Three Pigs Trip

Three Pigs Trip

 Olbia, Sardinia, ITA

Il risultato dell'unione dei nostri stili musicali e delle nostre esperienze passate è uno Stoner Alternativo, un pò insolito, con contaminazioni Metal, Hard Rock, Psichedeliche e Progressive e con qualche tratto Grunge e Punk.


La band nasce ufficialmente nel 2009, ma ufficiosamente nel Dicembre 2007, durante un incontro casuale di due vecchi amici e compagni di band, Marco e Iena. L’idea era quella di mettere su una band rigorosamente Stoner, vista la loro profonda passione per il genere e constatata la sua quasi totale, se non assoluta, assenza nella scena musicale locale. Poco tempo dopo, Luca fu il primo ad aderire al progetto. Ad Aprile 2008 i "Master Dick" erano ufficialmente nati. In seguito diventammo TpT. Dopo un anno di attività strumentale, in un breve lasso di tempo si aggiungono altri tre componenti. Carlo fu il primo, dopo di che si aggiunsero rispettivamente Fulvio e Maurizio Da Aprile 2009 I Three Pigs Trip si stabilizzano nella formazione attuale.


Came To Disappear

Written By: M. Pisciottu

You’ve said the air was burning
Get back to what I know
Looks like it’s fallin’ down, fallin’ down

The sky will open up again
I’m crawling out of my skin
I’m what you’ve found
Nothing could bring me closer

Hey!!! Let me in
I’ve looked for you everywhere
Hey!! Let me in..!
I’m crawling out of my skin
I came to disappear..! (CHORUS)

There is not anything over this cold floor
The roof opens
I have a flower in the hands, goodbye!!


I came to disappear… let me in…

Looks like it is fallin’ down, fallin’ down
Watch you fallin’ down
Hey!! Let me in…!

A Merciful Bullet

Written By: M. Pisciottu

Yeah! Can’t you ear the shotgun?
Cause your faiths are dead!
Yeah! Can’t you ear the shotgun?
Click, click, tell me when you’re dead!!

Something escapes me
I have put the gun on the table
This pathetic test can save me, click click, Russian roulette empty bullets
Are you talking with my gun? Like De Niro in a taxi drive…
These prayers cannot take care of me, kill me please… please, kill me, kill me please..!

Red tragedy, (I’m red tragedy!)
No God over me
Get the end in the liberty..!
Find me among the worms, I’ve taken another form
Where do I learn to reborn in a tragedy ? (CHORUS)

Something escapes me
Have a glock 20 in my mouth
There’s this merciful bullet can save me
Bless me please, please bless… B-b-b-bless me please!
There’s something push me
How could that I have self control?
The situation smells like this gun
Click one, one-two, see ya, son!!!


Something escapes me, someone whose not afraid to say: “See ya, son!”, something strangles me in the sleep… B-b-bless me please, please… bless me, bless me please..!


Panic Insect

Written By: M. Pisciottu

Didn’t you believe that I have finally turned away?
You knew that I’ve got poison in my D.N.A.
They told me never forget, whatever forget before I knowing it
I tried, I tried to die slowly

My body is empty
My body is empty

Didn’t you believe that I ever really was dead in a flash?
I’ve tried to lift your heart on the trash!
They told me never forget, whatever forget before I knowing it
I tried, I tried to die slowly

My body is empty
My body is empty

Cold, fear, lights, empty core, lights, don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic!!
They told me never forget… whatever I forget…
This is not reality… For me, this is not reality

They told me never forget, whatever forget before I knowing it
I tried, I tried to die slowly
Fuck!!! Don’ panic.. Don’t… Don’t panic, yeah! Don’t panic.. Don’t panic..!
My body is empty!!

Summer Storm

Written By: M. Pisciottu

His face is growing sharp and thin, hey,
I wanna see him die across the waste
Don’t wanna tell you lies
Don’t wanna tell you lies

They have sewn my smile (Drawin’ me the tears)
And tried to erase me
I didn’t wanna die
I didn’t wanna die

I’m like summer storm
It’s a premature suicide
They’ve sewn my smile
They’ve sewn my smile
My drama has not been written yet !!
It’s me inside your head !! (CHORUS)

We’ll die young with the grey face, waitin’ for the judgment day,
Get me going so high ! Smoke weed and drive
They wanna sing through a life (why can’t we ?)
These tears don’t belong me
Cannot rain tonight
I don’t wanna die


Raining shit outside
Rains on what was mine
Wake me when the storm means end !!!!

Me inside your head!!


Merciful Bullets EP - 2010 (Hot Steel Records)

Set List

Il nostro live dura solitamente un'ora, un'ora e venti.

Set List:

1) A Merciful Bullet
2) Summer Storm
3) Came To Disappear
4) Psychotropic
5) All Be There
6) Panic Insect
7) A Song For The Dead (QOTSA Cover)
8) Rotten Kebab