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"Get to Know: Threefold Fate"

Threefold Fate Members:
John “Doc” Frasher : Bass/vocals
Jason Stage : Vocals/guitar
James Moore : Drums/vocals

Threefold Fate Influences:

The Doors, ZZ Top. “Our goal is to do something that has a classic sound with a modern twist,” Stage says. “We bring in some new elements, from Queens of the Stone Age to A Perfect Circle and put it all in a blender and serve it up shaken.”

Genre: Indie rock.

Better described as: The band's self-described "desert rock" sound focuses on a gritty brand of rock, with lyrics taking influence from living in the desert.

Behind the name: “The name is to try to bring something positive to the world,” Stage says. “The threefold law is the karmic law that if you do good things, it comes back to you threefold, and if you do bad things, it comes back to you threefold. It has a universal connection of human beings, and that's what I like to tap in on in songwriting.”

If you have two minutes to check out the band's MySpace page, listen to this: “Taste the Sun.” The live track, which has the quality of a studio recording, is relatable to Valley residents—it's about the spiritual and mystical parts of the Sonoran desert.

Currently working on: The band's gearing up to release an 11-song live album this summer, as well as a studio effort in the fall.

Music is…: “Music is passion,” Stage says. “Music is life. It's sex, it's birth and destruction. It's bringing something together and tearing it down. Sharing that experience, both as a storyteller and getting that energy back from the audience, there's no better feeling than having that connection together with music. It's powerful.”
- AZ Metromix

"Threefold Fate spreads local music love"

Threefold Fate spreads local music love
The desert rock band works on uniting the scene
Nicki Escudero
June 26, 2009

Threefold Fate (Credit: Courtesy the band) Get to know your local bands When naming their band, the members of Threefold Fate wanted to promote a positive message, that doing good will come back to you threefold.

That mentality translates not only to the band's songwriting, but also to its creation of the Arizona Original Music Group, a local music collective whose goal is to unify the original music scene in the Valley.

“Arizona is very fragmented,” singer-guitarist Jason Stage says. “Every scene has its own little thing going on, but none of it is collective.”

The group meets Monday nights at Crush Recording Studio in Scottsdale to discuss ways to promote local music, including booking charity shows with bands in the collective.

Meanwhile, Threefold Fate members continue to promote their self-titled EP, released in 2007, and they're working on releasing two new albums this year, including a live recording.

The band, which formed in 2006 and includes drummer-vocalist James Moore and bassist-vocalist John “Doc” Frasher, has a show this Saturday, June 27, at Soul Invictus in Phoenix. The concert will be filmed for an episode of local indie music show “AZ Independent,” airing at midnight Friday, July 3, on Channel 7 (KAZT).

Stage talked to us about the collective and his band's role in the local scene.

What influences your lyrics?
I write about tales of sin and redemption in this world, about the sex, love and violence that's going on in this world. I also take some things from the mystical part of the desert. When you go out into the desert, and you have 110 degrees beating down on you, what happens to your brain and where does your spirit go—that's the stuff that fascinates me and what connects all of us.

How would you describe your live show?
It's high-energy. It's a wash of sound over your whole senses. Being a three-piece, we can carry a very large amount of sound, soundscapes and textures with big guitar solos, big bass, bringing that pure power rock and roll feeling, where you feel the rock and roll music in your body. It's a good time. We try to do stuff that's rocky and heady for the prog rock people, but we have songs that are more bluesy bass and toe-tapping. Then we've got some more singer-songwriter stuff.

Why did you decide to form the Arizona Original Music Group?
It's a non-profit organization that promotes original music in Arizona and the Southwest. We are trying to find original music-friendly venues, original music-friendly supporters and sponsors and charity events. We're really just trying to bring back the community.

How do you hope to achieve that?
The main goal is to find like-minded people. It's to find talent in Arizona and give them a community and have places to do shows and give them some exposure. What we're trying to do is get away from the “American Idol”-ing of America and really put the art back in artists.

What do you hope people take away from your show this weekend?
We're going to try to bring some of our more high-energy stuff to our set. This one is going to be a full-on rock show…One universal thing is that we're all frequencies in our bodies, and our cells are all humming at a certain vibration. If we can make frequencies that make you happy or sad or angry or hopefully changed in some way, then that's what music's about.

- AZ Metromix


Threefold fate EP
Live Album 2009 Release



Rising out of the Scottsdale desert Threefold Fate is a power trio that delivers high energy rock, blues and genre bending instrumentals. Founded by guitarist / vocalist/ songwriter Jason Stage and Bassist / Vocalist John “Doc” Frasher, Threefold Fate has developed a portfolio of original songs that represent a sharp contrast to the vast majority of music heard today in the Valley of the Sun. Drawing inspiration from our unique landscape and the story it tells; the band has zeroed in on sound that they can truly claim as their own.

Through hard work and persistent dedication to their craft, Threefold Fate has been winning over fans as well as respect from critics and their peers in their live shows. 2009-10 is an exciting time with new recordings in development and high profile performance opportunities on tap. We love and thank each of you for your support and we can’t wait to meet you all as we pursue this soundtrack of our lives.

Do positive things and it will come back to you Threefold. Do negative things and suffer the consequences Threefold. Your fate is in your hands. Spread positive actions into the world ...

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