Through You

Through You


"Absorbing what is useful, discarding what is not and creating something uniquely your own" Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee said, "absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and create something uniquely your own." Through You combines the best of their many influences to try and create what can only be generalized by the band's name.

Led by the vocal talents of front man Mic. Kirkland, fans are treated to a boundless mix of soaring vocals and hair-raising screams that interchange in harmony with the many moods and styles of the band's charged music.

Kirkland's physical presence is equally powerful. Formerly a sky dive body-flight instructor, you'll find Kirkland climbing on equipment, springing high-jumps, gravity-defying back-flips and diving into the crowd as he sets out to hook the audience. "There's just something in the air at our shows,"says Kirkland, "The audience and the band connect on a level not found anywhere else."

Playing guitar is Michael van den Berg, a gifted guitar player with a great persona on stage. Beneath the performer lies a person that is extremely well educated, highly disciplined and constantly pushed to succeed. van den Berg characterizes his feelings for music as that of a love-hate relationship, musing whether music provides an escape from his life, or if life provides an escape from his music.

"The music is honest",says Billy Rufrano, Through You's other guitarist and background vocalist. Rufrano brings a new and different outlook to the band and it's song writing. "Everyone says you have to love music, and that should go without saying, but one thing I have found is that you need to have a sense of humor",says Rufrano, who credits Through You's strong fan appeal in part to the diversity of the band members combined with their youthful energy. Rufrano continues, "We're all falling into the place we need to be as a team."

I write from my experiences,says Jeremy Morris, Through You's bassist and background vocalist, life isn't a single continuous mood or feeling I think music should represent that." Morris, who was born and raised in the small town of Riverton, Wyoming, exemplifies traditional American values. From hard working and humble origins, Morris credits his mother for always being there and making him the person that he is today.

This brings us to King, the band's fourteen-year-old drummer. Since first picking up a pair of drumsticks at age eight, King has tirelessly dedicated himself to the pursuit of drumming perfection. Never losing sight of this goal, King's intensive training regimen includes hours of daily practice. "Recently we played a show with Dark New Day," said King, "after the show Clint Lowery (Dark New Day guitarist) came up to me and called me a prodigy. That was really cool."

"Looking back on the past year it's still hard for us to believe what we have accomplished in such a short time," said Through You manager Lew Blevins, "Our achievements are truly a testament to what can happen when five passionate musicians, with unwavering support from countless others, dedicate themselves to making great music with one goal in mind, satisfying our fans.'

The band completed tracks for an upcoming album with producer Jason Suecoff (Trivium, Chimaira, Roadrunner) in August of 2006 and toured the U.S. and Japan to complete the year.

They are currently in the studio and preparing for an upcoming album and tour for the summer of 2007.

The band is currently endorsed by Mesa Boogie Amplification, Trick Drums, Vic Firth Signature Sticks, Zildjian cymbals, and Everly Strings.


Silhouette -2004
Silhouette & Since -2006

Set List

35-45 minute sets all original music!

Current Set List

*I Heard You Say
*Stand My Ground
*Shakespeare Wrote
*Slieght of Hand
*Through Nose or Mouth