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This band has not uploaded any videos




This is a terrific band. I think the songs are exceptional, and despite their hit you over the head obviousness, there are cool little subtleties throughout. I think the band has real potential. there is really nothing ordinary about these songs although a casual listener might come away with that conclusion. Little things, like the way the melody comes in and out of focus a bit in the verses of USELESS. that is a cool move, & the fact that it feels so natural & not labored over is what i find most impressive about it. the vocals are cool & really negotiate the lyrics with authority.

- Taxi

"Review of "Useless""

Another storming track with more great lyrics. This is very impressive, there is a great balance of melody, dissonance & emotion. It feels very much like an exposed raw nerve. This is right on the money. nice job all around - Taxi


One album in the can....released on Collision Course Records....titled 'Discharge'...available at, or CD

The tracks Strapped, Taxi & Over my shoulder have been getting airplay on a couple of stations

Back into the cozy confines of Scott Wielands' Lavish studios in March 2008 to start on 2nd full length...with Uncle Doug at the helm once again...



Punk, Rock'n'roll melodic noisiness....from such fun places as Australia, Minneapolis & where ever it is the 'Cubs' are from...if you like the Replacements, Off with their Heads, Bits of the Clash or the might just enjoy this....You could even throw in a pinch of Nirvana....