Band was originally formed in 1972 and played heavy metal clubs in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky area. Our sound is definitely influenced by that era of music. Heavily impacted by Deep Purple, Robin Trower, & Led Zeppelin. We're old men who play music for the thrill of playing the music we love.


The band was originally formed in 1972 under the name "Crunch" which was descriptive of the type music and power of the sound. We played nearly every weekend for 4 years in the three states surrounding Cincinnati, Ohio. We tried our hand at original music at the time, but were never quite satisfied with the results. The covers we played then were Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Robin Trower, Black Sabbath to name a few. Not your average easy listening style of music. After 30 years of separation, we met at a funeral of the father of the lead player and decided to reform with the sole purpose of writing originals. As we get older we seem to come to reality with human frailty. Our time for leaving our musical legacy was getting short. Now, without the distractions and pressures of live performances, we were able to focus on the music and magically out it poured. We couldn't get it down fast enough as new ideas developed before the previous song was complete. Now with about 15 songs written, it is time to share them with the world. Why are we different? The music of today seems to all sound the same. There are radio stations devoted to "classic" rock because it stands the test of time. We feel that there is a market for the sound of the '70s with a new message in the lyrics. Music that our kids can like as well as friends our age.


What About Me

Written By: Dave Carr

What About Me

I know you seem to think
That everything is fine
But you don’t ever want to know
What’s on my mind
The way I feel
I can’t explain
The time is never right
And so I keep my silence
To avoid another fight

All we do, is all about you, but what about me

Lasting relationships are based on compromise
But you’re so inside yourself you never realize
If we’re to make it last you’ll find this to be true
It’s time we start to think about us a
And not just think about you

What about me you keep saying
What about me’s the game we’re playin’
All we do, is all about you, but what about me

The time has come at last
For me to take a stand
And decide to stay or leave
While I still can
If you refuse to see
My point of view
I’ll have to finally think of myself
And forget about you

In Spite Of It All

Written By: Dave Carr

In Spite of it All

The choices that we make can be right or wrong
But when you’ve crossed the line
You’re out there on your own
Its only up to you
The life that you pursue
To finally make it you’ve gotta be strong

The fate that brought you here you say wasn’t the plan
And though you sought the right
Situations got out of hand
You may be blameless
Your deeds are shameless
You can’t stay nameless wearing a brand

Roads paved with good intentions
Seem to disappear
With every deceitful lie and promise that you hear
Who is it you can trust
Their words scatter like dust
With dreams of everything you hold dear

And in spite of it all somehow you still go on
With the courage you find to face another dawn
They try to break you and remake you
But they’ll forsake you when you’re on the run/ under the gun

Pray For The Night

Written By: Dave Carr

Pray for the Night

In my dreams there is a vision
A silhouette against the light
Is it real or a derision
That disappears as goes the night

As the mist dispels with the daybreak
She is gone with the rising sun
Just a mem’rie lost when I wake
And I pray for the night to come

Days are lonely, you come only
In the night, I awake and I am alone
I’m so alone, I can see you, but I can’t touch you
I reach out for you and you turn away
Won’t you please stay

It seems my dreams are like a mirror
My life’s reflections cloud my eyes
And they’re not getting any clearer
Am I destined to live this lie
Will I go mad before I die
I’ll go mad living this lie

Days are lonely, you come only
In the night, I awake and I am alone
I’m so alone, I can see you, but I can’t touch you
I reach out for you and you turn away
Won’t you please stay (why won’t you stay)

Set List

Typical setlist - one hour - originals ONLY!
What About Me
In Spite Of It All
Pray For The Night
Mr. B's
Road To Nowhere
Guiding Light
Who's Gonna Hear Her Crying
Work Song
Sea Of Agony