Thrift Store Heroes

Thrift Store Heroes

 Palos Heights, Illinois, USA

Stand out harmonies with, over the top, pop rock grooves and synths that make you dance without even thinking about it


Hailing from the back yards of Chicago, Thrift Store Heroes climbed to the top of the pop scene in 2004 with their debut album, Moving On. The band’s latest release, The Dirty Clothes Single, blends Drew Neely’s bright lyrics with to-the-point guitar work to turn out a record brimming sound with uber-memorable tunes. Aside from a huge Synth Pop influence, TSH hits you hard with driving Rhythms and Harmonic background vocals with the help of Dom Doria and Jon Wolynia to produce standout tracks like “Dirty Clothes,” which make the music of Thrift Store Heroes appeal to pop fans and non-pop fans alike.


The Dirty Clothes Single ft. Hard To Get - Released 2012

Get Back Together: The Acoustic EP - Released 2011

<3 - Released by Drew Neely in 2008

Moving On - Released 2004