Through the Speakers

Through the Speakers


Through the Speakers is an Electro/Rock band that incorporates nearly every type of genre from Metal to Hip-Hop to Acoustic in hopes of giving the music scene a more diverse approach to the same old/same old.


Through the Speakers is a three piece band out of south Florida. With their distinctive style and almost seamless segues into different genres in one song they are gaining steady amounts of attention in the area and around the US. With almost 10,000 myspace plays a day, Through the Speakers is heading up the ranks. Electro, Rock, Screamo, Hardcore, and Rap are just a few genres you can hear melded into one song by Through the Speakers (TTS!).


Stutter Shake Breakdown - Single
We. Wont. Stop. - EP
The Well - Single
This Is Who We Are LP (Sept.27)

Set List

Stutter Shake Breakdown
The Well
Dear Diary...
Take 'Em Off
Whisper It To me
Lost All the Words