Santa Cruz, California, USA

Hybrid Reggae/Rock band Thrive is pioneering a unique sound in the ever-growing genre of Reggae/Rock music. In a world where materialistic and careless attitudes prevail, Thrive is carving a positive, new musical niche within multiple musical markets.


Based out of Santa Cruz, Thrive! is touring, celebrating their first full album released last October, Gratitude Attitude that peaked at number four on the Itunes reggae chart. Thrive! mashes reggae rhythms and basslines with rock melodies and vocals – a positive beat with a rock distortion that inspires dancers of all genres.
Songwriters, Aaron Borowitz (lead vocals and guitar) and Kenny Rogers (lead vocals/drums) swell with lyrics about the dynamics of world issues (“Freedom of Speech”) and how they interpret them on a personal level. They also have tunes for the lovers (“Little Lady”). Favorite, “So Beautiful” ends with a rap about the exquisiteness of life and why it should be appreciated. Thrive! sings about things they can stand behind. Recently, they played a benefit concert raising awareness of sexual assault against women.
Thrive!, in its relative infancy, has already shared the stage with SOJA, Collie Buddz, Don Carlos, Rootz Underground, among many other big artists. With a horn section, a keyboardist who plays live dubstep beats, and a stage show with lots of synthesized movement and hype, Thrive! charges up the audience with an energy that empowers and enlivens.