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Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
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"Three Squared: Object CD Review"

Three Squared is a quartet of musicians that likes the freedom improv provides and knows how to put it to good use; they tout Jazz fused with "countless influences" as well as their "individual musical paths" as their product. And you'd be buying what they're hawking (were you not at their CD release party on Nov. 27 at Dazzle, where they were handing out the CDs for free). These six tracks, one as long as 11:09, you'll find yourself looping, even if you are not a Jazz aficionado. Along with a profile of each musician, the linear notes discuss Antwon Owens, percussionist, bringing "unparalleled passion and sensitivity to the rhythmic forces of a set," and really all of them – that is, in addition to Owens – Jim Disner on guitar, Matt King on saxophone, and Nathan Walter on bass – bring not only classical training meshed with passion, wisdom, and an ability to complete each other, but mass groove, straight-up. - Jeanie Straub-Colorado Music Buzz

"Object Three Squared | Self Produced (2010)"

If you say "Colorado," the first things that come to mind are probably mountains, cowboys, and the Balloon Boy. But don't forget jazz: Denver's central location has always made Colorado an ideal stop for touring bands, and back in the day the Five Points section in Denver was host to greats such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Bird (Charlie Parker). And, of course, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and local legend Neal Cassady all lived here and dug the music, and some of their Denver musical adventures were made famous by Kerouac in his famous 1957 book, On the Road.
Flash forward several decades, and Denver still hosts a flourishing jazz scene, including an excellent radio station (KUVO 89.3), a variety of hopping clubs, thriving academic programs in local universities, and a host of local bands. Three Squared is a quartet based in Denver, and Object is making a splash in local waters, including being named one of Colorado's Top Ten Homegrown albums by

The six songs on Object were all composed by the band members. Elements of traditional jazz abound, including lyrical, well-crafted melodies, but then the band cheerfully throws out the standard architecture and creates its own unique structures. The opening "Chief Wiggum" starts with a lovely melody line, sweet and wistful, taken at a slow and steady pace. Matt King's sax is searching and yearning, his lines clean and pure. Once the band starts to explore the melody's corners, everything is up for grabs: dynamics and tempos shift freely, and Jim Disner's guitar work, which ranges from delicate filigree to outright reverb, takes the song into unexpected byways. "Chief Wiggum" is a musical treat, full of emotion and also bursting with interesting ideas.

Another delight is "By Polar," which feels like a theme song for a 1960s British detective show. Percussionist Antwon Owens particularly shines with both straight-ahead and off-kilter backup. There's something joyfully askew about this tune, which also features juicy solos by Disner and King, and steady, imaginative bass work by Nathan Walter. Also noteworthy is "Preface," a graceful and elegant tune with tender guitar work and tiny bells of percussion. The music grows larger as the band starts to cook, the guitar gaining depth and reaching out into space and the sax exploring a colorful range of sensations and moods.

There's much to enjoy and many things to chew on in these songs. Part of what makes Three Squared distinctive is its tonal experiments and use of advanced scales from non-Western cultures, and when you combine the group's aural openness with the music's deeply emotive quality, the result is a rich smorgasbord of sound. It's great to see this band getting so much respect in their home state of Colorado, and it won't be at all surprising if its sounds begin to reach toward the coasts. - By Florence Wetzel-All About Jazz- December 30, 2010

"Object CD Review"

Three Squared is a quartet formed from a mutual love for freedom in music-making. A predominant feature of their writing is improvisation, a concept drawn largely from the Jazz tradition, but fused with countless influences from their individual musical paths. Drummer Antwon Owens of Three Squared has flourished as a musician and has received many awards for his quick pace in learning music. These awards include Jazz Vibe solos (UNC Greely Jazz Festival), Drum set solos and Latin percussion playing (Metropolitan State College Jazz Festival & Denver University Jazz Festival). Three Squared’s newest album Object has made an impact with audiences featuring Antwon Owens on drums, Matt King on saxophone, Jim Disner on guitar and Nathan Walter on bass.

The opening track Chief Wiggum begins with a bass introduction that’s followed by the guitar and drums. Then you have the clear, polished saxophone sound that gives off a terrific positive vibe. The instruments are in harmony with one another. A balanced drum beat supports the music while you hear another layer of the guitar that plays phrases with melodic flavor. Then later, the guitar plays a recurring wonderful series of notes in which the saxophone joins. You get a serene laid back but focused playing in this tune. A theme heard at the beginning is reinstated towards the end. I felt a little bit of a southwestern atmosphere when I listened to this track.

A major triad on guitar is the first thing you hear in the beginning of the album’s third track Opus 1. The solo guitar entrance leaves you in suspense as to what other sounds will be heard. The incredible smooth sound on the saxophone can be heard as it plays with intensity with varying musical sounds. You can feel the exciting energy building as you continue listening to this tune. The drums kick this song in high gear with beats that stand out. After the saxophone improvisation you get to hear a well crafted guitar solo. The depth of the playing is breathtaking. Finally, you hear an outstanding bass solo.

Another guitar introduction starts the fifth track Useless. The saxophone and guitar interact in harmony in which they feed off one another. You can hear phenomenal creativity in the guitar solo as it makes the most of its notes with runs that go up and down. At one point the guitar increases in force and then subsides. This tune projects a serene vibe as well. The guitarist accompanies the saxophone in excellent fashion. Fast notes exhibiting complicated patterns are performed by the saxophone later in this tune. You get bursts of energy in the whole tune as well as towards the end. The execution of this piece is astounding.

A sentimental sound can be felt in the sixth track Hard Rain. In this tune, you can feel a story being told. Sustained tones can be heard on the saxophone as it plays the melody. When the guitar solos, you can hear a strong rock influence with astonishing pentatonic notes. This is perhaps the most emotional of all the tunes on this album. The saxophone performs with great power with tones that are bright. Then a peaceful moment can be felt in this tune. The guitarist does an excellent job of supporting the saxophone. Later on you hear a repeating pattern of pleasant sounding notes on the saxophone.

Object is a great sounding album that seems to incorporate different elements of music into a musical product. The music on this album has a very balanced sound. A calm atmosphere is prevalent throughout the tunes. Three Squared is a group with the talent to produce endless possibilities in jazz music. The music is very relaxing and you can feel this as you listen to all of the instruments. Antwon Owens has done an excellent job of bringing his ability, dedication and experience to create a music treat for listeners of jazz. May he continue to amaze us with future works. - By Richard Henry on December 9, 2010-World Wide Jazz


"...the band Three Squared launches its new CD titled Object, on the lounge side of the club at 10:30 p.m. ($5, includes the CD).
...The Three Squared band consists of drummer Antwon Owens, saxophonist Matt King, guitarist Jim Disner and bassist Nathan Walter. The solid quartet formed in 2006, while its members were all students at Metro State. At Metro, much to the benefit of listeners, they were influenced by Ron Miles and Fred Hess..." - Jazz Notes 11-25-2010-Norman Provizor

"Three Squared: "Object"- P/X Music"

After meeting at Metro State while studying under Ron Miles and Fred Hess, Three Squared formed four years ago as a quartet with a mutual love for freedom in music-making and improvisation. While 2008's Let's Play Ping Pong was a damn fine effort, drummer Antwon Owens, guitarist Jim Disner, bassist Nathan Walter and saxophonist Matt King have made a big leap forward with the six original compositions that make up Object (whose release they'll celebrate this Friday, November 26, at Dazzle). While they are each adept as players and composers and have a good handle on the jazz idiom, it's as a unit that they truly excel: Four years together has strengthened the quartet into a cohesive act that essentially uses jazz as a springboard to explore other musical territory. - By Jon Solomon Tuesday, Nov 23 2010

"Three Squared- LIVE at The Soiled Dove Underground-Opening for Stanley Jordan"

“…beautiful…delicate compositions”
-Stanley Jordan
- Stanley Jordan

"Three Squared-Let's Play Ping Pong"

THREE SQUARED, is actually a quartet that…”seem to be exploring a Necks-Like methodology…the sound is appealing, particularly Kings playing…Disner makes nice use of vibrato, loops and other effects…the improve and harmonic meat succeeds really well…”

"Music That Moves"

"Guitar is perfected by Jim Disner, a dedicated and inspiring player who wears his heart on his hand, and touches everyone else's with the audible beauty he creates."

"Nathan the core of the music and common ground, where all other instruments feed from. He is a rock!"

"Antwon Owens charm radiates from behind his drum set, and he is great at making every member of the audience feel like he is playing just for them."

- By:Erin Merelli,

"Colorado Music Buzz LP Review"

Let’s Play Ping Pong moves in ways a fine glass of scotch does, by thickly coating the glass with each swirl. This album is simply delicious. Fusing together elements of traditional jazz, a modern take on tonal theory and progressive rhythms is the lifeblood of Let’s Play Ping Pong. Three Squared is a jazz quartet (guitar, drums, bass, and saxophone) consisting of breathtaking melodies, awesome grooves and a certain symmetry where all four members unite on the same brainwave. The artwork jives exceeding well with the futuristic jazz approach making this LP a high quality product for all music lovers to own. Be sure to check out for a list of shows and tours as well as listening to this great album. - by Dave Preston, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine


Three Squared-Let's Play Ping-Pong 2008
Three Squared-Object 2010



Three Squared is a quartet formed out of love for freedom in music-making. A predominant feature of our writing is improvisation, a concept drawn largely from the Jazz tradition, but blended with countless influences from our individual musical paths. Antwon Owens, Matt King, Jim Disner and Nathan Walter make up the ensemble; a fresh fusion of the "nu" jazz sound in America. The original music is pulled from the exotic sounds of Persia, Japan, Latin America, House Music & Blues; then infused with the feel of Jazz!
Three Squared began performing as a quartet in 2006. We met as students at Metropolitan State College of Denver, and studied with the fabulous trumpet player Ron Miles and extraordinary saxophonist/composer Fred Hess. Heavily influenced by Ron, Fred, and other modern instrumental artists such as John Zorn, Bill Frisell, and Don Byron, we hope to perpetuate the evolution of American music through composition and performance.
All of the members of the quartet are composers with distinct styles, and complementary improvisational techniques. Not only are improvised melodic solos different every time, but the tempos, rhythms, harmonies and accompaniments often are, too. Jumping off from the tradition of Ornette-style group ad-libbing we incorporate ethnic scales and rhythms, as well as classical, electronic, ambient and rock aesthetics into highly sympathetic improvisations within the compositions.
As an ensemble our central objective is to demonstrate to an audience the way jazz has influenced other styles of music. We achieve this by performing in multi-bill concerts with artists from different genres. This has also helped us appreciate how other musics influence and inspire the progression of jazz as an artform.