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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Quotes on "yellow""

“The performance of the band is pretty good, especially the drums. It keeps a pretty good beat throughout the song and keeps it together well. The guitar has a pretty decent sound to it and the bass performance is tight, too.”

“You’ve got some really cool ideas here.”

“Kind of catchy music; it reminds me a little of Buffalo Tom. The breakdown is clever, a little like Blind Melon. Not too shabby.”

“Nice voice and catchy vocal hook at the end of the song.”

“Nice energy level in this track; the song's got a nice, bouncy feel. The vocals are solid. The backing vocals are a nice touch. There's a few nice changes of dynamics and tempo that break up the song and give it some depth. Nice work.”

“This song sorta sounds like something of an early Dinosaur, Jr. or Meat Puppets albums. Rock the fuck out!”
- (various sources)

"Quotes on "leaves""

“I loved the song. The lead vocals were awesome; the singer sounded very original and I also liked the lyrics. The guitar and melody were put together well. ”

“Nice pace, honest band. Its a good song.”

“Definitely some elements of success here.”

“I like the melody hook and the guitar parts. The mix sounds good and the vocals are strong. Nice sound.”

“I like the guitar for this song. The drums are well done. The bass is good. Nice vocals as well.”

“This is a good song. I think the hook is very catchy.”

“The song is dynamic and gets off.”

“I think the music was good; nice hooks here and there.”

“The chorus is pretty catchy, the melody is solid, and the lyrics are memorable enough with the “I see you” part that it sounds really cool.”

“I love the energy within this song. Great "rock" tone on the guitar and the vocals are sounding great as well. Overall the band sounds very together. Great stuff!” - (various sources)


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Talking to Ben Franczek, lead guitarist, lends insight into the sound of three times thick: “Growing up in our house was continual sensory overload,” he reflects. “The radio played nonstop; anything from the Who and Hendrix to Chicago or the Police or Sabbath; top 40, jazz, and the oldies station, and I remember continuous conversations about history, books we’d read, current events, whatever. Someone was always in the middle of something; the house never slept.”

three times thick thrives on the same deep well of human energy, pouring that excitement and breadth of influences into a refreshing concoction of dynamic hard rock and hand-crafted songwriting that yields substantive songs featuring a balance of energy, dynamics, melody, and rich vocal harmonies. Dean Kesler, lead singer and guitarist, notes, “Songs like ‘Skin’ and ‘Bell Tone’ seem to leap into being effortlessly, while others seem to be diamonds in the rough, like ‘Fall’ and ‘El Camion,’ that were revealed only after patiently cleaning away the dirt that concealed them.” Whatever path to daylight the songs choose, they are all bound in a feeling of musical serendipity that is marked by tempting melody and infectious grooves. The music commands a sonic range marked by the dose of straightforward rock ‘n’ roll in “Blowback” to the power-pop feel of “Yellow” to the groove-infused “DOT” and back to the heavy rockin’ “Home”.

three times thick’s kitchen-sink brand of rock belies its roots in the spirit of the Who and Foo Fighters, roams the dynamic range of U2 and Soundgarden, and is infected with the groove elements of Audioslave and Incubus leavened with the radio-friendly pop sensibilities of Live and Oasis. The foursome's chemistry glows in the backlight of melodic backing vocals inspired by the Gin Blossoms and the Refreshments and is shepherded with the determined perseverance of Soul Asylum.

“The only thing we enjoy more than writing music together is playing live and interacting with people through our songs,” continues Chris Franczek, bassist and brother to Ben. Every three times thick performance is memorable; marked with passion and verve; in fact, gigging was how the members of three times thick got started. Dean and Chris had each cut their teeth in separate 70 & 80’s metal cover bands and eventually moved on to other projects. For Dean, this was an alternative rock band that allowed him to start songwriting in earnest, while Chris played in a heavy-gigging blues band. At the same time, Ben had joined a punk rock group started by the drummer from Chris’ first band. All the while, Ben, Chris, & Dean regularly got together for weekend-long jams and songwriting sessions that would inevitably give rise to three times thick.

These creative free-for-alls began to be more focused and coalesce over time, and three times thick became the primary project for each of them. Drummer André Deer, a college friend of Dean’s, joined the band after migrating to Madison from the Twin Cities. “The coolest thing about three times thick is the chemistry - great friends that make great music together,” says André. “We’re not angst-ridden punks that can’t stand ourselves or each other. We get off on the collaboration and the interplay; channeling that to create ambitious, adventurous modern rock that’s all too rare right now.”

three times thick’s connection to music fans has been enhanced by terrestrial radio airplay in markets in several countries, and multiple songs are in regular rotation on numerous internet radio stations and also routinely featured in a variety of podcasts. A strong internet presence and radio-friendly sound continue to help three times thick build a following, as evidenced by their ever-growing mailing list that includes members from all 50 states and 38 countries worldwide.