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Keswick, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Keswick, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Metal EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Introducing: Thrillhouse"

Thrillhouse hit the Supernova stage with full force in February of 2012 for the Road to CMW They tore up the stage and ran away with first prize at the show, proving to everyone that they are going to be a huge player on the Barrie and Canadian Music Scene.

Introducing Thrillhouse:

Tyler - I'm Tyler. I play bass and sing.
Keith - I'm Keith. I play lead guitar and rap.
Tyler - The other guys in the band are Zak, he plays guitar and he's pretty cute. Kale, aka Prof. Ghast aka Dirty Mike and the Boyz, he's the DJ. Bolton is our synth/keyboard player. He looks bored all the time. I don't even think he likes us. Last, and least, is Peter. He plays drums. He's a crontaur. (A mythological beast that only eats once every thousand years).

How did you get your name and what brought you guys together as a band?

Tyler - Our first name was “The Vulvodynias” (you can look up what it means) but people were having trouble pronouncing and spelling it. So we changed it to “Thrillhouse” after Millhouse from The Simpsons. His gamer tag in one episode was “Thrillho”, a truncation of Thrillhouse.
Keith -In other words, Def Leppard was taken.

How long have you been playing together with the current line-up?

Keith - Long enough. In fact, Peter you're fired.
Tyler -These guys have been with Keith and I for almost a year now. They all pretty much joined at the same time last summer.

If I were to put you on the spot and ask you to define your genre, what would you call it?

We've been dubbed "party rock", "dance punk", "eroticore", "grilled cheese and shark week" and "post apocalyptic, new wave jazz fusion" about 3 hours ago. We don't primarily have a genre; we get bored pretty easily, so we like to add anything to the songs. Even if it's a completely different style than the one that the song started with. As long as we're entertained, we don't care.

Do you have any major artistic influences?

Keith - I Fight Dragons, Brad Sucks and the talent show scene from the end of "Revenge of the Nerds".
Tyler - A lot of things inspire me. Musically I'd say The Bloodhound Gang, Electric Six, Maximum the Hormone, Weezer, Sage Francis, Scroobius Pip, Nerf Herder, Goldfinger, CKY, Nobuo Uematsu, Gackt, Public Enemy, The Vandals, Foxy Shazam, Lady Gaga and The Spice Girls.

What is the most rewarding thing about being in a band?

Keith - Creating something that I'm genuinely proud of and having the accessibility of sharing it with others. Also, being a musician sounds much sexier than my day job in recycling.
Tyler - People bobbing their heads to the songs and singing along, especially because of the content that they're singing along to.

What is the hardest part of being in a band?

Tyler - I drive everyone; make sure that they have their equipment, book rehearsal space and shows and babysit. Basically, I am a soccer mom.
Keith - Having my family find out that I am a pervert...

How did you come across and what would you tell other bands about Supernova?

Tyler - I heard about Supernova a couple of years back from local bands. It wasn’t until my cousin’s husband Michael told me about the Edge Indie of the month thing did we start using Supernova. I’d recommend it, especially to bands starting out. The people we’ve met are real easy to get along and work with, and a couple of which I now consider friends.

Do you have a motto or a recipe for putting on a good show?

There is no algorithm to our madness.

What is your memorable moment thus far as a band?

Tyler – We haven't had many yet, we’re still in our infancy as a band. Getting the call from my pal Michelle that we’re playing Canadian Music Week will always stand out for me. Seeing kids wearing our band shirts around too will always make me feel warm and fuzzy.

What is the funniest story/strangest experience that you have had as a band ?

Keith – At our last show, someone who was high on acid tried to teach me how to shuffle.
Ty - Lance Ryan (Supernova)


"From Keswick, Ontario comes a very talented group of jokesters. With their witty ways and comical costumes, Thrillhouse puts on an awesome show at Pappas Billiards in Peterborough, Ontario. These boys were a crowd pleaser and promised to come back soon."
- Falling From Airplanes


"V for Vulvodynia" (2010)
"Hot Crotch Action Shots!" (2012)
"Mild Swearing & Sci-Fi Violence" (2012)



Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Thrillhouse is a band. Originally started by Keith Brewster and Tyler Boyco in 2010 under the name "The Vulvodynias", it has been a long and arduous path to blossom into the shitty people they've become today. Blending a mix of genre's spanning from rock and punk, to contemporary jazz and 70's porn grooves, their unique stylings have earned them a glowing reputation among functioning alcoholic suburbanites and inner-city hoodlums alike.