Threefold Fate

Threefold Fate


Our "desert rock" sound focuses on a gritty brand of rock, with lyrics taking inspiriation from living in the desert. We bring the mystical elements from the Sonoran desert into our music and mix both classic and modern rock sounds together and serve them up shaken...


Rising out of the Scottsdale desert Threefold Fate is a power trio that delivers high energy rock, blues and genre bending instrumentals. Founded by guitarist / vocalist/ songwriter Jason Stage and Bassist / Vocalist John “Doc” Frasher, Threefold Fate has developed a portfolio of original songs that represent a sharp contrast to the vast majority of music heard today in the Valley of the Sun. Drawing inspiration from our unique landscape and the story it tells; the band has zeroed in on sound that they can truly claim as their own.

Through hard work and persistent dedication to their craft, Threefold Fate has been winning over fans as well as respect from critics and their peers in their live shows. 2009-10 is an exciting time with new recordings in development and high profile performance opportunities on tap. We love and thank each of you for your support and we can’t wait to meet you all as we pursue this soundtrack of our lives.

Do positive things and it will come back to you Threefold. Do negative things and suffer the consequences Threefold. Your fate is in your hands. Spread positive actions into the world ...

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Threefold fate EP
Live Album 2009 Release

Set List

We have over 30 original songs and deliver high energy shows focused in a hour to a hour to hour and a half perfromance.