Three Lane Change

Three Lane Change


We're that band that plays those songs you can't get out of your head. Catchy is our music. You find yourself whistlin, humming or singing our songs right after you hear us!


“It is pointless to resist.” Darth Vader was definitely talking about Three Lane Change. The high-energy sound of the band began its journey towards world domination in of 2000 on the streets of Bethel, the Connecticut town that spawned Sonic Youths Thurston Moore, Fastbreak and yes, Meg Ryan. Four friends, Brian Budnar (bass/Vocals), Mark Estrada (guitar), Brenton Vaughn(drums/Vocals), and Tim Kilcourse (vocals/guitar), came together to express their love of music (and impress the ladies) by taking their cue from punk bands that had impacted their lives. Early influences such as The Ataris, Green Day, and Blink 182 meshed together to form the traditional pop punk sound oozing out of high schools everywhere. Their experiences have evolved their music into what it is today, with each member as unique as the music they bring into the band. Broadening their listening horizons to include current influences such as: Death Cab for Cutie, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, and Alkaline Trio has raised Three Lane Change to new levels. The music and lyrics are born out of real life experience and tragedy, creating very real and very emotional songs that connect with fans. The bands sound has greatly evolved compared to earlier attempts, utilizing harmonizing vocals, powerful guitar licks, and ungodly amounts of energy. With aggressive touring to expand their fan base in mind, the group has been playing at venues all over the tri-state area, including shows with bands such as From First to Last, Alexisonfire, and Spitalfield. After every show, people approach the band with compliments and new fans are made every night. Anyone who has seen the guys play has gone home with dreams of Three Lane Change dancing in their heads. It is time for the revolution, you lucky people. Three Lane Change is ready to take the next step out into the world. Bring out the banners, wave the flags, and cry havoc...


Used Ideas, Romance, Anchor Management, Song of Sirens, D.N.R.
Radio play - Useless, 3D Stallman

Set List

8-10 songs... depending if we do covers (jimmy eat world, green day, taking back sunday, blur, tommy james and the shondells, etc.)

Our sets are usually 45-60 minutes long.