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The best kept secret in music



Midtown rocks sold-out show on Busch
By Ursula Miller

For two cans or two bucks, students rocked out to three bands - including Rutgers' own Midtown - in the "Giving Back with Music Benefit Concert" at the Busch Campus Center Tuesday night. Fans' fists pumped and bands rocked as the sold-out show brought in donations and turned away latecomers.

Josh Muman, Jonathan Daniel and Doug Newmann were excited hear Midtown play new songs at the show.

"After tonight, it might all be different, but they are just high-energy rockers," Newmann said.

Bassist Gabe Saporta, dripping with sweat, twirled his bass around his neck as he leapt around the stage. Tyler Rann, on guitar, had his own unique, energetic strut. By the end of the show, guitarist and singer Heath Saraceno shook his soaking mop of hair.

But their vigor was not diminished. Saraceno bounced around while Saporta stood tiptoe over a mess of wires, and Rann strutted back and forth as they all took turns singing.

"Their song writing is just great. Each song just tops the last one and they're already at such a high level. It just keeps getting better," Newmann said. "You get some bands that just sing about love, and some that just sing about being pissed off. Some are storytellers - they integrate all different themes into their albums. They're not confined to one theme."

The show, sponsored by the Rutgers College Programming Council, sold out almost immediately. Students who could not get in because of the Multipurpose Room's 400-person fire code limit waited in a line by the velvet rope leading into the fireside lounge where t-shirts and CDs were sold.

"We've had to turn almost 200 people away," said Rutgers College junior Staci Hersh, RCPC's music chair.

"We wanted to do a second set for all for the people who didn't get in so that everybody could come, but there wasn't enough time to organize it," Saraceno said.

Saporta's mom said this was the band's best show ever. "The new stuff is quantum leaps better. I've listened to the band play in front of 11,000 people and I enjoyed this show better because of the intimacy. What could be better for introducing new songs?"

All three bands, Midtown, Temproary Grace and Three on a Match, who also played at the show, are from central Jersey. Midtown came into existence while its members were first-year students at Rutgers.

Three on a Match - which has only been a band for six months - enjoyed the energy as it played to its own fans at the show.

"There was some real sing-along action," guitarist Bryant Bell said. "I thought, 'either there's a whole lot of echo, or there is someone else singing with us.'"

Singer Greg Beagan explained the band's philosophy. "We pretty much sing about life experiences. Not sad, angry music, but something everyone can relate to," he said. "We sing about what we don't understand. ... It's pretty damn clear. There's nothing underlying."

Proceeds for the event were donated to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Some people who were turned away still donated.

"We have a lot of concerts that are pretty much always free. It's not about making money, it's about giving Rutgers diverse entertainment," Hersh said. "Every year the benefit show is the main focus, and every year it's a sold-out show."

"It's a great opportunity to get the University community involved. It's an event that they can enjoy and give back," she said. "What better way to get people to come out than to enjoy a show with music?"
- The Daily Targum - RUTGERS U.

"Show Review"

This band from Howell, New Jersey recently preformed at a benefit
concert, headlined by Midtown, at Rutger's University's Busch Student
Center. While they may not have many songs out right now I was genuinely
impressed with what I did hear. The sound was crisp and the lyrics were
heartfelt. The demo, entitled "Crooker's Demo" if opened on a computer,
is put out in the best of fashions; that is, it is thrown at the line of
waiting patrons, the kind of promotion bands with heart do. Bryant,
Jamie, Greg and Mike (that's Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and Drums
respectively) make up this group of 20 somethings that is really into
the music they make. They wow the crowd with a strong stage presence and
high energy. Even in front of a low-energy crowd, opening for a slightly
less 'heavy' band, they never lost their spirit.

The music is well rehearsed and never sounds choppy or like it will fall
apart. The songs are well thought out and the lyrics actually contain
depth. A personal favorite is the song 'Bi-polar'. All guys who have
ever been confused by a woman should check it out. The lead singer, has
a voice that is perfectly complimented the music. He rocks out on stage
and it is easy to see he is into what he does, a must in today's world
if you want to counter the vapid and pointless pop that is out there.

If you like Sevendust you'll love this. A fledgling band with a lot of
potential, expect and E.P. around the end of February or perhaps the
beginning of March if everything goes well. Until then try to check out
the guys on December 2nd at "Harry's Roadhouse" in Asbury Park, New
Jersey or on December 20th at Asbury Park's "The Saint". For more
information and some sounds from the band check out

- Ryan Taylor


Singles - "Better Off Alone"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hometown: Howell, NJ

Jersey has done it again. The home state of Bon Jovi, Zakk Wylde, 40 Below Summer and many more artists breaks away with the latest innovation in music, Three On A Match. Formed in the summer of 2003, founding members Bryant Bell, Mike Crooker and Jamie Luckner set out to develop a fresh new radio-friendly sound with an edge missing from many of today’s acts. All they needed was a powerful vocalist. Jamie suggested a co-worker, Greg Beagan, a personal friend and singer looking for a band with the potential for going places. Greg attended a studio rehearsal and the band immediately clicked with his vocal presence and pure rock energy. Just a few jam sessions proved Greg was undoubtedly the man for the job. Three On A Match knew the groundwork was set for a rock powerhouse. After three months of studio and garage rehearsal, the band had enough material to enter the studio and lay down tracks for a three-song sampler CD. In two weeks of studio time, the tracks, “Better off Alone”, “Stay Away”, and “Bi-Polar” were ready for release, with potential to ignite the local “buzz”. And, this is exactly what happened. “The band, straight out of Central Jersey, has amazing performance opportunities that many don’t. They can play classic venues like The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, yet still be an hours’ drive to an amazing performance for fans at popular bars and nightclubs in NYC and Philly,” said Allen Gottfried, Three On A Match’s manager. “When you need to fill requests for 500+ demo CDs after a performance… it’s a solid indication the audience is really into the music and band enough to take the sound home with them,” said Greg. Despite being together for just a few months, the band’s local and web presence ( are generating more buzz then ever expected... even without a release to commercial radio. Now convinced that Three On A Match has the full potential to give rock audiences what they want, the band is shooting a music video for the soon to be released single, “Better Off Alone”. Upon its completion, they will release both the CD single and the video to both commercial and non-commercial media outlets. Ready to give fans much more than just three songs, Three On a Match plans to release an enhanced 7 track Ep featuring “behind the scenes” of the music video, interviews and recording highlights. “Why not give the fans as much material as we can. After all, they deserve all of it, and more,” offered Bryan Bell. Official release dates for the Ep have not yet been set, but plans for late spring and summer tour dates are in the works for the East Coast. The band hopes to hit as many bars, clubs, colleges, frats and other gigs and festivals as possible. With catchy guitar riffs and choruses staying stuck in your head for days, the band brings real life situations and experiences to the eyes and ears of their fans. “It’s pretty amazing to hear an audience sing your song back by the second verse, considering they are seeing the band for the first time,” explains Bryant. Get ready for Three On A Match to take the music industry by storm by delivering to true rock fans the sound they have always been after. If you don’t have a copy of the demo… Get it! Website: