Three Day Pass

Three Day Pass


Three Day Pass is a rock quartet from Hoover, AL. Brandon voices the band, at the same time playing off of Patrick like hot and cold, creating a screaming guitar onslaught. Scott fills the bottom end, and with Hunter sets up the backbone.



Imagine this. You're a normal guy, living a perfectly normal life. You fall in love, get married, get a job. Here's the problem: that job is with an underground crime ring. After a few 'assignments,' you realize this isn't the best option. You get out of it.

All the while, your home life continues normally. You have a child. You have a new, normal job at a local company.

But, it turns out once you're in an organization like that, you can't get out. You've already gotten the wrong people hating you. One day you come home and find your family dead, their scarlet tears dripping down the walls. You know who did it. Instead of keeping your past repressed, you now have to set it first, once and for all.

You get your revenge, but not long afterwards, you're arrested. You pay bail, and while waiting for your trial, you attempt chemical suicide. At the last minute, you call the paramedics. Soon, you wake up in a hospital.

You learn that your wife didn't die, but is now comatose due to her conditions. Your son however, had no chance. You now have brain damage. You're still alive, but nothing will ever be the same.

It just goes to show you: don't follow things blindly. Look before you leap.


"We Play Dodgeball" EP
1. Enchanted
2. Homecoming
3. When Eleven Comes
4. Interview
5. Call of the Raven
6. Footsoldier

Set List

Vows and White Lace
Song for the Sawdust
When Eleven Comes
Hiding Days
Call of the Raven

Our sets usually range from 20 to 35 minutes. We rotate most of our tracks through, averaging around 6 songs per show. We usually open with Enchanted and close with Homecoming. We don't play covers very often.