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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Interpretations of Air
Every once in a while a handmade, paper-sleeved demo falls into my pile of high rotation CDs, begging the question 'Why has no one else heard of this?', followed more often than not by 'And how the hell did I end up with it?' As best I remember, Three Month Sunset's disc was passed through half- inebriated hands sometime during a barbeque and spent the next month hidden in a jacket pocket, re-emerging just recently to bring more joy than a forgotten $50 note.
Interpretations of Air is the six-track debut from Melbourne's Gabe Lewis, sporadic member of the ambient and experimental group a-mo (whose split CD with the like-minded Amplifier Machine is also worth a listen). Over four main compositions, Lewis moves through electro-organic journeys (Threads) and dreamlike eight-minute epics (Stom-ache), recalling the quieter tinkerings of Future Sound of London and the languid echoes of shoegazing. Ambient masterpieces might be easier to name-drop as inspirations, but this mood reminds me of something more obscure
- a continuation, perhaps, of Nine Inch Nails' A Warm
Place, Trent Reznor's rare and much loved excursion into the propulsion of sound for comfort, rather than violence, on his 1994 opus The Downward Spiral.
Those who've caught Lewis's solo guitar-soundscaping live will be even more surprised by the depth of arrangement on his debut release, provided that they can find a copy. Even if he's playing to a limited audience, I'd wager that this is one of the best sounds to float out of the ever-broadening Australian 'instrumental' genre all year.
- Andrew Ramadge


2004 - Unknown Demo
2005 - Interpretations of Air
Streaming on myspace, and on random sites containing articles and reviews.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Three Month Sunset - Biography

Locked away in his bedroom, Melbourne solo musician Gabe Lewis has spent many hours crafting his slow-burning and cathartic music – whittling away at ideas and transforming them into elegant and triumphant chaos.

Three Month Sunset is the product of this devotion, and the solo project is beginning to draw attention from across the world in recognition of its beauty and innovation. In July 2007, the music of Three Month Sunset was selected as one of six finalists in Sigur Rós' 2007 Artist-in-Residence competition. Chosen from across the world, this marked a significant step in Lewis' career, and recognised the potential in his quietly kept music.

The Artist-In-Residence competition was run to coincide with the launch of a new book - In a Frozen Sea - a year with Sigur Rós, and all six finalists will have their music showcased to the world on the Artist-In-Residence website in July, before judging be a panel of judges, including the members of Sigur Rós..

However, this is not the first time that Lewis' music has been recognised internationally for its beauty and innovation. His small-run first release Interpretations of Air has been sampled by Russian techno artists, ordered by underground music fans in the USA, UK, France, Italy and Germany, and featured on compilations within Australia and New Zealand. It is also rumoured to have caught the attention of the lads from BRMC when they were passed a copy last time they were in the country (although everyone was drunk at the time, and so no one remembers all the details).

A classically trained violinist, Lewis writes his music using only a single stereo guitar, and around 5 amplifiers (more when the mood takes him). The swooning, cascading sheets of guitar recall mid-period Windy Carl filtered through the most realised aspects of English shoegaze, with new wave a constant influence.

Locally, Three Month Sunset has appeared onstage alongside bands such as the Morning After Girls and Because of Ghosts, and is a regular guest for bands such as Aleks and the Ramps, Function Ensemble and Laura. He can be heard on RRR in Melbourne, FBi in Sydney and online.

I’d wager that this is one of the best sounds to float out of the ever-broadening Australian ‘instrumental’ genre all year.
Andrew Ramage, Beat, of Interpretations of Air

Wonderfully the title suggests ambient as heaven, a snapshot of the greatest trip of your life, be it real or imagined.
Cumbersome Records, of Interpretations Of Air

Three Month Sunset’s debut album Interpretations of Air is available through Missing Link records in Melbourne.

For further information and to arrange interviews please contact Gabe Lewis on 0431 858 897 or