Through Thin Air

Through Thin Air

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Some Things About Me
My name is Paul . I am currently pursuing a career in music recording / production and also being a successful artist while doing all that =) I'm a nice dude! I sing/record in the band Cantstopwontstop Oh, and im 21 Years old! Everything you hear is Written, Recorded, Produced, and played by me, Paul Tonks! Let me know what you think, It would mean the world =)


A variety of musical projects keeps me creative and allows me to develop further in different styles of writing and producing.
My solo writings are created through what I named "Through Thin Air". These songs are written, produced & recorded by me.

Cant Stop Won't Stop is my current band. We released a CD on itunes and are working on another project. We have toured around Ontario and Quebec. The sound is new, a combination of pop - electronic with a bit of punk on the side. We developed a large fan base in a short time.

My background: I have been writing, recording, and performing for many bands with different genres since I turned 16, including vocals, lead guitar, drums, bass, and keyboard. A variety of genres including Alternative, Punk, Pop, and Electronic.

My goal is to pursue a career in song writing for musicians, film, TV, it would truly be rewarding and inspirational. I am committed to writing and creating new songs, and I dedicate every day and, mostly, every night to this creative process.

Please visit my solo site and my band site at:

Enjoy the music.


CD Release: Cant Stop Wont Stop, Hookup Sex & Sometimes Love, released 2010

So Bitter Sweet
All for You
Took it All Away

Collaborate with other artist: JIVE, Produced their first CD
Contrast - vocals, guitar
Last Chance for Surrender
Jason Petrola Band

Other projects: Trans/Electronic Production/Recording