R&B with a Conscience...this IS your father's R&B...politically and socially charged lyrics. Remember Sly & Marvin & Curtis & Stevie?


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Inspired by post-9/11 events, policies and politics, long-time sideman and session guitarist Linda Taylor (of ABC’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” with Drew Carey) steps up with Sum Blues.

After years of touring with artists such as Vesta Williams, Kirk Whalum, Chante Moore, and Tracy Chapman, Taylor went ‘underground’ for a couple years, focusing solely on songwriting, and has emerged with Sum Blues. Initially performing all instruments herself, Taylor quickly realized that the worldly-but-intimate vocals provided by ace session singer and long-time musical comrade Angela Carole Brown re-defined the tone and scope of Sum Blues, and Taylor seized the opportunity for a more organic approach. She called old friends and fellow road warriors drummer Laval Belle (Earth, Wind & Fire), bassist Del Atkins (Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige), organist Mikal Majeed (Rick Zunigar), keyboardist Ed Roth (Coolio, The Brothers Johnson), and singers Catte Adams (Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole) and Janelle Sadler (Natalie Cole, Ozzy Osbourne), and the chemistry was immediate and undeniable. Threshold was born.

Taylor borrowed the recording methods of the past: she put these seasoned musicians in the same room, and captured the empathy and maturity of the performers by recording live. The result is Sum Blues, Threshold’s debut album, a warm and honest social and political statement, brought to life by like-minds on similar paths. Threshold’s Sum Blues is the flashpoint of Taylor’s new journey.

..."it's a call to progress but it's respect for the past, it's sadness and celebration, reflection and vivacity. Best of all, it's got a lot of rhythm, and a whole lot of soul."
- Marisa Brown, All Music Guide, 4-Star Review


Here Before

Written By: ©2006 Linda Taylor (ASCAP)

Here Before

Can’t remember but it
Must have been so simple then
To free myself from reason
Believe the words that came and went

Now I wonder why we’re never told
So much pain took time to grow
Ain’t it time to realize
We’ve played this hand too many times before

My my now

It’s the same ol’ story
How does it end
Let’s hear that Marvin song again
Ain’t nothing changed this much I know
We’ve been here before

It’s hard to see things clearly
Try to find a whole new way
To make the pieces fit
That only come in shades of grey

Cause we insulate from all we can
Never try to see inside the man
The paper’s filled with yesterday’s news
How many do we have to lose again

My my now

It’s the same ol’ story
It never ends
Let’s hear that Marvin song again
Ain’t nothing changed this much I know
We’ve been here before

©2006 Linda Taylor for Funky Honky Music (ASCAP)

It Ain't Me

Written By: ©2006 Linda Taylor (ASCAP)

It Ain’t Me

Am I the fuel for your fire
Disco queen
You act like I’m here for your own means
Like lions to the faithful
On fear you feed
But who are you supposed to be

Here’s a little hotty
Got a brain or two
Long hours no you haven’t got a clue
So I pick up the pieces
Beneath your feet
Look at you that’s all they see

It ain’t me
I can represent myself
Don’t stick me with this line of thought
Cause I don’t need no help
Can’t you see
Ain’t no bag to wrap round me
Try to hold up my reflection
But it ain’t me

Everybody listens
To a pointless rap
Young brothers only want a Cadillac
Who sees the students
Who sees the families
One more lost opportunity

And with the right mind
You’ll find the right time
Then you can take me higher, higher
Until you see me
You’ll never reach me
Don’t simplify
Don’t amplify fear

I wonder what they’re thinking
In a prison bed
Freedom only finds us when we’re dead
We go get the evil
You think that’s what they see
Now I am the enemy

I took the flag out my window
Can't remember pride
Some people yea we read between the lines
It's all in the interest
Of the majority
But who are they supposed to be

©2006 Linda Taylor for Funky Honky Music (ASCAP)

Sum Blues

Written By: ©2006 Linda Taylor (ASCAP)


A man stands in line behind her
Maybe just too close for some
Squeezes her bag beside her
One more move and he’s done
The more things change, the more they stay the same

Another fallen soldier
Keeps me safe and free
Now I can drive my big car
While they sanitize history

A pretty lie is packaged
You’d think we’d finally ask
We let the blind men lead us
When we choose to ignore the past
The more things change
The more they stay the same

Look what we bought, is it worth what we lost
When a mother cries
We simply believe, trying hard not to see
When a mother cries
Some things never change

Strengthened by his message Steeled by his rage
A poet grabs the pulpit
But the messenger’s never saved

A young man wants a wedding
The silent don’t protest
You know it saves the family
When they tie him down to a fence
The more things change
The more they stay the same

There’s little room for average
And little sign of growth
You take the books from children’s hands
And you wonder why they don’t know

Do you hear your mother
She fought to break on through
The crushing hand that keeps her down
Could be lifted on up by you
The more things change the more they stay the same

©2006 Linda Taylor for Funky Honky Music (ASCAP)


Sum Blues
The debut release from Threshold
includes the songs:

1. It Ain't Me
2. Need To Know
3. Sum Blues
4. Little For Me
5. Shadows
6. Good Day
7. Rising
8. Here Before
9. Too Much
10. Depending On You

Set List

Music from the album Sum Blues is performed.

Sum Blues is now available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all major online retailers.