Three Legged Men
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Three Legged Men

Band Comedy Adult Contemporary


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"A new way of talkin' sex."

I havnt laughed as hard in years as i did at my first THREE LEGGED MEN show last tuesday night. I am on the island covering nightly entertainment and writing about the "Must See" aspects of the island. I have never seen anything like these guys. The audience gives the band an idea, usually adult oriented material, and the band makes up a chorus together and they are off! Made to order music being made live, for you and audiences to come. Certain songs stick and make their way into future shows and some dont. Because most of the material is created live, the band is hearing it for the first time to, which is apparent by how hard they themselves laugh. They will talk about anything and everything, with no racist or sexist tone of their own. Its up to you the audience to make the show what you want. I sat down with the band after the show and asked them a few questions: How did you start doing this? Chad- "accidentally i guess, Adam and i used to live together in Cambridge,MA and work in the service industry, So, we see first hand what people are really like after they have a few alcoholic beverages. So, we thought we should talk about that. Every bar has either a DJ or a top 40 cover band pumping out the same crap you hear all day long on the radio. THREE LEGGED MEN shows cut through the safe netting we all live in and let you say anything you want. Just like us! Theres something very liberating about that!"

MVE-Where do you see yourselves a year from now and what do you hope to achieve?

Chad- We hope to be touring full time here in the states and elsewhere. We are currently looking for the perfect booking agent who would be comfortable sticking his/her neck out for us. We started playing twice a week in Boston and the word is spreading. We have given away somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 cds will just keep doing our thing. I hope to make people realize we arent perverted and sex craved musicians just talking dirty. We just dont want to give you an ordinary nightlife experience. Thats what you get 95% of the time. expect the unexpected when you come to a THREE LEGGED MEN show, we do!"

Do yourself a favor and hop online @ and check out showdates, songs, and some idea of what the Three Legged Men are about.
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Hit Single "18 Inches" -No Big Deal 2007



The Three Legged Men formed in Martha's Vineyard in the summer of 2006. Chad and Adam had been playing music for years on the island doing songs locals and tourists alike could drink and have a good time listening and singing along to. Chad doing acoustic classics and adam doing disco with his band the "Boogies". In 2006, Rocco Vitelle started playing percussion with Chad and eventually the "Boogies", so it was a no brainer that when Chad and Adam decided to try a gig with absolutly no preparation, other than a few social beverages to loosen up, he would be involved. The Band became thus named "Three Legged Men". The show is completely improv with the audience and the band. They come up with the chorus/idea and the band writes music and lyrics to it on the spot, with tasty song structure and powerful harmonies. Some songs stick and become part of the built in set list. Not one song has ever been written down on paper prior to improving on stage. A Three Legged Men show is easily the most unpredictable gig, night after night. That, is what the band loves so much about the gigs. Unpredictability, in the way the quiet librarian goes one shot too far and comes out with the most sexually stimulating idea for a song, losing her inhibitions and being herself. Just a version not as culturally acceptable. Its unpredictable in so many ways. The crowd is always different, the band and what kind of mood they might be in, the amount of alcohol consumed by both sides, attribute to the most tasteful verbal pornography put to song you have ever heard. We are not responsible for any and all babies made, break-ups or divorces before, during, or after our show. We just say what YOU are thinking. Shame on you....