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"Throdl Live Review"

"Throdl has a sound which can be compared to a landslide hitting a village. I could not get enough, and wanted more. I WILL SEE THRODL AGAIN SOON." - Pennsylvania Musician

"Throdl Live Review"

"Emerging from the depths of Reading, PA, Throdl sets out to remind other metal bands what real metal sounds like. In Throdl's case, that brutal reminder is frighteningly strong, full of distortion, and it makes you want to punch something." - Pulse Weekly

"Review of "This Is Freedom's Obituary""

"Throdl is certainly in tune to what is going on in the metal sound today. Their new album sounds right at home along bigger national acts like Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, and most of the current crop of metal bands, unfortunately dubbed "metalcore." This includes the albums crystal clear production. The album starts out "53 Weeks," and aptly sets the stage for the remainder of the album, rarely wavering from the formula throughout the proceedings. Guitars gallop "Iron Maiden style" in some songs. In others, they just pummel your ears and skull into submission...If you consider yourself a fan of modern metal, you should do yourself a favor and check out Throdl. Odds are, you will not be dissapointed. These guys are tight!" - Shinbone Magazine

"Review of "A Bullet Shy Of Freedom""

"...This five piece metal outfit hails from the hellish depths of Reading, PA. The band's sound is a tumultuous blend of metal guitars, throat slashing vocals, and ear bleeding drums. These elements combine to shape a very dark energy. This band puts forth its strongest material when (singer) Brad injects pieces of melody into the sonic thunderstorm that is Throdl. For those of you who like their hard rock full of rhythmic energy, Throdl is a band you should check out. I'm sure we'll be hearing more of this Reading quintet soon enough."
- Pulse Weekly

"Throdl wins "Da Bridge Battle of the Bands""

"...Throdl by far was the best performance of the evening. The band showed off their stage presence and musical ability, fluctuating from ear splitting to mellow...Lead singer Brad has a definite talent for connecting with the audience, and even though it was late at night, everyone in the audience was still tapping a foot or banging a head. The highlights of Throdl's songs were the very solid unity among all members and the balance in music that comes from good writing. I need to say it again : This band is as tight as my wallet at the end of the month." - The Morning Call

"Throdl Review 3/27/09"

...ending the night was Throdl (Brad, Fidler, Mike, Kevin, and Justin) from Reading, who has a stage presence which is unforgettable and unavoidable. Their sets are always crowd interactive and energy filled. In my humble opinion, Throdl is always full out hardcore without any concern for who they drag along with them. If you go to a Throdl show and don't get totally pumped up, you must have been knocked unconscious by one of the upper-cuts Throdl keeps throwing up during their sets...I want to do it again. -- "The Roving Reporter," Mark Derr. - Pennsylvania Musician

"Throdl Review 4/19/09"

Throdl is a band that is a mix of part intensity, part showman, and part beat-down. Throdl can bring it to you like an all you can drink night at your favorite club. The hangover the next day may be painful, but it sure was fun getting there. Throdl's shows will leave you completely drained each and every time. I had only witnessed a 20 minute set! - Pennsylvania Musician

"Throdl Live Review 1/23/09"

...Throdl finished the night and it was clear to me that this is the band most of the people at The Silo came to see. Throdl is a hardcore metal band who puts it all out at every show. Their set was highlighted by one of my favorite Throdl songs, “53 Weeks.”
They got a lot of crowd participation from the song “Brand
New Rome.” Throdl was a great end to another incredible show
at The Silo. Brad, the singer of Throdl told me they have a CD coming out in June and that the band will be back at The Silo on the 13th of February...The last show
I saw and reviewed for this article was at a fire hall in Reinholds, PA.
Once again finishing my night was Throdl. This band was pumping out
smash-face metal the whole set. The guys in the band are all good guys who take the time to meet and greet whenever possible. I look forward to my next Throdl adventure.
- Pennsylvania Musician


"Tomorrow's Hope" 5 Track EP - Released independently, 2002.

"Dead Lies" 8 Track EP -- Released independently, 2003.

"A Bullet Shy of Freedom" 14 Track LP -- Released independently, 2005.

"This Is Freedom's Obituary" 10 Track LP -- Released on DRP Records, 2007.
*Singles "Saboteur" and "53 Weeks."
*Singles received airplay on radio station 105.7 the X, and 94.1 WYSP. A video was produced for the single"Saboteur."

ThrodL has just completed writing for their third full length LP. The new album will be ten tracks, and is scheduled to be released on DRP Records in late summer 2009.



Where scars once Rested on Dead Lies is now finally Tomorrow's Hope, DRP Records proudly presents THRODL. An anxious and driven progressive metal band that for years, stands atop an ever growing mountain of loyal, rabid fans they call THE BRAND NEW ROME. Based out of the viral spread of Reading, Pennsylvania, THRODL are locked and loaded to attack North America and beyond. On the foundation of two previous full-length releases, THRODL now looks to the future with fresh new eyes and a reason, as if they really needed one, to stay angrier and more brutal than ever for their upcoming 2009 release. What you will find here is a three-dimensional experience of heavy, rhythm riddled, viciously angry songwriting that fuels an energetic, "what next?", unrelenting stage show. Clinched fist tight, razor sharp and sometimes insanely complex songs leave the listener putting the pieces together to find a beautiful anger. While the live shows beg but just one question ... Where does the pit end and stage begin? Some say choreography or sweet unpredictable mayhem on-stage make THRODL a must see live show, leaving those in attendence to wonder who gets the bandages. As quoted by Pennsylvania Musician 'Zine, "THRODL has a sound/liveshow which can be compared to a landslide hitting a village." The only match to their energy on-stage is their humbled, approachability off-stage. Leaving a real sense of unity, THRODL urges everyone to raise their horns high and become a part of the movement. Check them out now before you are left in the the wake wondering ... How they put the laughter in slaughter.