three letter word

three letter word


three letter word is a dynamic 3-piece band from Australia, blending melodic hard rock and power-pop into meaningful, yet unpretentious works of art. Their live show is energetic, captivating and unforgettable.


three letter word is a dynamic independent 3-piece band from Melbourne. Lyrically covering real life topics like image, poverty, acceptance, love and equality, three letter word's music is passionate, confronting and honest, with a few twists of sarcasm thrown in.

They burst onto the original music scene in 2005 with the launch of their first self-titled EP at the Northcote Social Club. Since then they have been playing regular gigs in Melbourne (some favourite venues being The Espy, Hi-Fi Bar, and Ruby's Lounge) and country Victoria, and have also traveled interstate. The band has made several television appearances on SBS and Channel 31 through "NoiseTV", and has also had solid community radio exposure.

three letter word released their second EP, titled "Therapy", in 2006 with Peter "Reggie" Bowman (ex-Southern Sons) as recording engineer/co-producer. The title track, "Therapy", was chosen to be on the 2006 AIRplay Rock sampler/compilation CD, and the film clip for this song has been broadcast on the ABC TV music program, "Rage" as well as "NoiseTV" and "Asylum TV".

three letter word are:
Mel - vocals/guitar
Louise - bass/backing vocals
Duck - drums/backing vocals

All 3 grew up in country Victoria, and have a big love for good Aussie music. The band's influences are many and varied, including: The Living End, Powderfinger, Baby Animals, Midnight Oil, Alanis Morissette, U2, Pink, Linkin Park, Live, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Jeff Buckley and GreenDay.

three letter word's music is a dynamic and varied blend of "sometimes heavy, but always melodic" rock and power-pop.

Want to sponsor three letter word? The band will happily consider any sponsorship or endorsement deal that will help them to achieve their goal of "world domination", and you could be right there with them for the ride!

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Written By: Duck & Mel

Judge me and think what you want
I’m trying to do the best with what I’ve got
We don’t get to choose everything in life
But it’s even harder when you pull out your knife

Thanks for all you’ve said about me
Maybe you’re the one who needs therapy

And now I feel like I am not real
I’m coming undone and I’m falling apart
It’s so hard to see when your lies
cut so deep
I’m going under
And you’re pushing me down, down, down

So glad it all seems so simple to you
And you think you know just what I should
You don’t know what it’s like to walk in my shoes
You’re so full of opinions but you just don’t have a clue

Written by Duck & Mel
©opyright 2005


Written By: Mel

You’re feeling oh so pretty
Your hair hanging down all over your face
It really is a pity
You lost your head with one small taste

So tell me are you happy?
Or is it just part of the show?
The face in your broken mirror
Is someone you don’t even know

Where have the good things gone?
It all just seems wrong
And you can’t go on

Lost in an empty stare
You don’t seem to care
Are you still there?

You and your powdered pinky
And a rolled-up hundred dollar note
You think you’re oh so tricky
The bouncing cheques you gladly wrote

So tell me are you happy?
Or is it just part of the show
The face in your broken mirror
Is someone you don’t even know

Written by Mel
Copyright 2005


Written By: Duck

Despite the hunger
Who knows what we will find
A broken mirror
An empty bottle of wine

Maybe I will
Maybe I won’t
Simple complexity stuck in my throat
Facing an unhappy ending
Then there’s a rainbow

Atleast five things all at the same time
Text me when you’ve made up your mind
Cos I’m like nothing else you’ll ever find

Skinny latte mama
So arrogantly naive
Only when it’s good for you
But what are we to believe

Waiting for something better
Afraid of how you’ll be seen
Hey baby why don’t you come talk to me

Written by Duck
Copyright 2005


1. Therapy
2. R U Still There?
3. Haunted
4. Text Me

Self-titled EP (2005)
1. Stuff You
2. Breathe
3. Stay
4. Feel it
5. So Unreal
6. I Don't Want to

Set List

1. Stuff You
2. Overload
3. (So I can) C Ur Face Again
4. Feel it
5. When I'm Famous
6. Breathe
7. Supermodel
8. So Unreal
9. I Don't Want to
10. Haunted
11. The Sleep Song
12. Whispers in my Milo
13. Paint
14. Ignore It
15. Therapy
16. R U Still There?
17. Text Me

Over an hour of music with more on the way!