Thrown Apart

Thrown Apart

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Our originals are intense, emotional at times, and fun. The songs that we "cover" are our interpretation of the song. May not sound just like Johnny Cash but we retain a similar attitude :-)


Thrown Apart started several years ago as a 2-piece band. Jon & Buck. Buck was on drums. After many Bass-players and guitarists joined them for brief periods of time, they ended up going back to the 2-piece line-up. Finally in August of 2009, they decided that Buck would play bass (which he had done in other bands), and they would start auditioning drummers. After several drummers passed through, they joined forces with Bobby in October of 2009. All 3 members had the best gig of their lives in North Vernon, Indiana recently. This band plays from the heart. There is no "going through the motions" here. This is honest Rock/Heavy Rock. What sets us apart from other bands? We're not in this to make money. That would be nice, but we do this because we have to. It's a part of us.


We have 2 songs recorded on our myspace page. We are going to be doing some professional recording soon.
The 2 songs are "Death Country Blues" and "Disconnect."

Set List

At our last gig (In North Vernon, Indiana..."Players Bar & Grill"... we played @ 44-45 songs. We have around 80 that we can play.
We did covers by the Gin Blossoms (Hey Jealousy), Lynnrd Skynnrd (Simple Man), Godsmack (Keep Away), Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison), Seether (Gasoline), Radiohead (Creep), Michael Jackson (Billie jean), Nickleback (Leader of Men).... That's a fairly good representation of the diversity and scope of our cover songs. Our sets are 45 to 50 minutes long. Generally do 4 sets.