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Ravenna, Ohio, United States

Ravenna, Ohio, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Score Magazine"

"TMO has a mainstream sound that is impossible to dislike." - Cristy

"Cleveland Scene"

"Pleasing the masses takes work, so you should give the hard workin', alt-rockin' band Three Miles Out due credit." - Rob Harvilla

"Record Courier"

"Seeing them live is an experience not to be missed as the band's energy flows through everyone in attendance." - Marley Kosinski


With heavy riffs and harmonized melodies, Three Miles Out’s “Knock Me Down” opens their 2001 release “That’s Life.” Throwing in a nice guitar solo, “Knock Me Down” has obvious radio appeal. Sounding like a mix of Marvelous 3 and Eve 6 with Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” inspired lyrics (“Today I woke up, only to find you gone/All my clothes were outside scatter on the lawn.”) on “Lies,” Three Miles Out sounds like a mix somewhere between pop punk and pop alt rock. The quirky and slightly retro sound of “Tragedy” features lyrics like “Life can be so strange, so subject to change/So don’t try to rearrange/Souls to be mended, positions defended.”

“So Gone,” the album’s first ballad, returns in an acoustic form as a hidden track at the album’s end. The acoustic version lets you appreciate the song more, hearing all of its parts better. Staying on the lighter edge, “Reaching Out” has a soft feel and a kind of catchy melody on the chorus as does “Clear My Mind.” “In The Light” a slightly harder feeling song, has a background melody that reminds of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Slide” while “Break Me,” with its bass riff opening and comparatively heavier riffs on the verses, seems in the same vein as “Knock Me Down.” The guitar-driven “Circle” embarks from pop punk and sounds decidedly like alt rock. Cliché but somewhat catchy, “Desperate” returns, however, to a very driving pop sound. “Why,” a Dave Grohl sounding sing along closes the album with a, relatively, lesser pop sound that suits the band.

Getting better with each listen, the entire album “That’s Life” doesn’t jump out at first listen. And while they’re simply providing their take on modern rock they have some clear cut singles like “Knock Me Down.” Three Miles Out is a tight band headed in the right direction with some minor issues that only time can fix

- Corinne


Northeast Ohio's power pop export Three Miles Out has a refreshing sound straying from the punk pop that you hear everywhere today. A pure unadulterated energy that thrives with the best around today. Edgy guitars and consistent vocals are the mainstay here. The flow is near flawless from one track to the next keeping every tune a nice fit and remaining fresh at the same

TMO have a wonderfully tight sounding CD on their hands incorporating a fresh and catchy vibe that at times is addicting. The CD is a fine example of what indie music should be. You want to find something that will fit into
the mainstream radio and not sound at all out of place. TMO could do that very
easily. If you really listen you can hear the mix and layers of music that keeps your adrenaline pumping.

Ken Voll and Mark Knapp both share some pure vocals and guitar work that keeps the edges sharp. The pulsating bass of Mick Corcoran and at times psychotic drumming of Jim Allison push the machine to it's limits and share
background vocals as well. A refreshing stylistic sound that captivates you, and
could draw you in.

All in all this is a power pop record that shouldn't be overlooked, rather embraced for the breezy musical thrill ride. TMO are a band on the forefront of being snatched up by a label, and that would do justice to a band that deserves it more than some of the so called bands today. TMO are a force that will have to be reckoned with. Some of the better tunes are "Knock Me Down", "That's Life" and the very catchy "Desperate".

( 5 Stars out of 6 )
- Rikk Matheson

"Norman Famous Reviews"

These guys had the best press kit I've seen in quite a while. Very slick and informative, it reeked of professionalism. Great first impression. It's really too bad that their music is so completely generic.

Big chunky guitars, loads of block harmonies, a thundering rhythm section - this is radio-friendly-rock-by-the-numbers. Throw in an anthemic ballad or two and viola! AOR!

This isn't bad - it's just that there's absolutely nothing here to make this band stand out from the thousands and thousands of other bands playing exactly the same kind of music exactly the same way...except maybe a real slick press kit. There's only so many fist-pumping guitar anthems you can listen to before you go numb.

- Norman Famous

"Bowling Green News"

From the first guitar chord, I was hooked. Hell yeah, I thought, these guys play rock. Then I heard the vocals and was sold. Three Miles Out is an all-around good band. With a mainstream, modern-rock sound, they have catchy melodies and, since each of the four members sing on the tracks, amazing harmonies. Their songs seem familiar, like I have heard them before on the radio. The album, full of melodic rock songs, harder rock songs and ballad rock, is kind of like what is already out there today. I would like to hear something a little bit grittier, but they do what they do, and they do it well.

While their sound is comparable to a combination of Fuel, Eve 6 and the Goo Goo Dolls, my favorite song on the album has a bit of a different influence. In my opinion, the third track, "Tragedy" has a Black Crowes' "Blackberry" thing going on. I'm not complaining about that one.

In addition to being good, they are from Kent, Ohio. Right on, Ohio locals. Another thing that rocks? These guys are into the local music scene, packing clubs and earning themselves a growing fan base. But why don't you be the judge of that? Check them out tonight at Bowling Green's own Howard's with Bancroft.

- Andrea Wilhelm


"TMO" interactive CD (1999)
"That's Life" (2001)
"Nobody" (2008)
Songs from each release have charted locally and nationally



Hard-rocking Cleveland-based band Three Miles Out remains regionally adored, as they have continued to work hard at honing their performance skills and growing their fan base. Though it has been over three years since the band’s last release, they have been crafting their sound and live show in ways that surely won’t disappoint the band’s fan base, and a new album is slated for release in mid-2006. TMO’s trademark guitar-driven modern rock sound is still there, but the hooks are bigger than ever and the band’s songwriting continues to mature into something special.

The past few years have presented TMO several opportunities to perform in front of large groups of potential fans, and they are the only unsigned Cleveland band to perform at every major venue in the city including Cleveland Browns Stadium, Blossom Music Center, Tower City Amphitheater and Quicken Loans Arena. TMO was repeatedly asked to return to such functions as Browns and Cavaliers pre-game festivities that were broadcast live on WUAB 19&43. They were also one of seven national finalists in the Budweiser Battle of the Bands in 2004, and have also performed at the Nashville New Music Conference, Eat’M Conference (where they were the featured artist at the MGM Grand), Midpoint Music Festival and Emergenza Music Festival.

With TMO, there are no gimmicks, no flash—just a tight rock band whose motto is “Fun with a capital ‘F’.” As a result, the band has seen its fan base grow from an average of five per show to five hundred in a few short years with a sound that is equal parts Fuel, 3 Doors Down, and Good Charlotte. Songs from both of TMO’s releases (TMO in 2000 and That’s Life in 2002) have consistently charted regionally on radio, and their song “If I Could Fly” even reached as high as #2 on one chart behind Metallica. TMO has opened for such national acts as 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Seether, Boston, Styx, Peter Frampton and Nelson.

But always remembering to give back to the community that supports them, this band has donated their time and talent for such charities as M.A.D.D., Great American Picnic, Breast Cancer, Suicide Prevention Awareness, Townhall II and The Center of Hope/Christian Cupboard.

Through it all, Three Miles Out is just a group of good guys who happen to write songs with soaring guitars, catchy melodies, sweet harmonies and hooks the size of Ohio. They continue to pound the pavement in the Midwest, and plans are in place to tour regionally in support of the new album.