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Davies was followed by a devastatingly awesome set by Thrillpillow, a band I'd somehow never seen before and will never miss again. Led by vocalist/guitarist Plum Crane, the tightly-wound quartet detonated their terse, oddly catchy songs in manic bursts, achieving a celebratory, thunderous skronk that gives indie legends Deerhoof a run for their money. Crane's words and melodies blurred into insistent yelps while James Z. bashed drums that were as big as school desks. Guitarist Matt Weston (dressed in a zip-tight red muscle vest and purple feather boa) and bassist Maggie Nowinski (in a Russian hat) tore up stage right. My mind was blown." - Ken Maiuri, Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 22nd, 2007

"The indie rock scene has long relied on an aesthetic of controlled chaos, and Thrillpillow seems intent on grabbing this scene by its collective balls. Rather than bowling audiences over with their musicianship, on Blast Off! Thrillpillow seems intent on working themselves and the listener into a Dionysian frenzy in which raw energy, noise and desire matter most. And just when everything feels as if it's spinning completely out of control, they bring it back home with a catchy hook and singer Plum Crane's seductive, urgent mewl.

Even when they aren't saturated in distortion and cymbal washes, Crane's lyrics are difficult to discern -- but the actual words are far less important than their inflection, and Crane has the delivery down pat. It's not exactly a revolutionary formula (the fitting comparison to Deerhoof has been made), but who needs a revolution when you can have a sweaty dance party in a skanky basement somewhere?

Thrillpillow captures this transient, in-the-moment vibe perfectly on tracks like "Buffalo" and "Sing," both of which check in at under two minutes. Capturing that sort of spontaneity on tape is no mean feat, and the band clearly has songwriting and production talents that belie their devil-may-care attitude." - Casey Hayman,, May 30th, 2007


Thrillpillow, self-titled
Blast Off! ("White Neck" plays on WXOJ 103.3)



plum & dishes played together 5 yrs ago as a duo from northampton, mass, home of dinosaur junior, the pixies & sonic youth. they toured as far south as north carolina and frequented new york. plum moved to brooklyn a year later, but on her return they picked back up, adding bass player mags, who plays with the soul of pj harvey, and topping it off with weston's pere ubu inspired guitar.