tightly-wound quartet detonating terse, oddly catchy songs in manic bursts, achieving a celebratory, thunderous skronk. controlled chaos worked into a Dionysian frenzy, in which raw energy, noise and desire matter most, then brought back with a catchy hook and plum's seductive, urgent mewl.


plum & dishes played together 5 yrs ago as a duo from northampton, mass, home of dinosaur junior, the pixies & sonic youth. they toured as far south as north carolina and frequented new york. plum moved to brooklyn a year later, but on her return they picked back up, adding bass player mags, who plays with the soul of pj harvey, and topping it off with weston's pere ubu inspired guitar.


Thrillpillow, self-titled
Blast Off! ("White Neck" plays on WXOJ 103.3)

Set List

All original, mostly 2 min songs, except for one or two 3+. A typical set is 25-30 min long, with 15 songs.
1. You're Right
2. Secret Agent
3. Danz
4. Uh-Oh
5. Sing
6. Beast
7. Lullaby
8. Ian
9. Franch
10. White Neck
11. Good Place
12. Buffalo
13. Sidewalk
14. Shanty
15. Jesus