Three Shoes Posse
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Three Shoes Posse

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"DJ Lioness of KRCL 90.9 FM"

DJ Lioness of KRCL 90.9 FM Radio Free Utah
February 28, 2007

Greetings, blessings, and thanks.
Give thanks for your generous gift of the cd Three Shoes Posse.
This is perhaps one of the strongest lyrical packages to date from the
reggae world living in Babylon. Particularly, 10 Second Freefall. Big up
the way you speak out plain and simple about these 'hidden truths'.

- Radio Free Utah

"Professor Kevin Barrett of"

"10 Second Freefall has become the "Anthem" of the 9/11 Truth Movement"

- from Dr. Barrett's March 23, 2007 interview of the band on his talk show, "The Dynamic Duo" - Dr. Kevin Barrett & Dr. James Fetzer

"Michael Wolsey of Visibility 9/11"

Drawing on many influences including a heavy emphasis on Reggae, Three Shoes Posse have brought their own special blend of activism together with genuine musical talents to bring the world their self titled CD release which includes the smash truth hit, 10 Second Freefall.

- From his March 17, 2007 interview of the band on his talk show, Visibility 9/11 - Michael Wolsey

"Austin Citizens for 9/11 Truth"

Austin Music / Bands:
Three Shoes Posse, a great reggae band with politically aware, 9/11 Truth songs. Local shows attract many activists. Their song, "10 Second Freefall" is pure musical genius meets 9/11 Truth!

- from their website, - Stacy Clair and Ric Swanson

"DJRJ on Reggae Evolution, KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, Texas"

Tuesday November 7, 2006

This tune is called "Stronghold" by the Three Shoes Posse. Man, I'm really feelin' this one! - DJRJ

"Phat Tracks and Beats: Politically Charged Rap"

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Phat Tracks and Beats:
Politically Charged Rap

There are a bunch of great political (mostly 9/11 related) rap tracks available for listening or (free) download at 911podcasts.

Also, you gotta check out this song…tight lyrics, a playful reggae dub beat, and tons of energy. "10 Second Free Fall" (so named, of course, because the WTC buildings fell at virtually free-fall speeds, implying, at least to 9/11 revisionists, that controlled demolition alone can account for the buildings’ collapse) by the Three Shoes Posse.
- The GF Boys on Life and Liberty

"Add Some Freedom to Your Breakfast"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Add Some Freedom to Your Breakfast - 10 Second Freefall

I'm not much of a fan of hiphop or reggae, but I heard a tune on Jack Blood's radio show yesterday that was just rockin. It's got a great beat, and also has some Alex Jones and Dr. Stephen Jones mixed in talking about the thermite and controlled demolition of the WTC towers.

Awesome song and lots of truth added in for good measure. Here's the link to the 3shoesposse, the great reggae patriots who coined the tune. Great work, guys! Check 'em out. - Captain Freedom

"Recommended Music and Literature"

Monday October 16, 2006

Three Shoes Posse: An excellent band and website with downloads of songs like 'Ten Second Freefall' - check it out!

http://www.ThreeShoes - Cremation of Care


"10 Second Freefall" (June 2006, single)
Three Shoes Posse (Dec 2006, 12 tracks)

"10 Second Freefall" and "Terrorich" are streamed on "10 Second Freefall" is played on numerous alternative radio stations around the US like Dr. Future's "Future Quake" show on Radio Free Nashville 98.9 FM WRFN and Al Alooya's show on

"Three Shoes To Wear" is played on 99.2 Radio Mega in Valence, France, on Prince Thierry's Reggae Show.

Tracks with regular radio airplay on 100.1FM Radio Free Austin and 88.7 KAZI in Austin, Tx:
10 Second Freefall
Vote Rescue
Thief We Money
Gun No Kill
Red Money
Soca Inna Fiesta
Three Shoes To Wear



Three Shoes Posse’s leading track Terrorich was #1 on the Reggae charts and #1 on the World charts of the week of Feb 4-10, 2007. Terrorich was also the #3 song out of all the genres on Soundclick on Feb 9 2007.

"The A-Team of Activist Music", Three Shoes Posse was formed early in 2005 as a songwriting partnership and harmony trio (reggae, dance hall, hip hop, soca, dub) between Patterson "B.A. Baracas" Martin - aka "Raggadon" (from the Caribbean island of Nevis), Jerry "Face" Stevens, and Deborah "Murdock" Stevens (from Austin, TX).

Jerry Stevens is founder, lead singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer of five successful Root 1 albums after years of performing with other internationally known bands Pressure and the Killer Bees. Jerry is also the winner of two Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriting contests. Deborah and Patterson are also both multi-instrumentalists and lead vocalists and have participated in the live and studio projects of Root 1 and One Destiny. All members of the Three Shoes Posse contribute to all aspects of the songwriting and production - lyrics, music and rhythm tracks, arrangement, and dub.

We were named Justice Through Music's "Artist of the Month" for November 2006 (
Our mission is to stand up for the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and to educate folks through our music about the gospel, 911 Truth, voting machine fraud and, the scam of the Federal Reserve and an alternative known as the Liberty Dollar ( We hope to do our part to support our troops by helping to bring them home now ( By educating folks about the real reasons we went to war, we can help stop it. We also support the brave first responders to the 911 tragedy who are now suffering severe health problems and terminal illnesses due to the lies of the EPA ( We hope to avenge these brave heroes by exposing the truth of what really happened on 911. Check our website for some crucial links and to hear more of our songs.

You can hear some of our singles on Radio Free Austin, 100.1 FM, which carries the RBN and GCN networks, and DJRJ's "Reggae Evolution" show on 88.7 KAZI in Austin. Our cd is available at Brave New Books and Waterloo Records in Austin, and also online on our website ( and our myspace page (

Some of musical influences are Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Aswad, Inner Circle, Jacob Miller, Yellowman, Sly & Robbie, Gregory Isaacs, Garnet Silk, Luciano, Steel Pulse, UB40, Roots Radics, King Tubby, Scientist, Mad Professor, Michael Prophet, Johnny Osbourne, Barrington Levy, Wailing Souls, Augustus Pablo, Finley Quay, Dennis Brown, Cocoa Tea, King Short Shirt, Sublime, No Doubt, Public Enemy, KRS1, NWA, 2 Pack, and Biggie Smalls.