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"360 Smile from St. Louis, Missouri wins EDGEdOUT2"

The Battle of the Bands took place on Saturday night at the Elk’s Lodge in Storm Lake in front of a crowd of approximately 325 persons. 360 Smile won $300, a spot at EDGEfest next spring, and supremacy in Northwest Iowa alternative rock ‘n’ roll. EDGEdOUT was sponsored by KBVU-FM 97.5 THE EDGE.

“The bands that we had at this year’s EDGEdOUT2 were amazing!” said Rob Lembke, KBVU’s station manager. “A lot of them brought their A game because they knew the competition was going to be a tough one. I've never heard Hold For Swank play their song "Does She Realize" as well as they did.” Lembke enjoyed getting to know the bands on a personal level. “I believe I was up till 7 in the morning talking to the band 360 smile about their band, their new music they are releasing, along with plans on how KBVU and 360 smile can help promote EDGEfest '07.”

Mandy Thompson, KBVU’s program director, said Sunday “There were quite a few followers for some of the bands from neighboring towns, which gave them a boost on the crowd ratings.” Thompson added, “Even though 360 Smile came the farthest, from St. Louis, they still rocked the crowd with their amazing performance.”

Bands came from Nebraska, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Ames, Carlisle, Cedar Falls and the Spencer area with hopes of winning an invitation to EDGEfest, KBVU’s Spring Music & Arts Benefit in Sunset Park. At the check-passing ceremony Saturday night, 360 Smile said they would be back for EDGEfest in May. The station will put out a call for band demos after the first of the year, as it begins planning in January for EDGEfest ’07.

KBVU-FM 97.5 is a non-profit radio station. Its primary missions are to support alternative rock music throughout the Midwest, to support the entertainment community of Northwest Iowa with arts and music events, and to annually contribute to local benefits. "EDGEdOUT netted $1200 at the gate with 240 paying customers,” said Bruce Ellingson, KBVU station advisor. “With 30-plus staff and 30-plus band members, we had a total attendance of about 325. EDGEdOUT was an unmitigated success in every way. The KBVU executive team should be proud of their great work to stage a battle of the bands and to raise money for EDGEfest, which is planned for May 19th,” said Ellingson. All benefits from EDGEfest ’07 will then go to charities in the local community.

As for station manager Rob Lembke, EDGEdOUT has made him even more excited for EDGEfest this spring. “After talking to 360 Smile til 7 in the morning, we might have found a source with connections to a big name national band who might want to play in May. Their band has a Budweiser sponsor and they are looking into seeing if Bud would like to help fund this year’s event so we might be able to book our national act.”

EDGEdOUT2 sponsors were Rasmussen’s Ford-Mercury, Silk Screen Ink, Al’s Liquors, Puff’s, Honey Kissed Pizza, Buena Vista University Admissions and Buena Vista University Student Activities Board.

KBVU Program Director Mandy Thompson thought Saturday night’s second-annual EDGEdOUT was a complete success. “One of my favorite parts of the night was when In Letters, a group who graduated from the U of I, was on stage and mentioned how much better KBVU is compared to their college radio station, even though we are ten times smaller,” said Thompson. “Being able to put together big events like this at a smaller university really shows how dedicated our staff is.”

Lembke shares Thompson’s feelings on both the venue and the success of the show. “This year’s venue was amazing. We had a larger stage this year that gave the venue a feel of a real venue that regularly plays live music. Everyone working the event helped make the show special. From the ticket and merchandize people to the judges and emcees, I felt that this year’s show was well developed and managed . . . BRING ON EDGEfest!” said Lembke.
- Storm Lake Pilot Tribune – 11/24/06

"Jacqui Poor - Charter Communications"

Thank you to you all as well. The band were great to interview and even better to shoot, and I
appreciate you being flexible with the lighting. I'm sure you'll be
happy with the results and this will be one of our most successful shoots.

Thanks again Justin. 360 Smile is certainly lucky to have a diligent
and efficient manager as you. You Rock!!! Literally! - Charter

"Bob Bradley / ABC NEWS"

I enjoyed meeting you guys the band " threesixtysmile" the other day for the ( ABC ) newscast interview . I had a chance to listen to your CD tonight, and I wanted to write you an extended review. All in all, you guys have a big time sound, and there's definitely potential for you to get to the high life. Hopefully, with about 20 years of Radio and TV under my belt, I'll be able to provide you with some useful comments. There's plenty on that CD that I really liked, but I do have a few suggestions that I personally think could take you further. I realize that I'm not as young as I used to be, but that has no bearing on my overall musical tastes. I can listen to a group and hear things that'll go, and other things that can improve. By the way...I have very close ties with a couple of members of a former band that you may be familiar with, "Tora Tora", and a band that carried a lot of popularity back in the late 70's and 80's "Southern Creed". But I will tell you that my wife and I liked the acoustic "Something's Wrong". The first 2 cuts "Lost Path" and "It's Not Right" would probably be next in line. I do think you guys are much more appealing when you back off on so much of the hard heavy sound. I've always felt that most (not all) heavy groups are covering up their lack of big time talent, providing a slightly more subtle combination of hard rock with medium strength ballads. I've heard you guys with and without the heavy amplification, and you know how to play music, and your vocals are very good. Most heavy groups can't play and sing like you guys can, so keep yourselves separate from sounding like they do ! More to come..... - Bob Bradley / ABC NEWS

"Top Choice Chicago / Teri Minard"

ow is the time to check these guys out while the ticket prices are so low. Threesixtysmile came into town a couple weeks ago with this big buzz. The way I found out about threesixtysmile was by a group of kids standing out in front of the local record store handing out CD's and flyer's. When I talked to the kids about the band they were so excited about these guys from St. Louis Mo, I had to check them out .As I pulled up to the show there was a line around the club so I was already impressed with there fan base. Now the time came for them to come on and " WOW" was I impressed with the whole show. The energy never stopped for anyone. - Top Choice Chicago

"John Kujawski"

A 360 may be a fun trick to do on a skateboard, but this local band clearly has a few tricks it can truly call its own. I saw this band perform at Mississippi Nights last month, and I had a smile on my face when I heard they were from St. Louis, because this power-pop four-piece is far better than so many bands in the genre who are on major record labels. Threesixtysmile has a set of songs which go from one catchy tune to another, inspiring young audience members to sing along with the words and take part in a mosh pit which moves to the driving sounds of the group. Singer/guitarist Josh, who just goes by his first name, takes center stage with such ease, it’s as if he had just walked into his own house. While his stage presence is undeniable, the band’s energy and impressive guitar riffs make it impossible not to enjoy the show. On a side note, the group used to play under the name Mindrive but recently changed it when they had a slight member change. - John Kujawski

"Samantha Russel"

The Band makes a stunning reality check for the Rock-N-Roll scene out of St. Louis Mo, Anthems starting out with " Do You Feel Unwanted " which really displays the vocal range of Josh, and highlights the overall musicianship of the band. One of there current singles "It's Not Right " has literally made me realize we all have been there before. These guys have what it takes so don't miss them. - Samantha Russel

"ThreeSixtySmile, now you know."

This band " threesixtysmile" does not suck !!! There is enough one hit wonders on your radio. Now that we all agree when a kick ass band comes out everybody should have the privilege to hear about them...These guys are what we all been waiting for .The have "Stardom" all over them. The question I keep asking myself is" Why haven't they been signed to a Major Record Label yet??? Threesixtysmile is a emotional angry-kick your ass kind of band. There sound is what we all been waiting for. I suggest checking these guys out the next time there in your town, check out there tour dates and get ready for the next baddest Rock-n-Roll band to hit your city. - Anthony Stockton / Soundstand Fanzine

"Weekend Ahead"

Also on the bill is another heavy pop band I had the great pleasure to hear in St. Louis earlier this year. 360Smile is a great group of guys both on stage and off. The have a wonderful ability to connect almost instantly with their audiences. I'm pretty picky and I really liked them a lot. The band is a Budweiser True Music Band for 2005. Not a bad accomplishment considering all the great national acts that are sponsored by Bud. Some of the reviews coming in from other cities are gushing with great comments about these guys.

Patrick Fineran - The Racine Journal Times (Racine, WI) - 11/10/05
- The Racine Journal Times (Racine, WI)


Mind.Driven (2003)
Produced by: Kevin Gerdes (Big Blue Monkey/Story of the Year, Calico System)

Sex Is a Weapon (2004)
Produced by:Allen Hessler (Big Blue Monkey/Story of the Year, The Used, Unchained)

Change Your World EP (Oct. 2006)
Engineered by: Jimmi Gunn (Steve Ewing/The Urge, Skrimshaker, A Bit Shifty, Lojic), Paul Altnether and Jake Tucker
Produced by: Jon Armstrong (Colony/ MCA Recording)
Mastering: Brad Sarno (Blue Jade Audio Mastering)

Addiction - In The Loop Records (Coming 2008)
Produced by: Kris Kohls (Adema, Brides of Destruction, Videodrone)
Engineered by: Nick Forcillo
Mastering: Tom Baker (Buckcherry, NIN, Papa Roach, Marlyn Manson, Rob Zombie)
Recorded at: Pig Studios - Bakersfield, CA



**Sound **
Threesixtysmile is a power pop-rock foursome hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Originally founded in 2004, Threesixtysmile is about everyday life mishaps, breakups and breakthroughs. Driven by melodic guitar riffs, power driven percussion, and refreshing thought provoking lyrics. Their relentless drive and powerful live show have pushed the band to gain an ever-growing fan base.

In 2005, ThreeSixtySmile received sponsorship from Budweiser to be part of the True Music Live program and become a fully sponsored True Music Band. This was a major step for the band and the relationship between the band and Bud True Music has been expanding ever since all over the Midwest. Spector basses also picked up the band as a sponsor in late 2005 as well. Vital Clothing came on with full sponsorship in 2007.

*National Acts supported / Venues of significance*
ThreeSixtySmile has had the honor in opening up for some top notch national acts over the past 4 years highlighted by directly supporting artists such as Seether, Hurt, Blue October, Cold, Static X, Buckcherry, Smile Empty Soul, Socialburn, Shortie, Flyleaf, Blood Simple, American Head Charge, Billy Talent, Adema, Candlebox/ Kevin Martin & the HiWatts. 360 was also crowned winner of the 2006 Battle for Pointfest in Summer 2006 which earned them the right to open 105.7 The Point’s Pointfest 18 along side such great acts such as Shinedown, Coheed and Cambria, Avenged Sevenfold, Trapt, Hurt and many others at UMB Bank Pavilion. 360 also played Pointfest 20 in 2007 with The Killers, Papa Roach, Wolfmother and countless others at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater. Because of their rapid expansion, 360 has headlined or played every major venue in St. Louis and the surrounding regional area with very notable shows at UMB Bank Pavilion, St. Charles Family Arena, The Pageant, Pop's, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Grand Emporium, Mississippi Nights, The Blue Note, The Beaumont Club and All Stars among countless others. 360Smile had a CD Release party for their Change Your World EP at Pop’s (Sauget, IL) with 1000+ in attendance . The band has been touring regionally for the past 4+ years spanning a 2000+ mi. radius with 20k total mileage in 2008. Their relentless drive and powerful live show have pushed the band to gain an ever-growing fan base of rabid 360 fans.

**Radio Play**
The band has been featured and are receiving both commercial and specialty spins on many regional stations including:
105.7 KPNT The Point (St. Louis)
94.7 KSHE (St. Louis)
100.1 KBBM The Buzz (Columbia, MO)
92.9 KKID (Rolla,MO)
97.5 The Edge (Storm Lake, IA)
92.7 KANR The Fly (Wichita, KS)
99.9 The Fox (Columbus, MS)
WDLJ (Carlyle, IL)
93.7 KLBJ (Austin, TX)
102.1 KRRO (Springfield, MO)
104.9 WXRX (Springfield, IL)
103.7 KRRO (Sioux Falls, SD)

Riverfront Radio

**Media Exposure**
360 has had the distinction of being featured on numerous media outlets all over the Midwest such as with ABC Broadcasting, KMOV Broadcasting, MidCoast Mania TV, SCTV, KPLR Broadcasting and more. 360Smile has been featured on tenlevision Charter Communications show "The Set" shot @ Pop's in 2007. The band has also been featured on many compilation cd's including the Midwest Music Explosion Volume 2 produced by Bullet339 Records.
The band has had numerous print reviews and features all around the region in publications such as playbackSTL, The Riverfront Times, Indie Magazine, The Rolla Daily News, Get Out, Q City Scenester, Carbondale Nightlife, full spread and cover of STL Sound Magazine (Jan 2007), The Storm Lake Tribune, VOX and many others.

ThreeSixtySmile has sold over 5000 units of their first two independently released cd's titled "Sex Is A Weapon" & "Mindriven", produced by Kevin Gerdes and Allen Hessler (Story of the Year, Calico System, Unchained, New Empire w/Bert McCracken/The Used).

The band recently released their highly anticipated EP “Change Your World” at Pop’s (Sauget, IL) with 1000+ in attendance in October of 2006. Credits on this release include engineers Paul Altnether and Jimmi Gunn (Steve Ewing/The Urge, Skrimshaker, A Bit Shifty, Logic) along with producer Jon Armstrong (Colony/ MCA Recording) and mastering by Brad Sarno (Blue Jade).

Shortly afterward, ThreeSixtySmile was signed to In The Loop Records, an independent label based in St. Louis, MO. They recorded their first full-length album at Pig Studios in Bakersfield, CA: produced by Kris Kohls (Adema, Brides of Destruction, Videodrone) and engineered by Nick Forcillo. Mastering was done by Tom Baker (Buckcherry, NIN, Papa Roach, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles, CA. The new release, "Addiction" is set to be released in 2008.

" Character is Formed through Adversity "

Check the link below for a video for