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"Make Yo Move - JJ featuring Runway"

Make Yo Move is a new song by Jessica Jonathan a.k.a JJ, featuring rapper Runway.

Jessica Jonathan - is an R&B singer songwriter from Dallas, TX. Jessica fell in love early. That love was for music and she would fall hard. JJ quickly took on a strong fascination with music ranging from Classical, R&B Soul, pop, hip-hop, jazz, and blues. Since the age of 11, JJ has encompassed her love for music by playing and studying the violin as well as nurturing her talent as a vocalist. “I believe it was when I was in the 7th grade when I grasped what I was vocally capable of”, she goes on to describe, “there was a time in the girls locker room when this song came on the radio, “Nobody” by Deborah Cox, I sang the bridge of the song, which was vocally challenging by the why and I nailed it.” JJ participated in many activities in and out of school. All where she could further develop her skills and do what she loved doing best performing. She sang in talent shows, choir musicals and took on roles in plays. She also has a skill for writing. It hasn’t been until now, that she has introduced her songwriting ability to the public, with songs she has recorded. JJ has recently joined in collaboration with a song writing team known as the Front Runners. “This is hot, actually this production team is fire, each member of the group beings a unique song writing vibe to the entire group.” JJ is currently acquiring a Bachelors of Arts in Music performance at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX.

Joshua "RunWay" Law, who started his rap career in 2003 , grew up in the North Dallas and reps his hood and city to the fullest. For a while, he gave in to the lure of the streets. “I saw a lot of people get locked up and I didn’t want to go that route,” Run says. “I had to do something different with my life.” A rap career had been in the back of Run’s mind since high school when he used to sneak out of class to hit up a popular record shop. He didn’t take his potential career seriously until he witnessed Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life tour. Run quickly recorded a demo and took it to Universal Records. On “Hustle”, Run finds the parallels between working the corner and working a 9 to 5 and “All Good (Dedication To My Father)” which is not on the album showcases the blessed rapper recounting how he overcame his personal demons. “People say you can believe me as soon as I start rapping,” says Run. “I just bring folks closer to me. I ain’t scared to rap about who I really am or what’s really going on in the hood. It’s not just flossing with me.” With an incomparable flow underscored by hyper Texas-sized beats and enough heart to fuel a Cowboys’ championship win, RunWay is certain to not only just put Dallas on the hip-hop map, but solidify its place in the rap game as well.

"Make Yo Move" was produced by Three Star Productions.
- Become


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Born Derrick Hunt (Champaign, IL August 14, 1979) started writing music at the age of 14 in hopes of becoming an MC. While attending high school in Indianapolis, Indiana he led a troubled life. Knowing he needed to find a more constructive outlet he shifted his focus from music to sports, primarily Football and Track.

All the while playing sports while writing the occasional song or two he was invited to play football at Indiana State University where he participated for 2 years. Deciding to cut his football career cut short he decided to shift his non academic focus to Music. This is when he started making beats in a program called Anvil Studio. Derrick would work at Wal-mart and hustle during the day and make music at night.

In May of 2002 Derrick graduated with a BS in Health Education with a teaching certification he wanted to help troubled youth engaging in behaviors which plagued his youth. One year later while running afterschool programming for inner-city youth Derrick started creating music using FL Studio and produced his first album Bi-Polar. He produced and wrote the whole thing. During this time he also volunteered as the music director and manager the top middle school step team in Indianapolis (Shortridge MS Diamond Divas).

In June of 2005 Derrick relocated with his future wife to Plano, Texas. While here he continued making music finding creative ways to reinvent himself using FL Studio. It was then he produced his first group and second group (The Drop Boys and NOB). This is also when he met Jon Conley of Step One of Dallas Entertainment. He would later serve as Director of Music and Event Operations for Step One. At this time Derrick started using Reason 3 and an Oxy 8 keyboard to make music and started producing a new artist named Dirt E Bird.
At a Step One practice for an annual show Derrick met Runway. Later that week Runway visited Derrick’s studio and they musically connected. A week later Runway's main producer played him shady and Derrick and Runway decided that his next album "Neighborhood Star" would be produced by 3 Star Music Productions. During this project they formed a team which would later lead to a meeting with AD Brown who would complete the team as their Business Manager. Derrick's undying dedication, work ethic, persistence, musical creativity and intelligence makes him one of the hottest upcoming producers in the game and one third of one of the hottest teams coming up in the game. You can catch Derrick showcasing his talents as a teacher and football coach during the day and beat maker, sound engineer, writer, graphic artist, website creator, business man, Hip Hop artist, Rock artist, computer programmer, marketing specialist, product developer and all around jack of all trades at night. He can be reached at