Note – look for another rare occurrence in ‘The Band’ photo supplement).

Then it was time for the band, 3808, and they took the stage by storm, with lead singer, Dylan Zink, bouncing up and down like a boxer in a ring, before the first tune erupted. The band’s sound which runs from ska without the horns (is it punk?) to roots rock barged in virgin territory of straight-ahead, hard-driving,’roadhouse rock ‘n’ roll’ with the addition of the keyboard player who had just one chance to practice with the band beforehand. But the band that is just one stop this side of rockabilly – Kevin Kitley, the bass player has a standup white bass sitting in his living room – is a step above the title of ‘everymanband’ because Dylan is a recording engineer graduate of Hollywood Musicians Institute, and currently works as a sound mixer on major Hollywood films for Fox Studios. Dylan created Terror .45 Records as a vehicle for making a positive affect with the music he loves and 3808 regularly practices at the studio. He also brings in three years experience with the band No Dice that he was a big part of as a singer/songwriter. The guitar had been a hobby for Kevin but professionally, the bass is a perfect fit for the tall, lanky best friend in the band.

When your opening CD track is the name of a legendary whorehouse in TJ (‘Adalitas’, did someone say a family tradition here?) that has the reputation for providing just the fantasy girl you were dreaming about five minutes prior to arriving, then you know you are about to listen to ‘music to scare the squares’. The entire live set of 3808 is now rock music fueled by punk energy thanks to the keys addition to the regular four piece membership. Dylan almost seemed possessed. The song lyrics are beyond the sophomoric boy loves girl and not the clichéd overtly political philosophized either. Add in ‘the Captain’, Mike Bann, who started No Dice with Dylan, and flavor with the expert drumming of Jose Rendon (Red Cavalier, Odd Faces, The Take Downs) and you have music meant to move the hips and excite the passions. The songs are more grounded in the blue collar world of the Joey Punchclock who asks not ‘why’ but rather says ‘this is bullshit!’ This attitude is apropos given the circumstances that brought the band, which first joined MySpace in June 2008, into being. In the month immediately following Shaun’s murder (see Part 1), Dylan and Shaun’s cousin, James Lara (No Dice), wrote 12 complete songs. The result is their debut album ‘Til Death’, songs of which the fast paced, blistering set consisted of with just a cover thrown in for good luck. The CD album cover art speaks volumes toward ‘real’ life, injustice, and having a healthy punk attitude which tends to scare the shit out of the common man who places all his faith in the system and the propaganda it spews. “This is Shaun’s final gift to the people he loved the most; we are just glad to be part of it, and we would like everyone to join us in a celebration of his life through music,” said Dylan. It was after the CD was written that the band 3808 was handpicked and put together for a live representation of Shawn’s spirit. And, since their first show, in May 2009, the band has booked and played shows throughout Los Angeles, up and down the Hollywood Sunset Strip., Orange County, Riverside County, Arizona, and Las Vegas. Rock on! For anyone that wants a blow-your-face-off, no holds barred music show, you can catch 3808 at The Cat Club 10/24 before the boys hit the road on tour with The Neighborhood Bullys.

Next up was the last band of the night, but not the band, or the members I thought I would be seeing. It was rumored that Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Idol, CC Devill, and Slash would also be appearing to play with The Starfuckers. Well, that didn’t happen, and while my sources check out the details and reasons for the hype (a promoter’s justification for the extra five buck ticket price?), they are also checking on the names of some of the other performers who made up the replacement band, The Glamnation, the band the Starfuckers opened for not long ago. This band is also made up of veteran rockers and talented offspring from around Hollywood. At press time some of the other members playing in TGN were Gilby Clark (GnR) on keys; Stefan Adika (LA Guns, Dee Dee Ramones Band) guitar, vox; Eric Dover (Sextus, Jellyfish, Alice Cooper) guitar, vox; and the female singer is none other than Calico Cooper, one of Alice’s daughters and his right hand ‘man’ in his stage production ‘nightmares’. So here’s the real deal. Stefan, Eric, and Gilby play both bands. When guest stars decide to either pop in or show up, the band becomes ‘The Starfuckers’, a sort of jam cover band to host the rock stars in a Hollywood ‘happening’. Tonight TS wasn’t happening and after Calico left the stage someone chucked an empty beer bottle that glanced off the side of Eric’s head causing him to miss his lines, which Stefan immediately noticed. Whew! Tough room. Me, well, I enjoyed the talent and knew they were ‘Hollywood’ though I didn’t recognize anyone. They played too smooth to be wannabes and Hollywood is a big town. After the show a group of us went down to the Body Shop where one of the crew’s body was shopped for 200 bones by a hot blond stripper. He got his wallet back 2 bills thinner but he borrowed enough singles from to stuff some g-strings (no, not the ones on a guitar) and one other fantasy spot (use your imagination, no, the ‘other’ fantasy spot). Along the way back down Sunset to the car, we lost the tattoo artist of the group. He turned up back at Kevin’s around sun up, but that’s another story for another time. - FULL VALUE REVIEW


Til' Death LP released on Terror .45 Records 2008.

Live Fast Die Loud EP released on Terror .45 Records 2010.



3 8-0-8 is a rock and roll band that was originally started in March 2008 by singer/writer Dylan Zink, following the tragic death of his long-time best friend, Shaun Adam Vilan, who was shot and killed by a drunken off-duty police officer. Shaun Adam Vilan, 30 years old, beloved father, son, brother, best friend, and lover, was senselessly shot by an intoxicated off-duty Costa Mesa police officer, Scott Dibble, at the annual Rod Run car show in Old Town Temecula on March 8th, 2008.
No criminal charges were brought up on this drunken cop at the time but the case is still pending with a civil law suit against the police officer and the participating restaurants which is underway.
In one month, immediately following Shaun’s murder, Dylan, and Shaun’s cousin James Lara, wrote 12 complete songs. The result is their debut album Til Death, a tribute to Shaun Vilan, and Shaun’s son, Dillan.
The significance of the album is to develop an awareness about Shaun’s untimely death and to show how much Shaun was loved and how close the members of 3 8-0-8 were to him.
The band wants the memory of Shaun Vilan and his spirit to be apparent. It is their belief the album came together with a force far greater then themselves; for 3 8-0-8 there is no other explanation considering the very short timeline in which the album came to fruition.
“This is Shaun’s final gift to the people he loved the most; we are just glad to be part of it, and we would like everyone to join us in a celebration of his life through music,” said Zink.
Once the album was complete Dylan immediately begin building 3 8-0-8 for a live act and first called upon his long time best friend and fellow brother of Shaun’s, Kevin Kitley to play bass guitar. Both had always been musically inclined and jammed together there whole lives and Dylan knew that Kevin would be perfect for the job. Dylan played bass in thriving bands, No Dice , and was lead singer for the Wrecking Dead, while guitar was more of a hobby for Kevin. It made sense that the two would eventually end up in this band together.
The band now includes four full time members: Dylan Zink, vocals; Kevin Kitley, bass; Ajax, guitar; Erik Himel, guitar and, Jose Rendon, drums. All members hail from Los Angeles, CA.
Their sound is rock and roll/punk/ska, which they in part attribute to their wide variety of musical influences such as: The Clash, Rancid, Johnny Thunders, Guns N' Roses, Mike Ness, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, The Jam and David Bowie. The band holds down respect for “roots” music and tries to keep it to the rawest form of rock n roll. And, 3 8-0-8 songs “Devil’s Eyes,” “LA Story,” “Fed Hate,” and “Adalitas,” invoke such ska and blues elements, while “Static Radio” and “Hard City Blues,” have strong rock-n-roll, even Rockabilly, tendencies. “We just want to play music that makes people want to move,” explains front man, Dylan.
With one CD, produced by Time Again’s (Hellcat Records) Daniel Dart, of Riot Riot Studios, 3 8-0-8 are a Terror .45 label favorite, and have a dedicated page on; though, not officially signed by the label they are regulars in the Terror45Records Hollywood rehearsal studio.
3-8-0-8 will be sharing the stage this year with successful artists: The Starfuckers, The Gobshytes, Time Again, The Neighborhood Bullys, etc. And, since their first show, in May 2009, the band has booked and played shows through out Los Angeles. and up and down the Hollywood Sunset Strip., Orange County, Riverside County, Arizona, and Las Vegas. During the first four months select 3 8-0-8 songs were available on MySpace these songs received 10,000 plays.
When people ask what 3 8-0-8 means the band will explain it is the date Shaun Vilan passed, and that it was from out of that tragedy and injustice that their band was born.