Three The Hard Way

Three The Hard Way


bare bones, stripped down roots music that grows out of blues, dub, folk, jazz, soul and reggae rhythms


The heart and soul of “Three The Hard Way” consists of three men of very different backgrounds. Scott Paynter founded and led the Baltimore-based reggae band “Jah Works”, toured the United States, Jamaica, Europe, Greenland, the South Pacific and the Far East, playing thousands of shows over a span of fifteen years. Paul Downie is a roots reggae drummer, who started out as a percussionist, playing with just about every notable reggae artist in Philadelphia. He's also a painter in the Philadelphia Mural Arts Project. Will Paynter is a self-taught bass player, singer and songwriter who for 20 years traveled the world in the United States Army. His music is a reflection of his world travel and cultural experiences.
Joining the core trio are 3 other talented musicians, L.A. Stevenson, Tony Love and Dean Sophocles. L.A. brings the haunting sax that sends tingles up your spine and Tony, another founding member of “Jah Works” carries an energy in his voice and guitar playing that speaks to you for days after the show. Dean is the newest member to the “Hard Way” crew and he brings a solid rock and jazz vibe to the mix that will really spice up the groove. He also plays the violin and mandolin. “Three The Hard Way” brings the musical influences and passions of these six unique individuals together to form a new sound that is being heard in Philadelphia. When you come to a “Three The Hard Way” show, you will hear reggae and the blues, you will hear jazz and folk, country and soul. They put their spin on some classic cover songs alongside some amazing original compositions that you will surely be hearing again and again.


House Party - 2008

Set List

Depends on the venue

Can do 1, 2 or 3 sets varying in length.

We primarily do all original work but covers we do the "Hard Way" include but are not limited to;
"I've got dreams" (Toots version)
"Summertime" (Lee Scratch Perry version)
"All Blues" (Miles Davis)
"Angel from Montgomery" (John Prine)
"Keep on Moving" (Bob Marley)
"Cherish the day" (Sade)
"Long time coming" (Sam Cooke)
"Fade Away" (Ernest Byles)
"Be thankful" (William Devaughn)