Through the Trees

Through the Trees

 Austin, Texas, USA

Metal/progish song structures, polarizing starts and stops, and surprisingly danceable 80's sounding grooves played with honesty and soul. With Iggy Pop/Lou Reed vocals, this band spits, pounds, grooves, and just when you think you've figured it out, they disappear into another change.


Through the Trees have been playing in different bands in Austin since the late 90's. Rob Jasinski was most notably the drummer for the immensly popular Good Looks (the nucleus of which became Lions) while Ben McCormack and Will Tanner were members of the Stags, a mysterious and widely-worshipped cult band from the West Texas desert. Before that McCormack played for years in the successful jam-band Freebridge, the Garage band Sweet Dust, and most recently, the Mockery Birds. Jasinski owns the local Cream Vintage franchise, Tanner owns the Austin legend Hole in the Wall, where McCormack does all the booking. Needless to say, it didn't take long for these three paths to cross. Through the Trees' first practices were held inside the Hole in the Wall, in the early afternoon, before it opened. It started as, and still is, honest, interesting, deep, rock and roll, played with energy and soul. Since then, they locked themselves in the rehearsal space they share with Lions and Frenchie Smith (producer/owner of the Bubble, Young Heart Attack), where they ultimately perfected their blend of metal/progish song structures, polarizing starts and stops, and surprisingly danceable 80's sounding grooves. With vocals and lyrics sometimes sounding like Iggy Pop and othertimes sounding like Lou Reed, this band spits it's philosophy, laments, love letters, hate letters, and art, with confidence and honesty. Jasinski sets up right in the middle (up front) to highlight the relentless and driving beat behind every song, while Tanner and McCormack sling bass and guitar melodies across the stage at will. The band is influenced by everyone from Thin Lizzy to the Fixx and can sound like anything in between at anytime during there audacious set full of frequent, abrupt changes. Their first shows were in support of Grand Champeen, Til Were Blue or Destroy, Rockland Eagles, the Bridge Farmers, the Bread and others. Through the Trees have played at Club Deville, Creekside, Beerland, Red 7, Encore, the Ghost Room, and Hole in the Wall amongst other venues. Currently, they've finished their full length debut with local producer/engineer sensation Marcel Graf (of the Bubble) and are playing local shows @ Club Deville, Mohawk, the Parish, La Zona Rosa and others...


DEMO: New Victim, Chains, Hey Suburbs
"DIG IT UP" (full length debut release):
1. Hearse
2. Vampire
3. Anchor
4. Urn
5. Chains
6. Grave
7. Victim
8. Birds
9. Suburbs
10. Dig

Set List

45 min of all original material
Occasionally we throw 1 cover (Neil Young- El Dorado, No More, Vampire Blues OR New Order- Ceremony)