Three-Eyed R.A.M

Three-Eyed R.A.M

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Silent Knights is the Future, its not just rap, its not just music...its a movement of realness... and the future of the overall comformed perception of hiphop


Born in Milford DE, raised in bannekier heights. This philosophical street poet has been rapping for less than a year and producing for 2 years but has been shockin MC's habitually with his unique style of rapping. Rashad, R.A. Styles, and Shawn Fury are indeed the same person but are complete different egos of himself, creating a unique but also complicated legacy known as the "Three-eyed R.A.M". If it isn't the Metaphorical assault of Shawn Fury, or the poetry of R.A. Styles thats catches the your attention, you'll be amazed at Rashad's Controversal philosophies and realizations intervened with his every day life in the "Made Ghetto" projects. "I've Realized so much Deep Truths within the first 19 years of my life...sometimes I feel like an oldman, but at the same time im still learnin." By using his deep philosophies, the wisdom of his father, and elder street peers he plans to carry the legacy he calls "Three-Eyed RAM" into unforseen depts of hip-hop. "I know I'm good but still feel like I can improve alot, besides that it aint all about me anyways...Wait till The Regime Gets in..I'm Talkin Faceless, Jovan, Derrick the "Savage"...Silent Knights is Comin.."- Three-Eyed R.A.M


Ghetto Philosophies-2004, Knight Vision-2005, Unleash The Fury-2005

Set List

about 60 total tracks(20 or so unrealeased or unfinished) usually 3:30 per track.