Thrift Store Romance

Thrift Store Romance


Thrift Store Romance is one part Rock, one part Pop, combined it's basically impossible not to bob your head or tap your foot. It's both familiar and new, bold and humble, loud but meek.


I was brought about in the summer of '78, full of vim. I was fed ample amounts of baby food and Beatles music. I went from the quiet kid to unpopular teen to tormented songwriter.
Whether it's a bass since the age of 9, a guitar since the age of hands are always quite full of oppurtunity. If I'm not out singing somewhere I'm in my basement adding to my closet of growing songs (300 or more). I am Jay Neilson and I am Thrift Store Romance,
I wear my heart on my sleeve and my music on my shoulder.


Stuck On Rewind

Written By: Jay Neilson

There is no doubt, she's a good girl
just like a flashlight in a dark world
I held her up on my shoulders
till we could see it all

She took out my heart when she left me
it's not a joke, man it killed me
amazing grace, wretch like me
I could hardly breathe at all
dumped me in a shopping mall
cryin in a bathroom stall

I'm not looking for someone just like the last time
Don’t want someone to love just for the meantime
bottom better not fall out nexttime
won’t be sunk like a ship
life stuck on rewind

I fall to sleep with the lights on
mumble the words to that one song
it's not a joke, I'm serious
girls make me delirious
it's simply unbelievable
I can't concentrate

There she is, just like a slow dream
inside the heat, she's that cool stream
nevertheless, boom! she has me
this one's obviously different then the rest
yeah yeah she's incredible...

The Small Town Escape

Written By: Jay Neilson

So little happens in the longest time
Seems like the sun is barely shinin sometimes
You hold me up though, as the days go by
Just when I've all but given up you still try

Cause this is real this love we feel

The open road is out before ya
And I’ll take you cause I adore ya
And all the trouble life has shown ya
Will all melt away in California

Always stuck inside this de ja vu mundane
This little town, I swear, will drive us insane
So lets take a boat, a train, an aeroplane
I hear some thunder baby, let's escape the rain

Then Ya Don't

Written By: Jay Neilson

You've been hangin with the wrong guy hunny
he's such a joke but he ain't that funny
He keeps ya busy, yeah, countin his money
soon yer skies won't seem so sunny

tell me when's it gonna stop
how far will this little thing go?

Oh so crazy
I just sit here singin alone
say you love me and oh no then ya don't
don't talk funny baby, make up your mind come on
say you love and oh no then ya don't

You keep sayin that he's just nobody
your frame of mind's just a bit too muddy
I treat you better I'm your hero hunny
he'll make you cry then you'll come running


Thrift Store Romance EP 2005

Set List

45 - 60 minutes of original material
covers ranging from Elliott Smith to Radiohead to Bloc Party.