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The best kept secret in music


"Montreal Gazette"

"You just don't expect acoustic pop of this calibre to come from Montreal." - Jordan Zivitz

"Relix Magazine"

"Throwback has a propensity for rich, melodic songs laced with strong hooks and sparkling instrumental work - the buoyant title cut [of debut CD Border Crossing] having all the makings of a radio hit." - Mick Skidmore

"Fresh Tracks Music"

"Throwback's outstanding vocal arrangements outline songs that are instilled with folk, pop, and an occasional splash of hip-hop music. Accompanying their harmonious blend of vocals is a pair of acoustic guitars, a bass, and a djembe (for the most part). All pieces assist in molding an upbeat, feel-good rhythm that's similar to the likes of Guster, Dispatch and Jack Johnson." - Review

"McGill Tribune"

"Throwback's strongest feature, and undoubtedly the most rehearsed, is their fantastic vocal arrangements. Libis and Shapiro - both [former] members of a capella group Tonal Ecstasy at McGill University - offer comforting backup singing to Lind's buttery vocals. In unison, the group builds to magical musical moments showcasing their obvious singing abilities. The group's vocal arrangements are reason enough to go see this band."
Elisha Siegel - McGill Tribune - Elisha Siegel

"Universite de Montreal"

"If it's not Lind's lyrical charm and captivating voice, then it might be the physical presence and magnetism evoked by Libis, immersed in his instrument, or the energetic stage presence of a youthful Shapiro, that will capture your undivided attention and leave you silent until the final note. The intimate connection between the band and their audience retained its intensity from start to finish, captivating the show-goers and causing many to leave the venue with the strange feeling of having just lived out a 90 minute quasi-amorous relationship with the musicians." - Annie Mathieu

"McGill Tribune"

"The band deftly demonstrated one of the principle reasons for the ever-increasing buzz - they're stage tight. Very stage tight. All accomplished musicians (and McGillians), lead guitarist Mike Libis, bassist Dee Perusse and drummer/beat boxer Micah Shapiro share singing duties with Lind. The result is an elaborate array of vocal harmonies, which has consistently given their music a rounded, united texture." - Daniel Gartner

"Hour Magazine"

"The four part vocal harmonies that pepper the songs are impressive, better than most." - Brendan Murphy

"McGill Tribune"

"[Throwback's] popularity and mass local acclaim rests not in the grip of a commercial corporate push, but entirely in their deft musical hands and a groovy blend of pop, roots rock, and singer-songwriter mystique. - Ben Lemieux

"Montreal Gazette"

"[Throwback's] dinstinctive music blends Phish-like jamming with intricate, multi-part harmonies and strong songwriting." - Brendan Kelley


Border Crossing (2004)
Live at Club Soda (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


From their native Montreal, a town in the midst of solidifying its reputation as an indie music Mecca, Throwback is emerging as a unique export.

The band’s unique sound mixes roots rock, folk, jazz, and funk into a musical blend that has slowly incorporated jam-band virtuosity into its original harmony-based melodic blueprint. Early comparisons to groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Blue Rodeo have been widened to include envelope-pushing influences like Phish, Moe, Talking Heads and Steely Dan.

The group came together as a trio in 2002, when singer-songwriter Erik Lind teamed up with lead guitarist Mike Libis and drummer/percussionist Micah Shapiro at McGill University. Excited support soon spilled off campus as they kept up a regular concert schedule in and around the Montreal area. After bassist Lisa (Dee) Perusse joined in 2003, the quartet expanded their enthusiastic fan base to the United States. A successful American tour in 2004 cemented a relationship with their cross-border fans that keeps growing.

Throwback's first disc, Border Crossing, was recorded in Montreal, as the band's home base was quickly becoming a focal point for rock n' roll enthusiasts worldwide. The record sold through its initial 1000-copy pressing in less than 4 months. Sold-out shows at Le Cabaret Music Hall and Club Soda in 2005 provided strong evidence that the group was an important member of the city's musical community.

With the addition of keyboard player David Cohen last winter, the band has continued to build on the special improvisational excitement that encompasses their live act. The band's second release, Live at Club Soda, captures the energy and innovativeness of the band on stage in their hometown, in the fall of 2005.

While the band continues its heavy Canadian and U.S. touring schedule in 2006, Throwback’s focus will turn to a new studio album over the summer months. The band will team up with former Percy Hill member Aaron Katz to produce the record. The five-member line-up will hit the road again to promote the new album on a North American tour in the fall of 2006.