Three Miles From

Three Miles From


Yearning edgy rock... Fusing the raucous guitars of Muse with the seismic angular beats of The Prodigy, Three Miles From's preppy look belies their hard core live set and defies the theory that looks reflect sound.


Formed in 2004, London-based four-piece ‘Three Miles From’ recorded their debut EP ‘Deep Freeze’ with ‘Funeral For A Friend’ producer Joe Gibb. A week later their first live show led to them being chosen as Virgin Megastore’s Unsigned Band Of The Week with the EP added to the shelves and the in-store radio playlist.

Fusing the raucous guitar sounds of Muse and the seismic angular beats of The Prodigy, their preppy image belies their passionate hard-core live set, carefully destroying the theory that image reflects sound.

Following half a lap of the London unsigned circuit the band were featured on Claire Sturgess’ X-posure show on XFM. Revolutionary download site were so impressed they organised a session at the Strongrooms Studio with the resulting footage being broadcast across the BBC network worldwide. The BBC were to become big fans, with Radio One’s ‘One Music’ website promptly predicting greatness. The public agreed, voting 3MF into the site’s top 5 chart within days.

Despite fans and industry eagerly awaiting the band’s next move, any thoughts of returning to the studio were postponed. After live shows supporting the likes of ‘Pushca’ and ‘Tokyo Dragons’ and a feature in ‘Rip & Burn’, Three Miles From received an invitation from Leyline Promotions to play at the re-launch of ‘Kill All Hippies’ where they shared a stage with ‘The Crimea’ and ‘Infadels’.


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Set List

Varies - all original material - typical set 30 - 45 minutes.