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The best kept secret in music


"Alaska Jahn of KUAC Alaska on ThreePeace!"

Living in Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun I instantly identified with the Empire of the Sun CD. I love the raw emotion of ThreePeace felt on the instrumental Threedom. The conscious lyrics and Reggae grooves on both One World / One God and Use What Jah Gives You (In A Good Way ) are classic. I look forward to playing the next ThreePeace CD on Alaska Public Radio. - Alaska Jahn of KUAC in Fairbanks, Alaska

" Reviews Empire of the Sun!"

We just don't get enough reggae/ska albums to review at Hussieskunk! ThreePeace, hailing from Michigan, plays a mix of classic rock meets reggae, with a touch of ska/dance thrown in for good measure. Perhaps the most enlightening piece of the disc is the guitar work... The bad part is not knowing which member is playing the guitar, so that I can give them the appropriate credit! It appears that all three members help out on all instruments! According to the bio included with the band they are a deeply religious, or maybe it's that they respect their place under what they see as a higher power in control or making things work, either way, it doesn't come across directly in their music. To me, that's a relief (save one song). I dig the smooth jams laid down by the band, and I would be deathly afraid if they began either campaigning for the Lord or trying to make others feel empowered through religious chanting or some such. All that aside, ThreePeace have put together an impeccable eight track album here, and throughout you get the reggae dosage that you may have been missing. You know the reggae without the overbearing ska/dancehall influenced bass heavy riffs, like...well, like anything dancehall/club sound... I like this album with it's cool and calm demeanor, it's hip, smooth, groovy and relaxing. Certainly a big change from all of the punk rock flavors I've been reviewing lately. Good stuff here and more to come, as the band is due to release it's next album anytime now. -MG -

"ThreePeace For The Love of The Rastaman Album Review"

With a list of influences that include Bob Marley, The Police, Sting, Andy Summers, Jimmie Cliff, Stewart Copeland, The English Beat, Shaggy, Peter Tosh and Ziggy Marley as well as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Green Day, U2, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Mellencamp, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Grand Funk Railroad, Les Claypool and Rush you just know these guys are going to deliver the goods. Well, they do deliver the goods. This is a great reggae album that deserves a spot in your collection. Highly recommended.
- EarCandyMag.Com

"ThreePeace For The Love of The Rastaman on KUAC, Alaska"

Another solid Cd from ThreePeace of Michigan. I love the Bob Marley and Police influences with a ThreePeace twist. Prince William Sound is a song that goes straight to the heart of Alaskans as we continue to feel the lingering effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. I enjoy playing this Cd on my Round Midnight Riddims Show heard on Alaska Public Radio - Alaksa Jahn of KUAC FM in Alaska

"ThreePeace Awesome at Billy's Roadhouse"

This past weekend me and a few girlfriends went out to Billy's Roadhouse on Saturday for customer appreciation day. We saw a fantastic band called Threepeace out on the tiki bar playing reggae and rock. It was one of the best times we ever had going out in the Flint area so I wanted to share it. If you have a chance to check out Threepeace they rock. You hear so much negative about Flint, I just wanted to post something positive.......That was great music in a great atmosphere. We will be back.
- Yahoo.Com User Reviews


2006 Empire Of The Sun
2007 For The Love Of The Rastaman
2008 Bush Wacked (Currently In Production)


Feeling a bit camera shy


This in itself could be viewed as one of those miraculous stories, so before we proceed, ThreePeace requests a nod to our Creator, for the Blessings he has bestowed upon us all. ThreePeace hails from the great State of Michigan in the USA. Between Big R and Leftee there had been plenty of pain to go around in 2003-2004. Big R had a crippling back injury which basically took any hopes and aspirations of a musical future away. His future seemed bleak from his perspective, and that is just living from day to day. Likewise, Leftee and his two year old Son were victims of a head on traffic accident. The combined force of the impact was over 100mph. The accident left Leftee with a host of crippling injuries himself, but to have His life and his new Sons life spared, only left him feeling more alive after the recovery period. Big R had surgery to repair his damaged vertebrae and had dreams of a bright future once again. While Big R and Leftee were both in their hobbled states, Big R visited Leftee and they began to reminisce about the past. In the late 80's and early 90's the two were in a band called "The Rasta's", in which Leftee and Big R both began their musical journeys together. While they were in no condition at the time to be playing, they planned to get together again and jam, if for no other reason then to stop the pain for a little while. Big R always likes to quote Bob Marley, "One good thing about Music, when it hits you feel no pain."

Once the two rejoined for the first practice, the magic seemed to immediately return. In fact, the jamming went so well, that after a few practices they planned a trip to Empire, Michigan to record at a house overlooking Lake Michigan. They both were in need of this vacation, if for no other reason then to relax, Thank God for giving them a second chance, and to see if they could find some divine inspiration from the Creator. There were no real expectations, but Leftee would be doing some recording anyway just for good measure. Martin Sheehan (Drummer of Gene Pool) was brought in as session drummer for the project. They arrived on a Wednesday and were headed back home on a Sunday. Within the next four days the band was determined to come up with something creative, but also not to interfere with flow or atmosphere. Leftee claims to have learned this by listening to years of producing by Daniel Lanois. Over the course of the weekend the trio came up with 5 original songs that included "Empire of the Sun", "Woman is the Root of all Evil", "Emergency 9/11", "Assholes" & "Somers Time Reggae". The project was mastered on the portable recording system on Saturday evening so all involved could have a copy of the results immediately. This also forces the hand to create a good mix and just have faith it will work out. After the mix down was complete, the band and their trusty Roadie / Chef listened back to the results and were mesmerized by the results. The house where this recording was done had 15 foot vaulted ceilings with natural hardwood floors which added to albums ambiance.

3 months later the band returned once again to Empire, Michigan to complete what they now believed was going to be an album project. Raul had entered the band at this point and was bringing a new original song to the band. They were hoping to get 3 or four more songs finished for the album. So as the captain of the "Sleepy Bear Recording Studio", Leftee planned out the way the project would unfold from a technical standpoint, and the others prepared to be as creative as possible. Over the course of this weekend the Band finished the tracks for the album "Empire of the Sun". The songs that they recorded on this trip were "Use What Jah Gives You", "Threedom", "One World / One God". Much like the first time around the band was pleased with the result, and believed they had completed what to them seemed to be a miracle. With Big R and Leftee just glad to be alive, the band created a project that they feel was delivered by the Creator, with no impedance or resistance. There was no attempt to over-do or kill the creativity just for the purpose of being perfect, understanding perfection is unattainable. The band wanted to accept the gifts as they arrive and believed they are the divine inspiration, so why interfere with the process. Over the next six months, Big R and Leftee continued to recover from their injuries and played a few live gigs in 2005. Currently the band has just completed the recording and mastering of their first studio CD "For The Love of the Rastaman", a CD which is dedicated to their musical Heroes Bob Marley & The Police. They are preparing for a live DVD which will be assembled in 2007. The DVD will feature Live music as well as up to 4 music videos from the past two ThreePeace albums. The band has mentioned that some new material will also be featured on the new DVD. The band will enter the Studio in late March to begin work on the new project. ThreePeac