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Threeve has revamped their myspace page with two new demos up that feature the band's new, improved lineup. They're heading into the studio in December to record with Rob Freeman (The Pilot, ex-Hidden in Plain View) and expect to have their debut full-length out sometime early next year.

Small Band Round Up 12.09.07 - Pham

“Lately it occurs to me: What a long, strange trip it's been.”-The Grateful Dead
A look back at Ang and Amy’s eventful year and our Band of the Year.

If there was one amazing phrase I could come up with that was able to explain what I’ve learned this year, Joan Jett beat me to it-“Rock 'n' roll music is what gets me off.”
It’s true. The one thing that kept us going was our love for this music. Although we’ve been MIA from the zine for a period of time, that love didn’t die. In fact, it only grew and became bigger than us. After the birth of Angelica Says, Amy Shoots, and opportunity came knocking on our door ready to sell us everything it had and we gladly took it all. Our ambition far exceeded our talent resulting in great achievements and after the summer ended, we stepped out of our home turf into bigger things.

It may be my purpose in life to use words to make a picture, but in this case the pictures Amy has shot speak for themselves thus any word that my mind could come up with wouldn’t do her work any justice. Her work continues to be more than amazing. Look at her Paramore pics, they’re mind blowing. Have a look for yourself and you’ll understand why:

(And Amy if you’re reading this, I just totally remembered we were in the same photo class back in our junior year, haha. Amy’s pics still rocked then…as for me, the daughter of a photographer-my pics sucked, hah!)

As for me-I added booking, promoting, short time radio personality, and show host to my resume…AND band nagger when it came to planning the University of Bridgeport. Now, who was there to shoot official photos for this event? None other than Amy herself! She also did her first promo shots for some disgustingly good looking band. ; )
The UB Rock Fest helped launched the re-vival of rock music at Bridgeport along with a head start in some of our friends’ careers( Rob Miller and his sound company, Excessive Sound and Sergio Renwick, graphic design student who worked on all our print media) The show also got coverage from 89.5 WPKN and Channel 12 CT News. What also made this event kick ass was having our friends and previous band interviewees, Threeve and Receptor come along for the show. We also managed to make new friends as well: Phantasm, On An Anvil, A Breed Apart, and our headlining act-ZO2. In fact, for those who missed the show, I’ll give you a list of the awesome things you missed that night or weren’t able to see (Oh yeah…what happened back stage, stays back stage…UNTIL NOW).

-Steven of Phantasm waving the British flag around (assist made by RichfromTHREEVE)
-Andrew of ABA taking his shirt off.
-Threeve and the giant audience wave.
-Shon of Receptor’s shout out
- Co-host Taji throwing his cue cards when talking about Jersey, “because he doesn’t need damn cue cards to talk about his state.”
-Being on stage with ZO2 for their last song.
-The non stop talk between the bands about 2 Girls, 1 Cup.
-ZO2 accusing Receptor of eating all the mini hot dogs.
-The ZO2 interview all together (By far, the BEST one we’ve ever had. Now I have to say I’ve heard pick up lines, crude comments, and all the sexual innuendo to last me till the next millennium from all the bands I’ve ever met and I’ve managed to do a very good job at brushing it off….ZO2 is the ONLY band to break that streak. They succeeded at making me blush and giggle like a little school girl and even called me out when my face turned red. Congrats boys, you managed to do what no other band could which was me being flustered and at a loss for words. )

Now for those who couldn’t come, don’t you feel like a sack of shit? Looking back at that night, I couldn’t have pictured a better line up for our first Rock Fest.

Now on to the moment we’ve been waiting for…(DUN DUN DUN!)

Amy and I had started discussing this about a month ago after all the work with the Rock Fest died down. With the many bands we have met, a few managed to stand out. However, only one could be named for our Band of the Year. Like I’ve said before, some of these bands went from being interesting subject matters to very good friends. We became dedicated fans to the ones we favored the most. Naming the Band of the Year came down to many factors, which included: music, performance, fan interaction, and personality. Now when it came time to actually decide, well…it wasn’t that hard at all. It was a unanimous vote. The band popped into our heads and a second thought never crossed our minds. Clearly, they deserved it.
I could support our decision with a million and one reasons. I remembered the night we met them. The second their set was over, I looked at Amy and said, “We need to interview that band.” I think fate was working its magic; only a few seconds after saying that, the lead singer came up to us before we could approach him. Till this day, they are still the only band to have done that. Being that it was our fi - Ang Castillo

"It’s as honest as rock can sound these days...With a sound that can confidently be mentioned in the same breath as other bands with whom Threeve has shared a stage, namely Houston Calls and Day at the Fair, this group is poised to capitalize on the “scene’s” insatiable appetite for confident pop-rock."

"The future is especially bright as Threeve heads into the studio with songwriter/producer Rob Freeman (ex-Hidden in Plain View, currently The Pilot) at the helm to record the band’s first full-length effort." - Travis Parno of


The band is promoting the release of a 5 song demo/EP, sold only at shows. Also currently available on iTunes is the band's Burn Your Bridge EP. This 5 song EP is self produced, self promoted, and is a true testament to the band's roots. DIY for life!

Threeve is currently putting the final touches on their soon to be released follow up. Stay tuned!



Styles change, but style doesn't. THREEVE, the surprising and unassuming quintet from Bergen County, brings pure rock laced with anthem worthy hooks built on stories of girls, parties, and the social dramas that drive one's years as a teen through twenty-something. Though mindful and respectful of definitive, and perhaps even epic, New Jersey underground acts preceding the band's tenure, THREEVE sets out to bring listeners of any persuasion a sound that is progressive and intriguing. Solid songwriting built on honest lyrics, the familiar sounds of old school synthesizers, and heart-wrenching vocals with pristine harmonies over driving guitars, all seamlessly blend together to produce a musical presence welcome on the iPod's of those eager for something new.

THREEVE has consistently used dedication, chemistry, and determination to build a solid fan base since 2003, driven by their powerful and emotional live show. The group is a staple of local New Jersey shows, and tours abroad whenever possible (the 100,000 miles on their truck is reflective of this, naturally). Working one show and one listener at a time, the band has beaten the odds to break into one of the most discriminating music scenes, doing so with smiles on their faces and with pride of all the scars they have earned along the way. Even in the midst of trends and change, with an essence both progressive and ever evolving, THREEVE has and continues to maintain a style all their own.